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PMG Chapter 153: Daemonic Fire Lion

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Liu Fei was standing behind Lin Feng, she looked at the two silhouettes and said softly: “Don’t worry, they are strong. If there is a problem at the border, they’ll know how to handle it.”

Lin Feng didn’t comment at all. The border was a dangerous place, how could she guarantee that it wasn’t dangerous?

But Po Jun had said that with the slave marks on their faces, they would have to constantly wear masks while inside the Imperial City, so the best solution was to go and protect the border.

Po Jun’s decision was that of a hot-blooded cultivator and required a great deal of courage, these were the traits required when studying as a military student within the academy.

“You have almost completely recovered from your injuries but you still need to rest more.” said Liu Fei when she saw that Lin Feng wasn’t replying.

Lin Feng laughed and said: “So you really do care about me?”

Liu Fei’s expression changed and she said: “Who else would? You perverted bastard.”

While talking, Liu Fei immediately walked towards the door. Lin Feng smiled wryly. It seemed like Liu Fei would always consider him to be a pervert.

Lin Feng shook his head and started to leave. Behind him, he could hear that someone was following him. It was Meng Qing. She was silently following behind him.

Lin Feng stopped, turned around, smiled wryly and said: “Meng Qing, you don’t need to come with me this time.”

Meng Qing shook her head and didn’t reply. She just moved closer to him. Lin Feng’s wry smile grew several times larger but he didn’t say anything. After all, Meng Qing was just worried that something could happen to Lin Feng.

Besides, it wasn’t a bad thing if Meng Qing was with him when he was outside. He had a lot of enemies.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen this time. I will be careful.” said Lin Feng again but Meng Qing remained indifferent no matter what he said.

“Meng Qing, people won’t recognize me this time but if you are with me, they will instantly recognise us.” said Lin Feng while taking out a silver mask and covering his face.

Meng Qing finally reacted and immediately said: “Alright, you go alone but be careful.”

“I will.” said Lin Feng while slightly revealing his face for a few seconds to smile to her. He then turned around and left.

Lin Feng arrived in front of a place which looked like a small city inside the Imperial City. He paid the tax and entered. Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the Prisoner Arena.

Just like last time, the Prisoner Arena was filled with a large number of people. Lin Feng looked at that sea of people from the top of the arena.

Lin Feng started walking down the stairs, he was slowly able to see the arena more and more clearly.

Inside the cage, there were more slaves and ferocious beasts. That was a scary place filled with the smell of death.

At that moment, someone moved in front of Lin Feng and obstructed his way.

Lin Feng’s looked at the person in front of him from under his mask. Lin Feng gave him a purity stone of medium quality and the other person immediately let him pass without any problems. He was approaching the lower rows of seats.

Lin Feng sat down on one of the first rows and calmly looked at the arena.

At that moment, a snake beast was fighting against a cultivator. The head of the snake was flat and wide. It looked really ugly. Black smog was coming  from its mouth.

That snake was very vigorous. It was still small compared to its matured state. It was a second level Ling ferocious beast. It still needed time to reach maturity.

Ferocious beasts and practitioners were quite similar when it came to cultivation. Fighting enabled both to become stronger with increased life and death experiences. Just like humans, all ferocious beasts were not equal. Some humans had high natural talent and abilities while other didn’t. Ferocious beasts were the same in that aspect. There were some of them which could become terrifying when attaining maturity while some others had a very limited strength.

That species of beast was already incredibly strong when reaching the Ling level. It was even said that when reaching the peak of the Ling level, they could sometimes defeat some other ferocious beasts of the early Xuan level. They were usually extremely strong. But the snake which was battling at that moment was only a second level Ling beast. It was far from reaching maturity.

What surprised Lin Feng is that he surprisingly recognized the cultivator who was fighting against the snake. He knew him incredibly well.

It was Lin Hong, Lin Ba Dao’s son, Lin Qian’s brother. He used to study at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village before but had come to join the Holy Courtyard.

