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PMG Chapter 1527: Escape

PMG Chapter 1527: Escape

“Soul strength is even more powerful than physical strength.” thought Lin Feng.

The Earth emperor suddenly stopped. His earth cosmic energy turned into stone cosmic energy, making his defense even more terrifying. He didn’t fear ordinary medium-level emperors, but he feared Mu Chen and his soul attacks.

“Ah…” at that moment, another horrible shriek sounded.

“Teacher!” Yi Ren Lei looked extremely sad. Her teacher was softly lying on the ground, her face was deathly pale.

A terrifying golden light emerged from her body, her cosmic energies were leaving her body, and she was dying.

“Yi Ren, you have to live on.” said the Six Desires empress smiling. While Mu Chen was killing the two emperors, another enemy who was a medium-level emperor killed the empress. There were more fighters than they had thought.

“Boom!” A terrifying strength destroyed the Six Desires empress’ body. Then the medium-level emperor ran towards Mu Chen.

Lin Feng’s face turned deathly pale. If Yan Di didn’t manage to break that empty space’s wall, they would all die.

At that moment, the ground shook, and a terrifying fire appeared. Explosions sounded and the ground quaked. Yan Di had done it!

The medium-level emperor who had killed the Six Desires empress had just landed in front of Mu Chen. He glanced at Yan Di. How could people from that small world break that empty space?

“Si Kong Zhang Ming! Come and fight against them, I will deal with him!” said a strong cultivator to another medium-level emperor. Then, someone else threw themselves at Yan Di. He was fast enough that he could easily catch up with Yan Di.

“Let’s go! Disperse!” shouted Mu Chen to Lin Feng and the others. His soul even started burning.

“Brother!” shouted people from Tiantai. Even though they now knew Mu Chen was Emperor Shi, they continued calling him “brother” because they were used to it.

Suddenly, several of Mu Chen’s shadows appeared. He grabbed all those who weren’t emperors and left with them in different directions.

“Where are you going!” shouted Si Kong Zhang Ming. Space became distorted as a pair of terrifying eyes loomed overhead, breaking Mu Chen’s illusions apart.

Mu Chen released his godly awareness and controlled millions of threads to attack Si Kong Zhang Ming.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were in the arms of one of Mu Chen’s shadows. “Lin Feng, escape!” said the shadow to Lin Feng. Mu Chen’s illusions could surprisingly speak. The clones who were carrying Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were running so fast that their feet were on fire.

“Brother, you take care too!” said Lin Feng to Mu Chen’s clone.

“Don’t worry. They can’t kill me that easily.” said Mu Chen while smiling.

“I can only take you this far. The area here is very vast, so they won’t find you.” said Mu Chen as he was becoming more illusory. He was too far from his original body, so he was losing strength.

“Teacher!” shouted Lin Feng to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu was injured, so Lin Feng had to take care of him.

“I’m alright.” said Emperor Yu, even though he looked nervous. Lin Feng knew that Emperor Yu was worried about Mu Chen and the other disciples.

“Teacher, we need to hurry!” said Lin Feng. Even though Mu Chen had brought them quite far, they still weren’t safe. Emperors could still easily catch up with them. Then, they immediately started running.

“Is someone there?” at that moment, Lin Feng sensed some extremely powerful Qi in the distance. Were any of those people emperors?

“Lin Feng, amongst those four people, one of them is an emperor.” said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng felt desperate. Unless those people didn’t harbor ill intentions, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were going to die. Without Yan Di and Mu Chen, nobody would have been able to escape from the empty space.

“What a bastard!” If the Messenger hadn’t violated the rules, they wouldn’t be in such a terrible situation.

“You think you can escape us!?” yelled the emperor of the group who was chasing them. Surprisingly, an injured emperor had left the small world.

“Let us pass and I’ll give you an incredible treasure, a treasure that you wouldn’t believe could exist.” said Lin Feng. The emperor was surprised and smiled, “What treasure?”

“A great emperor’s imperial scriptures.” said Lin Feng calmly. The emperor was staring at Lin Feng, full of suspicion. Lin Feng had imperial scriptures?

“You can’t kill me as an excuse because it’s in my godly awareness. If you kill me, it’ll be gone. If you don’t believe me, then you can just leave it up to fate.” said Lin Feng.

“Can you prove you have imperial scriptures?”

“The skills I use are part of imperial scriptures. Sense it!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his entire body turned black, and he looked like a demon.

“That Qi matches an emperor’s Qi!” the emperor’s eyes looked even more surprised. Great emperors’ scriptures could make any cultivator of the Huang Qi layer go insane.

“Let us go and I’ll transmit it to you.” said Lin Feng. The emperor looked pensive though. Would he really transmit that great emperor’s ancient scriptures if he let them off?

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  1. Lin Wushang June 5, 2018 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    Xie Xie

  2. MarkofWisdom June 5, 2018 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Seriously? Really waiting for this stupid sequence to end. I wonder how long it will be before the messenger is violently and painfully murdered

  3. mangasleuth June 5, 2018 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    I knew mu chen was emperor shi so cool! @_@ I love this story!

  4. l-elf August 13, 2018 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    it’s the worst arc of the whole novel by far. hella boring and confusing that emperors fights shit rushing to kill against zun cultivators. More than 100 chapters i dont enjoy the novel at all. Hope that will end soon, LF will go to the Holy city somehow normaly and we will have some good arc.
    and btw no news about our waifu meng qing and sub-waifu qiu yun xie???

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