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PMG Chapter 1531: Small World’s People

PMG Chapter 1531: Small World’s People

“Inspect everything!” yelled the middle-aged man, hammering on the table with his fists. “So many people escaped from you, I don’t understand how you could let this happen!”

Those around him were covered in a cold sweat. Emperor Dong looked terrified, he didn’t dare raise his head.

At that moment, the middle-aged man slowly stood up, making the crowd around him feel extremely nervous.

“Emperor Dong!” shouted the middle-aged man. Emperor Dong was shaking, but he replied, “Present!”

“You’re lucky that you have my blood. Even though we sent you to a small world because you couldn’t rely on your own abilities to break through to the Huang Qi layer, we still spent a lot of resources raising you.” said the middle-aged man. Emperor Dong almost collapsed. He knew how bad tempered that middle-aged man was.

“I am fully devoted!” said Emperor Dong shaking.

“Since that sword emperor doesn’t want to let us restrain the small world, go to the small world and tell everyone that the world they live in is just a small world controlled by stronger cultivators. Also, tell the Messenger to relax the restrictions to come out. Let nature take its course.” said the middle-aged man calmly. Emperor Dong’s heart was pounding violently. He could only imagine how many people would want to leave that world if he told them that their world was fake. Many of them would want to come to the great world and the situation would be chaotic and apocalyptic.

“Relax the restrictions to come out!” Emperor Dong didn’t really understand, but he didn’t dare ask. In the future, the strong cultivators from Ba Huang and Jiu You would want to live in the great world, including those who already came.

A day later, Emperor Dong went back to Ba Huang. Emperor Qi and him started telling everyone that they lived in a small world and that the Holy City was the real world. Many people were astonished.

Xue Bi Yao was in the Celestial Land of Alchemists when she heard the news, “So this is a small world!”

In the western part of Ba Huang, two beautiful girls looked at the sky and the clouds, “All of this is fake?”

In the brutal part of Ba Huang, in the Bestial Imperial Palace, a great oriental greenfinch roc attacked a mountain in rage before he flew up towards the sky, emitting sonic booms behind him. He looked ferocious as he said, “I’m a great oriental greenfinch roc, so I must leave Ba Huang and go to the great world. The sky can’t stop me. Diviner, you weren’t exactly right!”

Many geniuses looked in the direction of Eastern Ba Huang. It was said that the end of the world was there, that the passage to go to the great world was there!


Lin Feng was sitting outside looking at a tree. He looked calm and serene, he wasn’t releasing any Qi.

“Lin Feng, you’re still here? How’s your teacher?” asked an old man smiling.

“He’s much better, Papa Bai.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Haha, Yun is the goddess of our tribe. No man has ever managed to seduce her, but you should try!” said Papa Bai smiling, he was in a good mood. “But let me tell you, Yun wants a young man who is at least a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so good luck!”

“No hope!” said Lin Feng smiling in a gentle way and shrugging, making Papa Bai laugh.

“Papa Bai, you’re talking about me in a bad way!” said Mu Yun. Lin Feng turned around. She really looked beautiful as she healed Emperor Yu. Even Lin Feng who was used to being with beautiful women sighed.

Lin Feng smiled at Mu Yun in a gentle and warm way.

Mu Yun nodded at him but was surprised when she saw Lin Feng’s resplendent smile. Apart from helping her teacher, she also allowed them to live with their tribe. She looked at them in a gentle way, they were different from all the men she had met in her life. They looked like they had gone through many hardships.

“Lin Feng is here every day, and he has nothing to do. He’s not even practicing cultivation. Even if he wanted to be in a relationship with you, I wouldn’t agree.” said Papa Bai jokingly. They were sitting on a bamboo chair looking at a tree. In the desert, a tree was a grand thing.

Mu Yun smiled thinly, and Papa Bai didn’t say anything.

That night, the desert became cold as the sun set. Papa Bai and Mu Yun went back to their houses while Lin Feng went back to his courtyard. But suddenly, someone appeared in front of him with a mad look in his eyes. Then, a hand filled with thunderous energies grabbed his throat, “It’s been ten days! I’ve waited long enough!”

Lin Feng frowned. Emperor Yu came out of his cottage and said coldly, “Let him go.”

“If he doesn’t transmit the rest of the scriptures to me, I’ll kill him!” said the thunder emperor madly. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go outside to the desert, I don’t want to release my godly awareness here.”

This time, the emperor was happily speechless. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would immediately accept. He smiled and let go of Lin Feng, “Ah good, you should have done that before, I won’t hurt you anyways!”

“Let’s go out.” said Lin Feng. The emperor, Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were extremely fast as they flew in the night. In just a few seconds, they were already outside, and there was nobody in sight.

“Alright, here is good. Let’s do it!” said the emperor impatiently.

“Master, don’t think of killing us to destroy any evidence. I also have the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures, which in a month, I’ll transmit them to you.” said Lin Feng. The thunder emperor smiled and said, “Alright, alright. How could I ever kill you guys anyways?”

He was thinking, “Lin Feng is very vigilant, he wants to protect himself with that Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures. No problem, I’ll wait until I have all his treasures and kill him then.”

He was confident that a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer couldn’t possibly pose a threat to him, and Emperor Yu was an emperor from a small world and he was injured, so he couldn’t fight against him either.

“Master, I’m starting.” said Lin Feng who was condensing his godly awareness. The thunder emperor’s eyes twinkled with excitement!

Lin Feng’s godly awareness moved into his third eye, but he couldn’t relax at all. He kept glancing at Emperor Yu.

However, a black strength penetrated the thunder emperor’s third eye.

He frowned after he sensed something. Then he suddenly opened his eyes and lightning emerged from them.

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