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PMG Chapter 1526: Mu Chen

PMG Chapter 1526: Mu Chen

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were bombarded by energies, but they were protected by a mountain.

Meteorites fell from the sky. The gigantic stone hand and the terrifying lights falling down made things look apocalyptic.

“Lin Feng, run away!” Emperor Yu pushed Lin Feng away.

“Teacher!” shouted Lin Feng, he was dumbstruck. His teacher couldn’t die…!

The stones didn’t care about Lin Feng’s thoughts. The one who was fighting against Emperor Yu was an Earth cultivator like him, but he was stronger than Emperor Yu.

A gigantic hand softly appeared in front of Emperor Yu.

“Brother…” shouted Lin Feng hoarsely. That was Mu Chen. Maybe that that strength was going to kill Lin Feng’s teacher and Mu Chen. He wasn’t an emperor, so he couldn’t deal with that strength. Even if he were an emperor, he still couldn’t deal with that strength.

“You must want to die!” shouted Mu Chen, his eyes were bloodshot. Suddenly, Mu Chen released energies which turned into millions of hands and moved towards the oppressive energies. Mu Chen himself also turned into a light.

Energies rolled in waves, the enemy was wearing a beautiful Earthen armor, and it was extremely thick. Mu Chen’s hands assaulted him, making him shake down to his soul.

“Die!” said Mu Chen coldly. He continued assaulting the enemy. Lin Feng saw the emperor’s armor crackle.

“How’s that possible?” thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. Lin Feng was amazed, astonished, dumbstruck! That emperor from the great world could oppress Emperor Yu, but Mu Chen was crushing him.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who was astonished. Many other emperors who were fighting were just as amazed. The first emperor had died, an emperor from the Holy City!

“Buddy, are you okay?” Mu Chen looked at Emperor Yu, he felt guilty. Lin Feng was completely astonished, buddy?

“Emperor Shi!” thought Lin Feng immediately. That mysterious disciple wasn’t a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer! It was Emperor Shi, he had never left Tiantai, he was there the entire time!

“Buddy!” whispered Lin Feng. Then he smiled in a resplendent way. The two cultivators looked like great friends. No wonder Emperor Shi had reacted like that, Emperor Yu had already been injured before.

“He controls soul strength, that’s why he can hide himself so well. He could turn into a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer and hide amongst us. He was protecting us without telling us!” thought Lin Feng. Tiantai’s disciples had gone through a lot, but someone had been secretly protecting them the entire time.

“Little bastard, hurry up!” said Lin Feng to Yan Di in the distance.

“Little bastard! Don’t you think I’m already trying?” said Yan Di loudly. The sealed area was proving difficult to destroy.

“Lin Feng, Qing Lin, get next to me.” said Mu Chen. Then, everybody surrounded Emperor Yu.

A metallic ringing sounded as three silhouettes appeared in front of Mu Chen. One of them had a spear which contained terrifying ghostly Qi. On his left, there was someone with an iron tower, then the one on the right was skinny and controlled terrifying wind energies.

A medium-level emperor and two low-level emperors. Lin Feng felt like they were suffocating from those pressures.

Lin Feng looked at his fellow disciples and smiled, “We must all live, for Tiantai, for our teachers.”

“For Tiantai!” shouted Hou Qing Lin.

“Slash…” the terrifying spear slashed ahead. It was as if wailing ghosts were throwing themselves at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen shivered, but then turned into a million shadows, which immediately moved towards the enemy.

“Slash, slash…” the long spear turned into a black shadow itself. Quickly, it turned into a hundred spears and attacked the different shadows Mu Chen had created.

The one with the iron tower also jumped, the ground exploding under his feet. He turned into a gigantic stone and created countless stones which surrounded Lin Feng and the other disciples.

The wind cultivator flew towards Emperor Yu. At the same, he released wind cosmic energies which oppressed the disciples form Tiantai. He wanted to capture Tiantai’s disciples while killing Emperor Yu.

“I’ll block him, you go and kill the others!” shouted Mu Chen. Then, an old man in a golden robe jumped forwards and threw himself at the strong cultivator with the spear.

“Slash!” the long spear slashed ahead and pierced the old emperor’s body. Then the attacker smiled evilly.

“Take him!” shouted the old emperor. Mu Chen threw himself at that cultivator.

“Be careful!” shouted the cultivator with the spear. The old emperor had surprisingly grabbed the spear which was stuck in his body.

“Die!” shouted that cultivator. Qi emerged from the spear, but the old man still held onto the spear.

“Immortal blood!” that cultivator recognized what was happening.

Mu Chen then landed in front of the wind cultivator, and that person’s soul started shaking violently. After that, Mu Chen crushed his body just like he had done just before.

“He’s my teacher and the Watchers’ Father!” whispered Lin Feng. The others looked amazed as well. As many people had already said, anyone could wear a plaited bamboo hat and become a Watcher!

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    So My Chen/Emperor Shi is the current watcher head?

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    I wish he wasn’t the Watchers father. Cause if not, they would have one more strong individual one their side

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      But I think that would be too OP. I think Lin Feng never lost anything except people he actually doesn’t rlly care about or people who aren’t necessary in the plot. That doesn’t make much sense, bc he’s offending people every 10 steps he takes

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