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PMG Chapter 1518: Dead End

PMG Chapter 1518: Dead End

Tian Chi and the others could only sit there and pray. They couldn’t fight against a medium-level emperor.

“Mister, can you heal Xing Zhan’s leg?” asked Tian Chi. The Great Ape Emperor remained silent for a few minutes. Xing Zhan’s leg had been cut by the cosmic energies of a medium-level emperor, so healing his leg would be very difficult.

“It seems like I lost my leg!” siad Xing Zhan, trying to smile.

“Xing Zhan!” Tian Chi and Mu Bei didn’t know what to say to cheer him up.

“Today, we’re still alive thanks to our teacher. A leg doesn’t matter. With my strength, even without that leg, I can still practice cultivation and fight.” said Xing Zhan smiling. Tian Chi and Mu Bei nodded. They admired him for his courage. They raised their heads and tried to see if their teacher was going to come back safe and sound or not.

After a long time, finally, two silhouettes appeared again.

“Emperor Yu!”

“Teacher!” the disciples ran towards him. The two people were Yan Di and Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu didn’t look fine. He was bleeding, and he looked like he had lost all his strength. His Qi was very weak as if he was going to die.

“I’m alright.” said Emperor Yu trying to smile. Tian Chi and the others’ eyes were bloodshot, crackling sounds popped they clenched their fists.

“Emperor Dong!” Tian Chi was furious.

“Yan Di saved my life. I would’ve have died without him.” said Emperor Yu smiling. He controlled Earth cosmic energy which allowed him to increase his defense, but Emperor Dong controlled empty space cosmic energy, which had a slicing characteristic. Emperor Yu couldn’t escape either. Yan Di had intervened at a crucial moment.

“Thank you, Master!” said Tian Chi to Yan Di.

“It was a pleasure.” said Yan Di calmly and serenely.

“Teacher!” in the distance, Lin Feng and Mu Chen came back. They pulled a long face.

Emperor Yu smiled at them and said, “We must hurry and inform all the emperors of Ba Huang. Emperor Dong has a precious item which allows him to find us anywhere.”

“Bzzz…” some lights flashed in the sky.

“That’s precisely that thing!” said Emperor Yu while looking at the lights which had quickly disappeared again.

“We can’t stay in Ba Huang for too long it seems.” said Mu Chen as he gazed into the distance. Emperors were fine, but young people had to be very careful.

Emperor Wen quickly appeared looking distraught, “Emperor Dong has an ancient mirror which allows him to find people.”

“We need to inform all the emperors of Ba Huang.” said Emperor Yu to Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen nodded and said, “I understand. My dad has already starting informing people. Emperor Yu, your injuries…”

Emperor Yu shook his head. He had been injured by cosmic energies, even though his life wasn’t in danger, his injuries were very serious. His strength was affected. It would be difficult for him to recover.

“Yan Di!” Lin Feng turned to the Taoist monk. He knew a lot, so maybe he knew what to do.

“I’m not a healer, and I don’t understand life cosmic energy either. I can’t heal him.” said Yan Di. “Once in the Holy City, you should find a medium-level or a higher-level emperor who understands life cosmic energy. That or a great alchemist or doctor.”

Yan Di then turned to Xing Zhan and said, “Your injuries are less serious than Emperor Yu’s.”

Emperor Yu was a bit disappointed. Emperor Dan was a great alchemist, but he was dead. He had to go to the Holy City to find a stronger cultivator who could help him. But then again, why would those incredible cultivators help him?

“Mister Xiao!” thought Lin Feng. Mister Xiao was mysterious. He had saved Lin Feng’s life before and his medicine didn’t leave a negative impact on Lin Feng’s cultivation, it even helped him become stronger.

“Don’t worry about my injuries. We need to come up with a way to leave.” said Emperor Yu calmly.

“Is the Messenger the only one who can send people to the Holy City?” asked Lin Feng. The Messenger wasn’t very nice, and he was friends with Emperor Dong.

The emperors looked pensive, there were several exits, indeed.

“We can’t consider the other one.” said the Great Ape Emperor while shaking his head. “In Ba Huang Province, there is only one exit, but in Jiu You, there is another one according to legends. But it’s in a forbidden place in Jiu You where even emperors can die.”

“Indeed, there’ no need to consider Jiu You’s exit.” said Emperor Wen.

“A high-level emperor can pierce through the barrier of the sky.” said Yan Di.

“High-level emperors can break the sky barrier. That’s why the strongest cultivators of this world are medium-level emperors, high-level emperors will just leave.” thought Lin Feng. So, the light beam which had emerged from the three lives scriptures had the power of a high-level emperor.

While everybody was thinking. Emperor Wen’s father and Emperor Dong were racing against time. Emperor Dong continued using his mirror, he wanted to find Lin Feng, but after he saw that Lin Feng was with Yan Di, Emperor Dong gave up. He didn’t know who the Taoist monk was, but he was too strong. His cosmic energies were terrifying, and his holy mark strength was astonishing. Yan Di had attained the highest degree of perfection whilst using holy marks.

After that, he looked for the Six Desires empress. That evil woman had made an alliance with Emperor Yu. He wanted to capture her alive and use her as a sex slave. Not just her, but her disciple, Yi Ren Lei too.

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