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PMG Chapter 1521: The Only Option

PMG Chapter 1521: The Only Option

Yan Di and Emperor Wen’s father came back and brought a lot of people with them: the Six Desires empress, the Assassin Emperor, the emperor of the Celestial Thunder Temple and their disciples.

Nobody had died.

Jian Mu was serving everybody as they arrived. He had never thought that Jiange would become the place of reunion for all the emperors of Ba Huang. Jian Mu was excited for their newfound popularity. He knew that their Young Master, who had already broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, would also break through to the Huang Qi layer soon. Even now, he had brought so many emperors.

Jian Mu didn’t know about all the things Lin Feng and the old man had talked about. How would he react if he knew that the old man was their ancestor?

“We can be grateful to Emperor Yan, he’s the reason why we’re safe and sound.” said the Six Desires empress. If Yan Di hadn’t come to her, Emperor Dong may have found her and she would have been in danger. Emperor Yu had already been injured by Emperor Dong’s cosmic energies and he couldn’t heal himself in Ba Huang. He would need to be lucky in the future, otherwise, his strength would be restricted forever, and he would never be able to improve again.

“Indeed, Yan Di helped us so much.” said Emperor Wen’s father smiling.

“It was my pleasure.” said Yan Di.

The Six Desires empress smiled at Lin Feng and said, “You are now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, congratulations. You’ll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer even!”

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“We should determine a strategy to fight against Emperor Dong. If we don’t kill him now, we’ll be stuck together forever. If we disperse, he’ll keep chasing us.” said Emperor Wen who was standing next to his father.

“The Messenger also said that we’d have to send our disciples abroad within thirty days, otherwise, he’d close the passage.” said Emperor Deva-Mara. Everybody looked pensive.

Thirty days would pass quickly, especially now that Emperor Dong has started hunting people.

“Our chances of survival are very low if we see our students off.” said Emperor Yu. People were surprised.

“Some extremely strong people control the Imperial Assassin Union, so we can’t remain enemies with them. If our disciples leave this small world, they won’t be able to escape from those people in the Holy City. The Messenger probably works with them too.”

“So what should we do?” everyone looked at Emperor Yu. They trusted him a lot these days.

“Emperor Yu, you’re a member of the Watchers Union, right?” asked the Assassin Emperor.

“Indeed.” said Emperor Yu, “The Great Ape Emperor is also one of them, the old emperor from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is the former Watchers’ Father. There are probably some things I don’t understand clearly, but everybody can trust me. The Imperial Assassin Union, since the wedding ceremony, keeps proving what kind of intentions they harbor. They don’t care about the rules, so if we leave, we will end up in the tiger’s mouth.”

“I can prove it. The assassins in the Qi Empire and those cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer who controlled cosmic energies weren’t cultivators of the Qi Clan or the Si Kong Clan, they are probably from behind the scenes. In the past, they didn’t get involved in the affairs of this world, but now they do. This shows how badly they want to control Ba Huang and Jiu You, and that even the Messenger is corrupt.” said Emperor Wen.

“Emperor Wen, why did those disciples attack their teachers that day?”

“They are controlled by those people who control the Imperial Assassin Union. Some people decide to join one group or the other, so it must have to do with their agreement.” said Emperor Wen.

Everybody looked at Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu nodded, “Indeed, initially, there was an agreement of balance, but in practice, there is no equilibrium. If our disciples leave, they will be captured by the Imperial Assassin Union.”

“So what can we do?” asked the Assassin Emperor. They weren’t surprised that those who control the Imperial Assassin Union would do such things.

“There is a solution.” said Emperor Yu.

“We all leave this world!” said Emperor Yu. Everyone had already thought of that, but it seemed drastic.

But the Messenger was corrupt, he would never let them leave.

Emperor Yu knew what everybody was thinking so he said, “Therefore, there’s only one solution. Since the Messenger violated the rules of this world, we can force him to open the passage and let us pass. That’s the only option. We have no other choice.”

“Force the Messenger!” everybody thought that was insane! The Messenger controlled that world, and he had a very particular social status.

“Indeed, that’s the only way.” thought everybody.

“It’s easier said than done though.” said Emperor Deva-Mara while sighing.

“That’s why we need to be altogether. I will try to find a way to make the Messenger, Emperor Dong and the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan come to Sword City. When the time comes, we’ll act at the same time and leave the world.” said Emperor Yu calmly.

The news that all the emperors were in Sword City quickly spread everywhere. At the same time, Emperor Yu shouted and insulted the Messenger repeatedly.

The other emperors did the same, they expressed their discontentment and insulted the Messenger telling him that he didn’t deserve to be The Messenger.

Slowly, people learnt about the existence of a mysterious messenger. They didn’t understand why the emperors insulted him though.

Then, news spread that the emperors of Ba Huang intended to take occupy Sword City and stay there with their disciples. They said they didn’t intend to leave. What was going on? Were the emperors not going to leave Sword City anymore? All of them?

Back at the sun castle, an old man’s facial expression was ice-cold.

“They think I can’t hear them?” said the Messenger. Emperor Dong smiled in a cold way and said, “Maybe they’re trying to infuriate you.”

“What you mean to say is that a cornered beast can do anything?” said the Messenger frowning. He rolled up his sleeves and said, “It’s ridiculous. They’re a bunch of ignorant people. Do they think they can defeat me?”

“They want to bring about their own destruction.” said Emperor Dong smiling in a cold way.

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