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PMG Chapter 1523: Arrogant Zhou Tian Xiao

PMG Chapter 1523: Arrogant Zhou Tian Xiao

“Slash…” the Messenger didn’t say much more. He shook his hand and nine punishing thunders descended from the sky towards Yan Di.

Yan Di shook his hands and terrifying marks appeared in front of him. Both a moon and a sun formed, each containing terrifying energies.

The nine lightnings broke as they crashed onto the patterns, but then they reappeared again one-thousand meters away. The Messenger wasn’t an emperor from Ba Huang, he was a medium-level emperor from the Holy City, so he was a lot stronger than the emperors from Ba Huang. He was in-charge of the passage between the real world and the small world, so technically, apart from high-level emperors, people had to go through him to get to the Holy City.

“Yan Di, go and fight against Emperor Dong. Don’t give him any time!” Yan Di moved away without saying anything, he ran from the Messenger to Emperor Dong.

The Messenger was surprised and then glared at the Watchers’ Father.

“Messenger, you violated the rules!” said the Watchers’ Father hoarsely.

“I control punishing thunders! Who can punish me in this place?” yelled the Messenger.

“You will be punished for violating the rules!” said the Watchers’ Father.


Lin Feng was already far away. The Watchers’ Father had taken him and Emperor Yu very far away. The Six Desires empress and the others were there too.

At that moment, in the distance, two silhouettes appeared. Lin Feng sensed that those people wanted to kill him, so he turned around.

Zhou Tian Ruo and his brother, they were in Sword City too!

“That’s Lin Feng!” said Zhou Tian Xiao who instantly released golden energies.

Lin Feng ignored Zhou Tian Xiao.

“You come out yourself or I’ll come and kill you!” said Zhou Tian Xiao.

Lin Feng frowned and said, “You came to avenge that piece of trash?”

Lin Feng then looked at Zhou Tian Ruo mockingly, “Zhou Tian Ruo, it seems like the word “useless” was created to describe exactly you. You’re such a crappy cultivator that you’ve made your brother handle your own fights.”

Zhou Tian Ruo looked furious. Lin Feng was making fun of him.

Zhou Tian Xiao glared at Lin Feng, and then suddenly started running towards him while releasing golden energies.

“He’s an emperor and he wants to kill a weaker cultivator, how ridiculous!” Emperor Deva-Mara jumped towards Zhou Tian Xiao. Zhou Tian Xiao didn’t hesitate, he continued running while releasing energies. At the same time, he punched the air in Emperor Deva-Mara’s direction.

“Boom!” Emperor Deva-Mara was propelled backwards, his arm even felt sore.

“A bunch of short-sighted people, what do you understand about cultivation?” said Zhou Tian Xiao. He continued running forwards while releasing oppressive energies as if he hadn’t seen the other emperors.

“Go!” even though Emperor Yu was injured, he could still use cosmic energy. He shouted furiously, and some mountains appeared in the sky, instantly oppressing Zhou Tian Xiao.

Zhou Tian Xiao punched them, and they immediately fell apart. His body even pierced through a mountain. He had a golden aura which made his body seemingly indestructible.

“I’ll teach you about cultivation!” said Zhou Tian Xiao.

“Illusion!” the Six Desires empress jumped forwards and smiled in a seductive way. Zhou Tian Xiao’s facial expression didn’t change at all. He wasn’t affected by her attacks either.

“Dodge!” a gigantic golden hand descended from the sky. The golden holy energy from that attack was way more powerful than Zhou Tian Ruo’s.

Zhou Tian Xiao slapped the Six Desires empress and made her fly away. His energies and determination were impressive. What could Lin Feng do now?

“Pfew…” a gigantic black stick appeared and descended from the sky. Zhou Tian Xiao suddenly turned around and raised his hands. Quickly, his golden hands collided with the wooden stick and Zhou Tian Xiao was propelled away.

“What an army.” thought Zhou Tian Xiao, looking at all the emperors.

“You’re an emperor, do you think killing young cultivators is something you can be proud of?”

“I don’t care about pride, I just want to teach him a lesson. He attacked my little brother, so I can kill him if I want to.” said Zhou Tian Xiao in a cold way.

“Die!” shouted Zhou Tian Xiao. Suddenly, millions of golden holy imprints appeared. The Great Ape Emperor used his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell again, but the countless golden holy threads of energies pierced through it.

Zhou Tian Xiao shouted furiously, and a holy golden sword shot out of his mouth, piercing through the gigantic stick and heading towards Lin Feng.

“Argh!” the Great Ape Emperor shouted furiously and he himself grew. Zhou Tian Xiao looked a bit scared, but he looked at Lin Feng again and said, “Look at me!”

Terrifying energies penetrated Lin Feng’s brain. Then, Zhou Tian Xiao rose up in the air. The Great Ape Emperor was a strong cultivator, strong enough to stop Zhou Tian Xiao from killing Lin Feng at least.

“If I see you again, I’ll kill you!” said Zhou Tian Xiao. Then, he glanced at the emperors and Lin Feng and said, “You people are weak, in a one-on-one battle, I’ll kill you all!”

Then, Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo left.

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