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PMG Chapter 1511: The Emperors’ Intervention

PMG Chapter 1511: The Emperors’ Intervention

By inviting all the emperors, Emperor Yu’s goal was to put the Qi Clan in a dead end, where the Qi Clan couldn’t run away anymore.

“Today, you came to kill my people, what else did you prepare for all this?” Emperor Dong was glaring at Emperor Yu. He wanted to know why he looked so calm and serene.

Tiantai’s disciples were in the middle of the Qi Clan’s territory killing people. Strong cultivators kept falling from the sky. Emperor Dong suddenly turned around and a terrifying empty space energy filled the sky. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared again, five hundred meters away in the air above the Qi Clan’s governmental buildings. He glanced at Tiantai’s disciples in a sharp way and suddenly, Tiantai’s disciples all felt like they were going to suffocate.

Lin Feng realized that he couldn’t move anymore. The empty space cosmic strength had created a cage, and had imprisoned him inside.

“Emperor Dong!” A terrifying cosmic energy surrounded Emperor Dong. Emperor Yu and the others were now staring at Emperor Dong.

“Emperor Dong, think carefully before you do anything. If you attack, we’ll destroy the Qi Clan completely.” said Emperor Yu in a cold way. Emperor Dong seemed like he was going insane as he said, “You either piss off or you’ll die here.” said Emperor Dong to all the members of Tiantai. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to die, as if a hand had grabbed his throat.

“Alright, we’re leaving.” said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng and the others were surprised, leaving?

“Are you sure?” asked Emperor Dong, rather surprised.

“Certainly. Let them off and we’ll leave.” said Emperor Yu.

“Alright, piss off now.” said Emperor Dong. He shook his hands and threw Lin Feng and the others away. Even if he didn’t attack Lin Feng and the others directly, his cosmic energies were still terrifying. He threw them all hundreds of meters away.

“Bzzz!” A silhouette descended from the sky and landed in front of Emperor Dong. He instantly released terrifying cosmic energies and confined Emperor Dong in a cage.

“How does it feel?” asked Emperor Wen’s father. Emperor Wen’s father was also a medium-level emperor. He had already fought against a medium-level emperor during the banquet in the Qi Empire, but back then that medium-level emperor was a member of the Imperial Assassin Union. This time, it was the leader of the Qi Empire, Emperor Dong.

“What are you doing, buddy?” asked Emperor Dong in a calm and serene way.

Emperor Wen’s father smiled in a deep and meaningful way and said, “Emperor Yu, can we attack?”

“Alright.” said Emperor Yu nodding. He raised his hands and two gigantic hands appeared in the sky. He condensed cosmic energies at an incredible speed. Terrifying oceans of cosmic energies appeared in the sky above the Qi Clan’s territory, blotting out the sky.

“What are you doing!” shouted Emperor Dong furiously and loudly.

“From now on, we’ll kill anyone related to the Qi Clan, in Jiu You and Ba Huang!” shouted Emperor Yu furiously. His voice spread far, far away in the surroundings.

That sentence made many people shake violently. Emperor Yu dared say that?

“Boom boom boom!” the ground shook violently as terrifying mountains descended from the sky above the Qi Clan’s territory.

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing were petrified. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Emperor Yu was attacking them directly?

Meteorites continuously fell from the sky above the territory of the Qi Clan. The territory of the Qi Clan was starting to break apart, and people were getting crushed to mush.

Emperor Yu was forcing the Qi Clan to fight, they had no choice.

Emperor Yu’s strength was terrifying. Many people died instantly when he attacked.

“Emperor Yu!” shouted Emperor Qi furiously. The Qi Clan was the most precious thing he had in life. Many of the members of the Qi Clan were even his biological children.

Emperor Qi finally decided to act. He disappeared from where he was standing, using empty space energy, and appeared in front of Emperor Yu. A golden light then aimed for Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu was already prepared, he shook his hand and condensed stone energy to block the golden light. The golden light lacerated the stone energy and turned into a strong wind. It was becoming more and more terrifying as it shot it forwards.

“Kacha!” Emperor Yu turned to stone himself. Suddenly, Emperor Qi’s arms also gradually turned into stone.

But Emperor Qi’s golden light turned into a vortex and absorbed everything in its way, breaking apart Emperor Yu’s stone armor slowly. However, nobody was worried about Emperor Yu’s safety. Many people were flying towards Emperor Qi at full speed, the fastest one being Emperor Wen.

Emperor Wen also controlled empty space abstruse energy. He immediately appeared behind Emperor Qi and punched the air in his direction. He didn’t use any special powers, he just used pure cosmic energy to attack because it would have taken too long to condense any other strength.

“Slash!” The stone energies which had surrounded Emperor Qi disappeared and Emperor Wen’s fist crashed onto Emperor Qi’s body, cosmic energies spreading throughout his body.

“Ah…” Emperor Qi gave a horrible shriek. He then released cosmic energy which turned into another vortex. Emperor Wen suddenly moved back as above Emperor Qi, Emperor Deva-Mara appeared and a gigantic demon hand descended.
Fissures appeared in the sky. Emperor Qi’s hair was fluttering in the wind, he was bleeding from his mouth. A moment before, he looked elegant, confident and at ease, but now he looked ferocious, furious and hideous.

“What a pity!” whispered Emperor Wen. Surprisingly, he hadn’t managed to kill Emperor Qi.

“Emperor Yu, are you trying to provoke the whole province of Ba Huang!” said Emperor Dong.

“You still want to hide?” said Emperor Yu smiling coldly. “In the Qi Empire, during the banquet, we were poisoned and the Imperial Assassin Union attacked. Do you think people are stupid, Emperor Dong?”

“My son, Qi Yan, died!” said Emperor Dong coldly.

“That was because a Watcher was hiding amongst the Imperial Assassin Union. Don’t pretend you didn’t know that.” this time, Emperor Yu didn’t say anything, but the Watchers’ Father had.

“You’re falsely accusing people. Besides, maybe you poisoned people! Because you made an alliance with Emperor Yu, you accuse us of having an alliance with the Imperial Assassin Union.” replied Emperor Dong.

“Emperor Dong, you can’t deny it. Tian Long had an alliance with the Imperial Assassin Union, do you need to see Emperor Tian Long for him to tell you that?” said the Watchers’ Father hoarsely.

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