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PMG Chapter 1519: Emperor Wu Tian Jian

PMG Chapter 1519: Emperor Wu Tian Jian

“Emperor Yu, Emperor Dong hates Tiantai, which is why he looked for you. After you, whom do you think he will hunt for?” asked Emperor Wen.

“Maybe that he will also look for the emperors who joined in the Qi Clan’s destruction.” said Emperor Yu.

“Yi Ren is in danger.” thought Lin Feng. Her teacher had come on the day when the Qi Clan was destroyed. Apart from those few emperors, the Watchers’ Father had come too, the Six Desires Empress, the Assassin Emperor and the others. Emperor Dong would probably choose the Six Desires empress first.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Di and hesitated. If he asked Yan Di to go, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves against Emperor Dong if he came back.

“Jiange!” suddenly thought Lin Feng. He gazed into the distance and said, “Yan Di, go to the Heavens of Desire’s Palace, everybody else can come with me to Jiange. We’ll be safe there.”

“That sounds good. Yan Di, you’re very strong and very fast. You and Emperor Wen’s father can stay together.” said Emperor Yu.

“Alright. No problem.” said Yan Di. Then, he disappeared.

“What a terrifying speed. He’s even faster than me.” thought Emperor Wen.

“Let’s go to Sword City.” said Lin Feng.

“I also want to see the old man of Jiange.” said Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng and the other strong cultivators landed in Jian Ge. Jiange’s people welcomed him politely. Jian Mu even welcomed them personally. Mu Chen immediately left after that. He wanted to find the other disciples from Tiantai.

Lin Feng didn’t bring people to the Sword Grave though, he went to the Sword Grave alone.

As soon as the old man saw Lin Feng, he smiled indifferently and said, “I know what’s going on outside. The two sides violated the rules and now such things are happening.”

“Rules?” Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t understand. Were there rules between the Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers?

“Master, my teacher wants to see you.” said Lin Feng.

“Tell him to come.” said the old man calmly. Lin Feng went out and called Emperor Yu.

Then, they came back. The old man sighed and said, “You’re like me now, what a pity!”

Emperor Yu bowed politely before the old man and said, “I am not worth mentioning in the same sentence as you, Master.”

“Don’t be that polite. Have a seat.” said the old man. Emperor Yu smiled at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, please sit down too.”

“Your body has been cleansed, so you are starting to be one with nature. You can’t stay here, you must leave for the Holy City where you will have more opportunities.” said the old man.

Emperor Yu shook his head and said, “Back then, some old friends and I wanted to leave but one of my friends died from the Imperial Assassin Union. It changed both our destinies.”

“Therefore, you need to make sure things end differently.”

“The Imperial Assassin Union is becoming even more audacious, and they have influence. They want to take control over Ba Huang and Jiu You. Therefore, we can only strike back, otherwise, the end results will be tragic. You’ve seen what happened.” said Emperor Yu to the old man.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded: “Indeed, the Messenger has also forgotten what his responsibilities are. You didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe to them, the small world is like a game of chess. You’re playing quite well.”

Emperor Yu was happy that the old man agreed. Then, he slowly stood up and bowed respectfully, “Thank you for helping us.”

“Me?” said the old man smiling wryly, “I’m like you, I’m injured. I was injured by cosmic energies, so I can’t fight.”

“I’m sure Emperor Wu Tian Jian doesn’t know what impossible means. You’ve existed for five thousand years after all.” said Emperor Yu. The old man looked at Emperor Yu in a strange way. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling.

Was the old man of the Sword Grave Emperor Wu Tian Jian who used to amaze everyone five-thousand years ago? He had become so old that nobody knew him anymore. Indeed, five thousand years before, none of Jiange’s current people were born yet.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and stretched out his hands which had scars and blisters left from his sword.

“Lin Feng, and the other disciples from Tiantai are really talented. You can place all your hopes on them.” said the old man tapping Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Emperor Yu nodded, “Indeed, Master. I am ready to die for them.”

“We can die, but they can’t. That’s why I’m asking for your help.” said Emperor Yu bowing. Lin Feng was clenching his fists so hard that his nails pierced through the palms of his hands.

“What makes you act so brave?” sighed the old man. Emperor Yu was an emperor, so cultivation was the most precious thing he had in life. Who was willing to die for other people when cultivation mattered most?

“My fellow disciple who has been there for me for hundreds of years gives me faith.” said Emperor Yu smiling in a resplendent way. He missed his friend.

“Emperor Shi?” thought Lin Feng.

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