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PMG Chapter 1516: Violating Rules

PMG Chapter 1516: Violating Rules

“Brother, I’m now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.” said Lin Feng smiling. He released strength and smiled.

“You want to try and have a fight?” said Mu Chen. Lin Feng was surprised and shrugged, “Don’t bully younger disciples!”

“I’ll control my strength!” said Mu Chen. He wasn’t joking, so Lin Feng wanted to fight now.

“Alright!” said Lin Feng. If Mu Chen wanted to challenge him, why not? Even though Lin Feng was now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, he sighed on the inside because Mu Chen was so strong. He was gifted at hiding it too. If Mu Chen wanted to kill Lin Feng without being seen, it would be very easy.

“You can attack me, but don’t control yourself.” said Mu Chen. Lin Feng nodded and released demonic energies immediately.

Lin Feng couldn’t sense Mu Chen’s Qi, it was as if Mu Chen didn’t exist.

Suddenly, Lin Feng jumped forwards and used his Deadly Demon Punch.

Mu Chen raised his fist nonchalantly and his strength turned into a thousand threads of force.

“Break!” said Mu Chen. Lin Feng’s aggressive Deadly Demon Punch dispersed instantly. Lin Feng was incredulous, but he didn’t stop. This time he raised both fists and used Deadly Demon Punches in which he condensed force into.

Mu Chen looked indifferent, he just raised his fists again and blocked them.

Lin Feng released sword energy and slashed ahead of him.

“Slash, slash…” Mu Chen didn’t dodge. His threads of energies destroyed Lin Feng’s attack, but more threads of Lin Feng’s energy moved towards him. Then, Mu Chen destroyed the remaining energies with his fists.

Mu Chen smiled and raised his hands, collided against Lin Feng’s fists. Lin Feng felt that his soul was going to get kicked out of his body. He was shaking violently and was violently propelled backwards.

“Brother, you understand soul strength!” Lin Feng realized. No wonder Mu Chen was an adept at hiding. He knew the intensity of each thread of energy, so he knew how to react.

“Yes, your attacks are quite strong now. You can make them even better though.” said Mu Chen.


In the eastern part of Ba Huang, at the limits of the world. The Messenger and Emperor Dong were in the sun castle.

“Your Highness The Messenger, thank you for helping me.” said Emperor Dong politely.

“Don’t worry, I promised you that I’d do it.” said the Messenger nodding.

Emperor Dong smiled and took out a ring, “Your Highness The Messenger, a gift from the Qi Clan.”

The Messenger took the ring and said, “Even though I don’t involve myself in the small world’s affairs, I am in charge of this passage. Nobody can go against my will here.”

“Of course.” said Emperor Dong smiling. “Your Highness The Messenger, you can change the destiny of this small world.”

“Indeed.” said the Messenger smiling. He was satisfied with the praise. Emperor Dong then left, “I’m leaving, Your Highness The Messenger.”

Emperor Dong then left the castle.

After Emperor Dong left, the Messenger walked to the sun pattern in the palace and a counterforce rolled in waves.

Lin Feng and Mu Chen were still practicing in the mountain range. Lin Feng was sweating, but he was having a lot of fun. It seemed like the sun was going to fall from the sky, it was scorching hot as hit their backs.

“Eh?” Mu Chen frowned.

The sun was getting nearer and nearer before two gigantic golden word appeared in the sky: THIRTY DAYS!

“How audacious!” thought Mu Chen seemingly furious. The Messenger was stealing the sky and putting up a sham sun. He was violating the rules of the small world!

”Brother, what’s going on?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. What was that? Everybody in the small world could see that.

“Only the Messenger can do that because he controls star date strength. He’s telling us that we have to go to the Holy City within thirty days, otherwise he’s going to close the passage.” said Mu Chen in a cold way.

Lin Feng became upset after hearing this. Last time they wanted to go to the Holy City, but the Messenger had refused. Did he intend to prevent them from going?

Everybody in Ba Huang and Jiu You saw that. In some places where it was initially raining, the rain stopped, and they instead saw those gigantic golden words. Ordinary people were speechless, what kind of strong cultivator was that? How could he write in the sky?

“Bastard!” Emperor Yu was with some disciples, but he stopped and cursed out loud. The disciples were surprised, how come Emperor Yu was so upset?

Emperor Dong also saw that. He was smiling indifferently and thought, “The Messenger has been in charge of the small world for such a long time, he’s becoming even more audacious.”

In the Celestial Walls Manor in Jiu You, the old man raised his head and his facial expression suddenly changed. He frowned as he said, “How audacious! He dares violate the rules.”

Yun Fei Yang and Bei Yan Yun stood next to the old man. Bei Yan Yun asked, “What’s going on, teacher?”

“Someone is violating the rules of this small world!” said the old man. He controlled himself and tried to look calm again. Then he said, “I wanted to help you become stronger at your own pace, but now we can’t because we must hurry!”

The old man rolled up his sleeves and took Yun Fei Yang and Bei Yan Yun away.

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