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PMG Chapter 1525: The First Battle in the Great World

PMG Chapter 1525: The First Battle in the Great World

Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes. What kind of world would the Holy City be?

Lin Feng turned around and glanced at the palace one last time. He didn’t know when he would come back because nobody could know what would happen in the great world.

“Go!” said Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiling at Lin Feng in a gentle way. Then Lin Feng nodded.

“Let’s go together.” those people gradually crossed the gate.

People crossed the gate, one after the other. Lin Feng then followed the crowd ahead. Very quickly, nobody was left in the castle apart from Emperor Wu Tian Jian, Emperor Dong and the Messenger.

After they left, Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn’t leave. He looked at the Messenger in a cold way and put his sword on his throat, “You’re just the doorman here, so do your job. If you violate the rules again, I guarantee you that I won’t let you off.”

The Messenger was petrified. His mouth twitched.

After crossing the door, Lin Feng and the others had an incredible sensation. They turned around and they only saw a normal door. That door didn’t have incredible empty space energies or anything, but it was probably still significant.

One step and they were in a new world.

They arrived in an ancient castle with a long corridor.

“Are we already in the great world?” thought the crowd. They walked ahead in the corridor rather slowly, as if they were scared to see something happen. Suddenly, everybody stopped.

“Get ready to fight. They don’t care about young people here, so they could kill you.” said Emperor Yu. Everybody nodded and continued walking. They left the corridor and took their first steps outside.

It was very windy, making the crowd feel cold. There was a vast desert at the end of the corridor.

There were two people waiting there, their eyes were closed. After the crowd stepped out, those people’s eyes suddenly opened.

“Those must be the people who determined the thirty-day rule.” thought the crowd.

The Imperial Assassin Union’s rulers didn’t intend to let them off.

“Us emperors can fight while everyone else should escape as far as you can!”

“Boom, boom!” the ground shook and dust rose up in the air. A terrifying cosmic strength cage trapped them and a dragon inside.

The emperors didn’t have time to protect the weaker cultivators. Those people didn’t want to kill them, they only wanted to capture them alive.

In the desert, a terrifying sun pattern appeared. The dragon looked fierce, like it wanted to break the cage.

“Boom!” a silhouette suddenly shot out. He didn’t want to fight, he wanted to run away instead.

“Emperor Deva-Mara!” Lin Feng recognized him.

Wasn’t he as determined as the other emperors? The Imperial Assassin Union’s targets weren’t those emperors, they only wanted the young people. Emperor Deva-Mara wanted Xiao Yu to choose his own path, so nobody blamed him, but some people felt uncomfortable.

“It’s an empty space seal!” shouted Emperor Deva-Mara as he ran back.

“Yan Di, you’ll have to break the seal!” shouted the Great Ape Emperor. Yan Di’s attacks were terrifying. When he had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had already managed to break Emperor Peng’s defense.

“Alright!” Yan Di nodded and hurried over while releasing black fire energies.

Then, a gigantic Earth-hand grabbed Lin Feng suddenly.

“Piss off!” shouted Emperor Yu as he landed before Lin Feng. Suddenly, the earth hand faded. Then, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu frowned. The Earth-hand turned into a large stone and bombarded Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu was bleeding after taking that hit.

“Teacher!” Emperor Yu’s body crashed onto Lin Feng.

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    It’s getting more dangerous and I have feeling a lot of emperors will die and some disciples will get captive by those imperial assassin union.
    Lin Feng need to hurry up to get in huang level.
    Cliffhanging-chan here we go. 😛

    • Error404 June 5, 2018 at 12:29 am - Reply

      He need to be a sage , being huang is like zun . If the IAU has a sage its a GG match for the whole H.C

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    Now when is going to get interesting, feel like going for adventure while reading.
    I want to read how far Lin Feng will progress as emperor. 😀

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      • Peerless Lin Feng June 5, 2018 at 8:50 am - Reply

        The author always forgets a lot of things. Like how Lin Feng got dragon blood from the mother dragon and promised to take care of the baby dragon egg, but we never heard anything about it. Also the author forgot all about that one girl Lin Feng took hostage a while back from the Qi clan, he never killed her but he put her away somewhere in one of his storage items or something but now she isn’t mentioned anymore. There are much more things but I can’t seem to remember them at the top of my head right now.

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          He even say to her that she will fell for him..

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