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PMG Chapter 1517: Emperor Dong’s Revenge

PMG Chapter 1517: Emperor Dong’s Revenge

Emperor Dong was resting in the Qi Tian Mountain, in Xuri City. He took out a mirror which possessed a terrifying empty space strength.

“Go!” Suddenly, he shook his hand and the mirror shot up into the sky. The ancient mirror diffused ice-cold lights as it fused together with the sky and disappeared.

A light appeared in Emperor Dong’s godly awareness, it was Emperor Yu’s silhouette. He condensed that silhouette with his godly awareness and made it fuse together with the mirror.

In the distance, Mu Chen and Lin Feng were flying, but suddenly Mu Chen stopped and raised his head. Some lights were shining upon them with a strange type of Qi.

Lin Feng sensed something too and raised his head. However, Mu Chen didn’t see anything, and Lin Feng couldn’t either. They shook their heads because they didn’t know what was going on.

Back in Xuri City, many strong cultivators saw those lights, and they didn’t understand either. That mirror was moving too fast. It was moving even faster than some of the strongest cultivators they had ever seen.

In a small abandoned village, Emperor Yu was teaching Xing Zhan some cultivation principles.

“Strength is good, but you need to be faster, otherwise, you’ll be in danger if you meet cultivators who are stronger than you.” said Emperor Yu to Xing Zhan. Xing Zhan was a beast, his attacks were explosive and powerful, but he was too slow.

“I understand.” Xing Zhan nodded. Emperor Yu smiled, “You can go have a rest. Tian Chi, come here!”

“Alright!” Tian Chi was seated near them. He smiled and walked to Emperor Yu, but at that moment, Emperor Yu raised his head and saw some flashing lights.

“Teacher, what’s going on?” asked Tian Chi.

Emperor Yu frowned. He couldn’t see anything, so he just shook his head. However, at that moment, Emperor Dong found Emperor Yu and his disciples.

“Emperor Yu, you’re going to die!” Emperor Dong rose up in the air, pulled his mirror away and streaked across the sky.

Emperor Yu didn’t know what was going on, so he continued teaching his disciples.

Suddenly, Emperor Yu sensed some terrifying energies. His facial expression changed drastically as he shouted furiously, “Go, everybody go!”

“Boom!” The space around them exploded as meteorites fell from the sky. Then, Emperor Yu jumped into a crater with his disciples.

“Boom, boom, boom!” the ground exploded in several different places. Then, Emperor Dong appeared. He immediately punched the air in Emperor Yu’s direction.

“Teacher, go!” after the disciples saw Emperor Dong, they understood why Emperor Yu was panicking. Their faces also turned deathly pale.

“Piss off, all of you!” Emperor Yu jumped forwards and sealed the space. Emperor Yu could only help his disciples escape. He had no other choice.

“Boom!” A terrifying strength oppressed them, causing the ground to crack. Emperor Yu’s stone armor was breaking apart and he was bleeding.

Emperors’ force was multiplied by a thousand. Therefore, for emperors, the Earth and sky were not a problem. However, medium-level emperors controlled cosmic energies even better. Emperor Yu was a low-level emperor and knew he couldn’t compete with a medium-level emperor. He had to save his disciples before he could worry about protecting himself.

“You will all die, none of you will escape!” said Emperor Dong. With his mirror, he would find and kill those people sooner or later.

“Die!” Emperor Dong released cosmic energies which reached Emperor Yu, making him cough up even more blood.

“Argh!” Emperor Yu shouted and released terrifying Earth energies. Everything around him exploded, and a hole appeared in the air.

“Bzzz!” Emperor Yu used Emperor Dong’s strength to create that hole. He wanted to jump inside, but Emperor Dong smiled coldly. Emperor Yu wanted to escape? Where could he go?

“Destroy!” Emperor Dong jumped, and fissures appeared in the sky. Then he chased Emperor Yu into the empty space.

Ah…” a horrible shriek sounded as Xing Zhan fell to the ground, soaked with blood.

“Xing Zhan!” shouted the others. Their eyes were bloodshot. They were all fixedly staring at that hole. Their teacher and Emperor Dong had jumped inside because he wanted to protect them, but Emperor Yu couldn’t defeat Emperor Dong!

How had Emperor Dong found them?

They all looked desperate.

“What’s going on?” The Great Ape Emperor appeared.

“Emperor Dong came to kill our teacher!” said Tian Chi. His face was deathly pale, and he was terrified.

“Bzzz!” A silhouette appeared and punched the air while jumping into the hole. The Great Ape Emperor and Tiantai’s disciples were incredulous, how fast! That person was completely silent too.

“It’s the Taoist monk!” The Great Ape Emperor could tell that it was Yan Di. He knew how strong Yan Di was. Besides he had directly jumped into the hole.

“Who’s that?” asked Tian Chi. He couldn’t see the silhouette. He feared that it was one of Emperor Dong’s allies.

“It’s the Fire Mountain’s new emperor, Lin Feng’s friend. He came to help.” said the Great Ape Emperor. “That person has broken through to the Huang Qi layer recently, but his strength is unfathomable, he’s even stronger than me. I hope he’s here to help.”

Tian Chi and the others were still very worried.

“Let’s leave!” said the Great Ape Emperor to the disciples. Emperor Dong was there, so maybe the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan would come and kill them while Emperor Yu was preoccupied.

“No need. Emperor Dong can find us anywhere. I sensed something a short time ago and so did our teacher. Some lights appeared and then disappeared. A short time after, Emperor Dong arrived.” said Tian Chi shaking his head. He understood what was going on. Emperor Dong had used a special treasure to find them.

“All the emperors of Ba Huang are in danger then.” said the Great Ape Emperor. Emperor Dong could find all of them at a moment’s notice.

“Our teacher told us that we had to leave within thirty days after those gigantic golden words appeared in the sky. It seems like we have to join hands to protect each other from Emperor Dong and the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan.”

The Great Ape Emperor nodded, he realized that their problems were multiplying. Did those thirty days have anything to do with Emperor Dong?

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