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PMG Chapter 1530: Dialogue

PMG Chapter 1530: Dialogue

In the center of the territory, there was a tidy row of cottages surrounded by fields of medicinal herbs.

There was a woman wearing a golden and white dress who was sorting herbs.

“Yun, you brought so many herbs again.” said an old man smiling at the woman.

“Grandpa, they contributed a lot. Without them, I wouldn’t have gotten so much.” replied Yun, gesturing towards a young man.

“Hehe, without you, they’d have lost their lives.” said the old man smiling. A strong young man was carrying an animal body on his shoulders behind them. That animal was a few dozens of meters and was seven-eight meters tall. It had golden hair covering its body.

“Rong Qing, you’re really hardworking.” said the old man. The woman smiled and looked Rong Qing who threw the animal body on the ground. “Yun, here it is.”

“Thank you!” replied the young woman politely. Rong Qing looked at her with love in his eyes and said, “If everything’s alright, I’m going.”

“Alright!” said the girl nodding. Rong Qing didn’t want to leave, but he left anyways. After a few steps, he stopped again after seeing three strangers walking towards the girl.

Lin Feng sensed that the young man was looking at him. He inspected him and found that he wasn’t weak, fourth Zun Qi layer even.

“Zun cultivators must be normal in the Holy City.” thought Lin Feng. He noticed many Zun cultivators all around, even cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He didn’t see any emperors though.

“Who are you?” asked Rong Qing to Lin Feng and the two others.

“We’re looking for Mu Yun.” said Lin Feng. The young woman raised her head and walked towards them.

Rong Qing was fixedly staring at them and prevented them from passing, “What do you want from her?”

“Rong Qing, let them pass!” said the woman. Rong Qing then let them pass, but he followed them.

“What do you want from me?” asked Mu Yun directly.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised. She had an amazing body and she looked gentle. Unlike everybody else in the tribe, she also had very white skin.

“My teacher is injured. We would like you to heal him.” said Lin Feng pointing at Emperor Yu.

“Let me see!” Mu Yun walked to Emperor Yu and put her hand on his shoulder. Then she released some pure celestial Qi.

After she inspected Emperor Yu’s body, she said with surprise, “Your channel vessels are all broken, it’s surprising that you’re still alive or even look normal!”

“My teacher’s body is strong. Can you heal him though?” asked Lin Feng. Emperor Yu was still restraining his cosmic energies. Zun cultivators used their channel vessels to heal, but emperors were beyond strong in that if they still had Qi, they didn’t die.

“Let me try but I’ll need some time. I don’t know if I’ll succeed either, after all, I’ve never had such an injured patient.” said Mu Yun frowning.

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng. At least, they could try. Besides, they could hide there for some time. The desert was vast, and there were many tribes.

“I have some empty cottages, you can stay there and rest in the meantime.” said Mu Yun. Rong Qing was upset, so he said using telepathy, “Yun, we don’t know who they are. How can you let them stay here?”

“Who would hurt me when he’s this severely injured.” asked Mu Yun shaking her head. Even though Rong Qing wasn’t happy, what could he do?

Lin Feng was nervous, especially when he saw people flying above them in the sky. He was especially worried about his friends.

At night, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged and practicing cultivation calmly. Emperor Yu was in the same room as him. The thunder emperor was next door, but he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking about the great emperor’s imperial scriptures. He was worried that Lin Feng could escape as well.

But after a few days, he felt more relaxed. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu stayed there and nobody came to look for them.

Mu Yun wasn’t an empress but she was a great healer. She knew some amazing techniques. She concocted some medicine and Emperor Yu’s channel vessels slowly healed. She couldn’t heal his cosmic energies though.

“Lin Feng, Emperor Yu recovered a lot. Will you transmit the great emperor’s ancient scriptures to me now?” asked the thunder emperor in a courtyard.

“Not yet.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.

“How long do I still have to wait!” asked the thunder emperor in a cold way.

“I will tell you when the right time comes, of course! Otherwise, you can just kill me.” said Lin Feng in a cold way. Then, he walked back to his cottage.

“You…” the emperor was furious, but he decided to wait. He waited for Lin Feng to leave before whispering, “Once you transmit the scriptures to me, you’ll die!”

Lin Feng continued practicing cultivation day and night. Emperor Yu could only watch as Lin Feng practiced cultivation. Sometimes, he saw Lin Feng’s painful facial expressions and sighed. He didn’t know what Lin Feng was studying but it looked painful. Besides, he was practicing cultivation everyday without break.


Lin Feng had already been in that world for seven days now. Back in a gigantic city in the desert, there was a gigantic castle which looked like a shrine. The flight of stairs which lead to the entrance was astonishingly lofty.

At that moment, in that castle, a middle-aged man in golden clothes was punching an ancient wooden table furiously. The ground shook each time he threw a punch.

Emperor Dong was there too.

“How many days!” said someone in a weak voice.

“Seven days!” said a strong cultivator respectfully. That strong cultivator was the one who had fought against Mu Chen: the medium-level emperor.

“Seven days, where are the people I want?”

Everybody lowered their heads. They didn’t dare talk.

“Seal the passages, if you see anyone, capture them!” said that person furiously. “Besides, I will send people to inspect the desert, every single castle in the desert!”

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