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PMG Chapter 1532: Celestial Castles

PMG Chapter 1532: Celestial Castles

He sensed cursing strength and a destructive godly awareness invade him. Lin Feng was just a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer and yet he dared plot against him!

Thunders boomed, and lightning shot out from the emperor.

“Boom!” the thunder emperor was shaking as some soul cursing energies exploded in his brain.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s godly awareness was still invading the thunder emperor’s brain. He was also using his godly awareness palace with the soul cursing energies. He knew he couldn’t kill his enemy, so he was trying to stun him.

Emperor Yu was an emperor, so he already knew what Lin Feng was going to do. While Lin Feng used his broken soul godly awareness on the thunder emperor, Emperor Yu attacked and released his most powerful cosmic energies. He immediately struck the thunder emperor.

“Argh!” the thunder emperor shouted furiously. Suddenly, he released an infinite amount of thunder energies which crashed onto Emperor Yu’s body. Emperor Yu had already made an armor out of cosmic energies for Lin Feng, but it broke away easily.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted like a demon.

Now, Lin Feng’s sword lights moved towards the enemy.

“Kaboom!” thunders descended from the sky as a thunder god illusion appeared. This illusion was also holding a thunder hammer.

“What a powerful spirit!” thought Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu jumped forwards and released terrifying energies in the thunder emperor’s direction. His physical body exploded and was destroyed, but because his spirit was so powerful, it didn’t die with his body.

Emperor Yu rose up in the air and released more cosmic energies to attack that spirit. With that, the enemy’s spirit slowly faded. But the spirit didn’t stop, it started running away instead.

Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were lying on the ground. Emperor Yu’s injuries were even more severe. Lin Feng’s organs were injured as well. They hadn’t even managed to kill the emperor completely. Unfortunately, one more attack and they would have managed to kill him. But at least they were out of danger for now.

“Teacher, are you alright?” Lin Feng crawled on the ground.

“Could be better. Let’s go back.” said Emperor Yu smiling and crawling up as well. He then said, “Lin Feng, you already did a great job. He managed to escape because his soul is stronger than many low-level emperors from Ba Huang. I used cosmic energies and destroyed his physical body but not his soul. Of course, I’m injured, otherwise I could have done better.”

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng laughing. They had been loud, so people were surely going to find out about them.

They both immediately went back to the fortress.

As expected, people were shouting and panicking after they heard the battle.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu got away from the crowd. They couldn’t expose themselves otherwise other enemies might find them.

They opened the main gate and entered. There was someone sitting on a stone chair, illuminated by the bright moon.

“You’re back. You shouldn’t go outside because you’re injured.” said the girl, smiling in a gentle way. Then, she looked at Lin Feng and said, “What happened? Did some of the young men from the tribe bully you? Tomorrow, I will check your injuries, but you two should sleep for now.”

Then, the girl slowly walked out of the fortress. As she passed by Lin Feng, he could smell her perfume.

After she left, they closed the gate behind them. Then, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu glanced at each other and walked to the courtyard silently. What was happening outside no longer had anything to do with them.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu slept all night. The next day, Mu Yun continued healing Emperor Yu; she checked his injuries and released pure celestial energies without saying anything. Then, her energies flew throughout Emperor Yu’s body and healed him. She noticed that his injuries were worse than the day before, but she said nothing.

“Let me see that now.” said Mu Yun to Lin Feng, after she finished with Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his arms. He put his hands on her hands and she released pure celestial again.

“Why do they call you a Priestess?” asked Lin Feng trying to think of something to say.

“Because we don’t live for ourselves. We live for other people.” said Mu Yun gently.

“You don’t live for yourselves?” Lin Feng continued, “Everybody respects you and many men are attracted by you in the tribe, isn’t that good?”

“The nine celestial palaces choose girls from different tribes and teach them particular powers. Although everybody respects those Priestesses, we don’t have much freedom. Our everything belongs to those celestial castles, including our lives.” said Mu Yun in a gentle voice. She didn’t know why she said all this to Lin Feng, but maybe it was because she knew Lin Feng’s secret!

“You’re from the small world, so you probably haven’t been to the big cities yet. When you’re both cured, I’ll take you out and show you the celestial castle.” said Mu Yun with a smile.

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