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PMG Chapter 1509: The Qi Clan’s Situation

PMG Chapter 1509: The Qi Clan’s Situation

Qiao Chi Feng’s spiritual fists circled around him before turning into a dazzling, singular fist.

“Slash!” Lin Feng’s arm turned into a sword and he performed a knifehand strike towards Qiao Chi Feng.

“Piss off!” Qiao Chi Feng jumped forwards and released a myriad of fists again. But while he was condensing them, that sword arrived and dispersed all his energies. Then, Qiao Chi Feng started running away.

That sword was terrifying. After Lin Feng saw that Qiao Chi Feng was trying to escape, he released even more demonic energies. He shook his hand and sword energies moved towards Qiao Chi Feng again.

Qiao Chi Feng couldn’t condense energies fast enough. He released another fist, but it exploded, and his blood splashed. Sword lights had pierced through his body, and he was propelled away. He had almost died.

Qiao Chi Feng was soaked in his own blood and a cold sweat. When he saw that he was injured, his face turned deathly pale. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng in the distance. What kind of energies did Lin Feng use? Each of his attacks were terrifying.

A person’s talent had limits, if someone old had known and controlled so many kinds of energies, spells, techniques and skills, it wouldn’t have been surprising, but Lin Feng was so young. His sword, demon, cursing, etc. energies were all terrifying!

Lin Feng didn’t chase Qiao Chi Feng.

Those people seemed to have extraordinary social status, so they certainly had powerful objects which could protect their lives: Zhou Tian Ruo was an example with his hidden armor. Qiao Chi Feng was stronger than Zhou Tian Ruo so he definitely had something powerful.

His silhouette flickered and he went back to his friends. Then he said, “Today, the people from the Qi Clan and Tiantai want to fight. If you want to fight against us, we can agree on a date and we will meet again. My fellow disciples and I would be happy too.”

Lin Feng had already defeated two people, but some of the others were probably stronger than Qiao Chi Feng, like Gu Li. His strength was unfathomable. If Tiantai decided to have a group fight against those young men from the Holy City, maybe they’d win, but they’d certainly lose a few people. Lin Feng didn’t want to lose anyone.

“Alright, we will.” said Xia Tian Fan nodding. He was excited and really wanted to fight against Lin Feng, but he respected his choice. He was happy to watch the battles between the Qi Clan and Tiantai too.

“I’m off.” the two young men from the Holy City left. They hadn’t defeated Lin Feng, so they didn’t need to continue losing face by staying there.

“I still don’t want to fight.” said the nice looking young man while smiling.

Gu Li looked at Lin Feng, seemingly amused. At Qi Yan’s wedding ceremony, he had looked at Lin Feng in a disdainful way even though he had defeated a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer. He used to think he could easily defeat Lin Feng, but now he had seen Lin Feng’s real strength and he was surprised.

Very quickly, Lin Feng rose up in the air and looked at Qi Yu Chen. He had brought those people to the Qi Clan, but at that moment, those people weren’t giving him any face as they ran away.

Qi Yu Chen felt uncomfortable. He didn’t want to fight all those people alone. Even if he was confident in his strength, he couldn’t defeat so many strong cultivators.

Lin Feng looked at Qi Yu Chen and took a step forward. His name was Qi and he had brought people to the Qi Clan. The Qi Clan was a lot larger than Lin Feng had previously thought apparently.

“Forget it!” thought Qi Yu Chen before he moved aside. He didn’t want to get involved. Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi could solve the situation themselves.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Then he looked at Qi Qian Xing in a provocative way. Now that those people from the Holy City had left, who could fight?

Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing both looked distraught.

“Qi Qian Xing, is the Qi Clan done selecting their fighters? If nobody else wants to fight, I’ll consider that you don’t want to fight and then Tiantai will attack everyone.” said Mu Chen indifferently.

“Emperor Yu, you brought people from Tiantai here, do you want to show everyone how unruly you are?” said Emperor Dan.

Emperor Yu glanced at him and said, “Emperor Qi, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Si Kong attacked my small world together at the same time without any warning, don’t you think you’re being ridiculous?”

Emperor Dan’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what to say. All the emperors were there, his face even turned pale. If they were all stronger, they could have dealt with this differently.

“Besides, Emperor Dan, are you trying to humiliate the Qi Clan? We only have twelve disciples.” said Emperor Yu smiling thinly. Emperor Dan was speechless. Tiantai’s twelve disciples could defeat all the disciples of the Qi Clan.

“Mu Chen, give them some time. if they don’t select any fighter, then we’ll go and attack the outstanding and heroic fighters of the Qi Clan. Remember the rules, you can’t kill people who have a strength inferior to the Tian Qi layer.” said Emperor Yu indifferently. The crowd was aghast. If all the cultivators who had a strength superior to the Tian Qi layer died, then the Qi Clan would have nobody left.

“Old emperor, are you sure you want to get involved?” asked Emperor Dong to the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. If the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals didn’t participate, it would change a lot of things.

“If emperors get involved, I’ll fight too.” repeated the old emperor.

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