At that moment, Lin Hong had already broken through to the second Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng didn’t have the impression that Lin Hong was particularly strong. The Lin Clan used to hate Lin Feng and called him a piece of trash. They thought that he was exceptionally weak. But at that moment, he had already broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer. There was probably no junior member of the Lin Clan who could defeat him. Amongst the elders of the clan, there also wasn’t many who could defeat Lin Feng. The fact that Lin Hong had already reached the second Ling Qi layer was actually quite normal and was nothing exceptional for someone of his talents.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. Then, a group of people drew his attention. They were also sitting on the viewing platform. They were watching Lin Hong and muttering between themselves.

“Look at that snake, even though it is very strong, Lin Hong can easily defeat it. Lin Hong’s ice attacks could easily freeze the entire snake. He will obviously win this battle.”

“Hehe, of course. It’s great that Miss Qian allowed Lin Hong to fight against that snake.”

Lin Feng could hear everything that these people were saying. He smiled coldly. It seemed like Lin Qian has also gained strength from when they last met. She was sitting with Chu Zhan Peng who had also become a student at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. With his strength, it would be easy for him to take care of Lin Qian. Being close to him, Lin Qian’s status in society could only climb higher and higher.

“Ice and Fire Universal Spirit… I wonder what your cultivation level is these days…” thought Lin Feng. He then stopped looking at Lin Qian. She meant nothing to him anyway.

He turned around and continued to watch the battle. At that moment, Lin Hong’s Qi was oppressing the body of the snake and he was close to winning the battle.

At the same time, Lin Qian, who wasn’t sitting that far away from Lin Feng, frowned when she looked at him. She looked at Lin Feng’s silver mask. The person who was wearing that silver mask was sitting in the viewing platform and calmly watching the battle. A light flashed through Lin Qian’s eyes.

“Huh?” thought Lin Qian while intensely staring at that silver mask. Back in Yangzhou City, she had already seen that mask… and at this moment, she saw the same mask again.

“Could it be a coincidence?” thought Lin Qian.

She could never forget the piece of trash who had been expelled of the Lin Clan, wore the same mask.

It couldn’t be him though because the Yun Hai Sect had been completely destroyed. The survivors had mostly become slaves. It was impossible for Lin Feng to calmly sit there in the Prisoner Arena and comfortably watch battles. Besides, he was sitting in the front rows…

Lin Qian hadn’t learned about the fact that Lin Feng had survived. She just knew that an entire army of Chi Xie armored cavalry had gone there and destroyed everything. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if someone had managed to escape? That sort of rumor would never spread anyway, it would be too ridiculous to believe!

At that moment, Lin Hong finally defeated the snake, he took his eight purity stones of medium quality and walked towards the exit of the cage.

The one in charge of that side of the cage brought the dead body of the snake out and replaced it with a new ferocious beast.

When the crowd saw the new ferocious beast, they were all stupefied.

That ferocious beast was entirely red and was covered with flames.

An extremely sharp Qi emanated from its body.

That ferocious beast looked incredibly hideous. When it opened its mouth, a wide forest of teeth sharp as razors appeared. That beast looked so majestic that it almost looked like the king of beasts.

What astonished the crowd is that it had two fiery red wings on its back.

“What a terrifying ferocious beast.” thought Lin Feng when he saw it. It looked majestic and an extremely strong Qi was released from its body. Looking at it was almost enough to scare people away. Even when the one in charge of the cage had brought the beast inside, he had been very careful as if he was scared that the ferocious beast could attack him at any moment.

“It’s a Daemonic Fire Lion. What the….” many people recognized the Daemonic Fire Lion. It was an extremely terrifying species of ferocious beast. There were some rumors about them which were widely known. If it reached the Xuan level, it was said to acquire special powers and become almost invincible.

The man who brought the beast into the cage started talking loudly: “This is a Daemonic Fire Lion. It is a Fifth level Ling beast. The person who defeats it will win twenty purity stones of medium quality. If you are able to tame this beast without killing it then you can even take it away with you.”

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