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PMG Chapter 1529: For Life

PMG Chapter 1529: For Life

The emperor stared at Lin Feng but then he continued. They could already see the ninth fortress, so he flew ahead.

Many people raised their heads in the village. Was that an emperor?

“These days, the Celestial Qi Castle has been dispatching a lot of strong cultivators to the desert and they’re fighting a lot. The small worlds must be open.” thought some people on the ground. Immediately after, they lowered their heads again, minding their own business.

That village was a lot larger than Yangzhou City but for strong cultivators, distances weren’t that important. Quickly, the emperor, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu arrived outside of the ninth fortress and landed.

The emperor looked at Lin Feng.

This time, he knew he couldn’t find any other excuse.

“I’ll transmit half of the imperial scriptures to you using my godly awareness.” said Lin Feng. The emperor’s eyes were twinkling with greed.

“Are you ready?” asked Lin Feng.

“Let’s do it.” said the emperor nodding and closing his eyes, but he wasn’t relaxed. He continued observing Lin Feng and Emperor Yu with his godly awareness. If they tried to do anything funny, he’d kill them.

Lin Feng released his godly awareness towards the emperor’s third eye. It contained the demon imperial scriptures.

The cultivator opened his eyes after a short time and inspected his memories. His eyes were filled with greed.

“As expected, great imperial scriptures, very powerful, unfortunately, I’m not a demon cultivator.” said the emperor. Even though Lin Feng had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, with the demon imperial scriptures, he was probably a lot stronger than ordinary cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer. If he knew the imperial scriptures well, he might even fight against cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer.

“When will you give me the other half?” asked the emperor. He looked a bit reassured. He almost sounded friendly.

“My teacher has been injured by cosmic energies and I need him to heal. Otherwise, I won’t be safe after you get the full deal.” said Lin Feng. The emperor smiled and said in a gentle way, “How could I? I would definitely let you go if you gave me the full scriptures.”

The emperor was in a great mood. He really thought about letting Lin Feng off. Of course, he just had that thought. He had betrayed his group, so he couldn’t let Lin Feng off.

“Master, my teacher is injured, I need you to help me find a solution. After all, you’re very strong and we’re not familiar with the great world. The sooner you help, the faster you’ll get the full scriptures. Thank you, Master.” said Lin Feng smiling politely. He even called the emperor Master. Lin Feng had an idea, but nobody knew what it was.

Emperor Yu sighed, he knew that Lin Feng was obstinate and unruly. He was proud because Lin Feng was talented, but he was sad because if he hadn’t been injured, he would have been able to protect Lin Feng.

“In this desert, there are many extremely powerful animal clans. They pose a threat to the tribes of the desert. However, those who are from tribe fortresses also grow quickly. Each of these fortresses have a healer. We can try and find one. However, your teacher has been injured by an emperor, so unless we find a healer who is an emperor, he won’t be able to recover completely.” said the emperor in a gentle way.

“Why don’t we leave the desert? The great world can’t only be a huge desert!” said Lin Feng. This great world had to have powerful cities.

“My group controls small worlds, and not only yours. All the tribe fortresses here belong to them, so you can’t imagine how powerful they are. Even though I don’t know if other people escaped, like you, this time they really have clear and precise goals that they will follow no matter what. They won’t let any escapee off, but in this tribe fortress, you’re safe.” said the emperor. Lin Feng sighed, what was the Imperial Assassin Union’s goal? Did they have other goals for cleaning the small worlds?

“So, Master, how can we heal my teacher?” asked Lin Feng.

“We need to find a priestess.” said the emperor, “Each fortress has a priestess whose duty is to heal.”

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu followed him while hiding their Qi, looking like ordinary people.

After a short time, they arrived in front of the entrance to a tribe and crossed the door. It was a tribe and it wasn’t a nice place. It was dusty, simple, and nothing was sophisticated. Everybody there were tanned to the color of copper.

Lin Feng was too handsome in comparison. Many people looked at him in a way which made him feel uncomfortable.

Lin Feng’s skin was very white, he looked clean and elegant. In that place, there was nobody like him.

“Don’t show your strength. Be discreet, otherwise some people will inspect your strength and will know about us.” said the emperor hiding his own Qi too. He used telepathy to talk to them. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu nodded and followed.

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