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PMG Chapter 1528: Conditions

PMG Chapter 1528: Conditions

The three cultivators who were with the emperor also looked interested. Great emperors’ imperial scriptures were priceless items.

“Alright, I accept.” said the emperor smiling happily yet looking at Lin Feng in a deep meaningful way. He still didn’t believe that Lin Feng would offer great imperial scriptures that easily. If he did, then he’d have no bargaining chips left, and he’d die.

“You should first prove your sincerity.” said Lin Feng glancing at the three other people indifferently.

“What do you mean?” asked the emperor who was now releasing thunderous energies.

“How can I know that you won’t kill me afterwards to make things secret. Use your thunderous energies to kill them. Betray your group and I will trust you, then I’ll transmit the imperial scriptures to you.” said Lin Feng in a cold way.

“You must pay the price to obtain something great.”

“He’s very smart. Even if I kill them, he won’t transmit the imperial scriptures to me.” thought that person. Then he said, “If I kill them, I could also kill you after you transmit the scriptures to me.”

“Therefore, I will first transmit half of it to you, then you will follow us, and you will also protect us along the way. After my teacher is cured, I will teach you the rest. That way, everybody will be safe.” said Lin Feng smiling.

Thunders surrounded around Lin Feng.

“Transmit the great imperial scriptures to me and I’ll let you pass, otherwise, I’ll kill you on the spot.” demanded that person.

Lin Feng remained calm. He looked indifferent and said, “I don’t have much time. Three seconds. Apart from the great imperial scriptures, I’ll also transmit the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures to you.”

“You must die!” said that person while releasing thunderous energies. A head exploded, but it wasn’t Lin Feng’s head.

“No…” when the two others saw their friend die, they began to run away. But the emperor was merciless, he used force to surround those two people. Then thunderous cosmic energies moved towards them.

The strong cultivator turned to Lin Feng and said coldly, “Is that enough?”

“If you’re not insane, you can never become strong. This place is not safe, so take us away first.” said Lin Feng smiling. The emperor wasn’t happy to hear that though, so he yelled, “Half of the imperial scriptures!”

“You betrayed your group because of great imperial scriptures. If someone finds us, they’ll kill you and we won’t be able to escape.” shouted Lin Feng. That emperor instantly looked upset. Lin Feng kept fooling around, but he was caught up in his greed now, so he had to cope with Lin Feng.

“That desert is extremely vast. There are even some animal clans and tribes along the way. When we arrive at the nearest tribe, you must give me half of it. If you don’t, I’ll kill you both without hesitation!” said the emperor coldly.

“Don’t worry.” said Lin Feng nodding agreeably. Emperor Yu nodded too. Emperor Yu remained calm and serene, he was seated cross-legged in the air and he said nothing. He was happy that Lin Feng was brave but at the same time, he wasn’t reassured, that emperor posed a threat to them.

“Take us away now. We’re all in danger.” said Lin Feng to the emperor. He didn’t refuse, he took them away very quickly. He hoped he would have the opportunity to kill them after having received the whole scriptures, he especially looked forward to killing Lin Feng.

The three of them moved very quickly. Just like the emperor had said, that desert was huge, they flew for a long time without seeing anyone.

Lin Feng looked back to where Mu Chen and everyone else were. But he was too far now, he could only hope the best for them.

Lin Feng had his head turned to the side as they flew forwards because sand kept assaulting his face. It was a bit painful, but Lin Feng remained determined. He was alive, he was becoming stronger, and he had arrived in the great world. He’d have to remember those influential groups for later.

“Lin Feng, it was difficult for you to become strong, it was also difficult to leave the small world, now, you must always be determined, and you must possess an indomitable will. Don’t let anything stop you.” said Emperor Yu in a gentle way.

“Don’t worry, teacher, I will.” said Lin Feng smiling at his teacher.

“That’s good. You’re so talented, someday, you’ll amaze the great world!” said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng.

“Teacher, you need to remember that advise for yourself! You will be healed soon.” said Lin Feng. He could tell that Emperor Yu didn’t sound so optimistic about himself.

“Alright.” Emperor Yu nodded. The emperor’s purple eyes twinkled, healed? Those people would die sooner or later!

Lin Feng finally saw some buildings in the desert and some tribal villages. Those villages were as large as Yangzhou City, but the surroundings weren’t much to look at. Everything was old and dry.

“What is this place in the great world?” asked Lin Feng to the emperor.

“That desert only exists to connect the small world to the great world!” said the emperor vaguely. He didn’t feel like explaining things to Lin Feng.

“We have access to the small world I come from in the dessert, but do we have access to other small worlds?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed. We’re almost in the village now, so remember your promise.” said the emperor. Then, they descended from the sky.

“We still need to get closer. This is only the periphery of the village, so if your friends come, it won’t be safe.” said Lin Feng. The emperor groaned so Lin Feng continued, “We’ll descend when we see the ninth ancient fortress and I’ll transmit half of the imperial scriptures to you then. Then, we’ll continue.”

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