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PMG Chapter 1522: Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra

PMG Chapter 1522: Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra

More and more people gathered in Sword City.

Lin Feng and the others were walking in the city center of Sword City. Emperor Yu, Emperor Wen and Yan Di were next to Lin Feng. Because of Emperor Dong, they didn’t dare disperse.

In the air, the mirror flashed and illuminated them. Lin Feng immediately stopped.

“He’s coming!” they thought. Emperor Dong knew where they were.

Lin Feng and the others continued walking in Sword City as if they didn’t suspect anything.

“Lin Feng, Emperor Wen, Emperor Yu. The news is real, the emperors are not leaving Sword City.” Lin Feng and the others didn’t hide anything.

“They dare walk outside?” thought some people. Emperor Dong was a medium-level emperor, so he could defeat them easily.

“Who’s that Taoist? It seems like he’s also an emperor.” thought some people when they saw Yan Di. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being, and he didn’t have the eyes of a Taoist monk.

“You don’t understand? That’s the new emperor of the Fire Mountain. When he was still a Zun cultivator, he fooled all the emperors. Now, he’s broken through to the Huang Qi layer. He even made Emperor Peng struggle the last time they fought.” said some people who had heard about Yan Di.

“Boom!” in a flash, a terrifying Qi surface.

However, as soon as that terrifying Qi surrounded them. Yan Di jumped, and lights illuminated the space. Then, they all disappeared.

“Boom!” A terrifying energy crashed where they initially were and Emperor Dong appeared. His attack had failed, so he glanced around.

“You again!” shouted Emperor Dong furiously. That damn Taoist monk was so fast, and he controlled marks to an extreme degree.

“Kaboom!” Thunders sounded in the sky. A silhouette appeared. He wore a white robe and was surrounded by lightning.

“Who’s that?” thought some people.

“The Messenger!” Yan Di, Lin Feng and the others looked at that strong cultivator. That was the Messenger, he was a thunder cultivator!

“I heard that some people were unhappy with the Messenger’s measures!” said the Messenger angrily.

“You’re joking. We would never dare say anything about Your Highness The Messenger!” said Emperor Yu smiling indifferently. Some more people appeared, the old emperor from the Si Kong Clan was even there. Together, there were three medium-level emperors on their side.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” said the Messenger. Thunderous energies surrounded Emperor Yu, making him feel paralyzed.

“You said I didn’t deserve to be a Messenger, you said you hoped I’d die. You said all those things!” terrifying thunder energies continued to surround Emperor Yu.

“I did say that, but you did violate the rules, didn’t you? Since you violated the rules, you’re not doing your job right, am I wrong?” said Emperor Yu. While Emperor Yu and the Messenger were talking, more emperors appeared around him: Emperor Wen’s father, the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.

“Right, as a Messenger, I shouldn’t get involved, but since you all humiliated me and said you wished I would die, I have no choice but to act.” said the Messenger. He had obviously noticed the emperors surrounding him, but he didn’t care.

Emperor Dong started releasing energies to attack Emperor Wen’s father, while the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan released energies to attack the other old emperor.

“Emperor Yu, Lin Feng, move back.” said Yan Di. Emperor Yu was injured, and Lin Feng was still too weak.

Emperor Yu and Lin Feng moved away. Then the Messenger said, “I’m the Messenger and I possess punishing thunders. Today, I will punish you.”

“Die!” suddenly, purple, thunderous energies lit the sky. Then, lightning ceaselessly fell.

“Kaboom!” The thunders crashed, but Lin Feng was still safe and sound. The Watchers’ Father had appeared in front of Emperor Yu and him.

“Go!” said the Watchers’ Father to Lin Feng and Emperor Yu. The Messenger groaned coldly and chased them. Could they escape?

“Piss off!” said someone else. Then, someone suddenly appeared in front of the Messenger. Terrifying lights surrounded his thunderous energies, and a pitch-black fire started burning. The Messenger had a feeling that he was in danger.

“You must want to die!” shouted the Messenger as he released more thunderous energies. The punishing lightnings crashed onto the lights, and some cracks appeared, but the Taoist monk was still alive.

“You studied the Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra!” said the Taoist monk. The Messenger suddenly looked astonished, “Who are you? How do you know about the Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra?”

In that small world, how could there be someone who knew his skills?

“There aren’t that many thunder skills, and amongst them, that one is very weak. So, it can only be the Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra!” explained Yan Di mockingly. The Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra was an incredibly powerful skill which had been created by a great emperor, but surprisingly, Yan Di said it was weak!

Actually, the Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra wasn’t that weak, it was just that Yan Di was mocking him.

“What do you understand!” said the Messenger angrily.

“Amongst thunder attacks, you have the Anuttara World Destroying Thunder Sutra, from the Godly Crime Punishing Ancient Scriptures: The Original Brahma Thunder Sutra. And yet you’re telling me that your Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra is good?” said Yan Di mockingly. The Messenger was astonished again, those scriptures Yan Di was talking about were all really, incredibly, astonishingly terrifying!

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