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PMG Chapter 1534: Qing Di Mountain

PMG Chapter 1534: Qing Di Mountain

“If Celestial Qi Castle is the backing of the Qi Clan, and Emperor Dong is the leader of the Qi Clan in the small world, then the Qi Clan must only be a subgroup.” thought Lin Feng. Qi Yu Chen had come to the tribe to inspect it, so how strong was the Celestial Qi Castle in the great world?

“Yun, we’re at the border of the great world, and we can go to small worlds from here. Just how strong are the nine celestial castles exactly?” asked Lin Feng. He knew nothing about the castles. Since they were leaving, he needed to know a bit more.

“The place that connects to the small world is in this gigantic desert. Each city has the name of a powerful group, for example, Celestial Qi City is named after the Celestial Qi Castle.” said Mu Yun to Lin Feng. “The nine celestial castles also make up the nine great cities. The Celestial Qi Castle is one of them. They also control some of small worlds which you can access from the desert. The Celestial Qi Castle, the Celestial Si Kong Castle and the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders have been controlling small worlds for ten thousand years already.

“Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders, Celestial Si Kong Castle, Celestial Qi Castle!” Lin Feng suddenly understood a lot more. The Celestial Qi Castle and the Celestial Si Kong Castle were obviously the leaders of the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan. Concerning the Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders, Lin Feng was thinking about the Messenger who knew the Punishing Thunder Heart Sutra.

“Why ten thousand years?” asked Lin Feng.

“Controlling several small worlds is extremely advantageous. There are some arrangements, I don’t know the details, but I know that every ten thousand years, they fight to see who will control the worlds. Besides, it seems like those ten thousand years have already passed, so the leaders of the small worlds will change again.”

Lin Feng understood that everything going on in the small world probably had something to do with all that.

“Now, you understand why those people are looking for you.” said Mu Yun in a gentle way. She had compassion for him. She was a Priestess who had no freedom, she was controlled by the same people who controlled small world. They were all like pawns to these groups of influence.

“Apart from the nine castles, other groups can’t decide who the next leaders will be. In this world, only strength matters. Apart from the celestial castles, there are many terrifying cities also located in the desert. They all belong to one place: the Qing Di Mountain!”

“Great Emperor Qing founded the Qing Di Mountain. Usually, they don’t get involved in affairs related to the outside world. It’s more like a holy cultivation place. Those who can practice cultivation in the Qing Di Mountain are rare, but in theory anyone could go there, including people from the celestial castles. The Celestial Wen Castle had a disciple go to the Qing Di Mountain, therefore, according to rumors, the Celestial Wen Castle might gain control over the small worlds again.” said Mu Yun. Lin Feng was surprised again. Celestial Wen Castle and the Wen Clan from the central part of Ba Huang!

“Yun, Ten thousand years ago, the Celestial Wen Castle controlled the small worlds, and later on the Celestial Si Kong Castle, and then Celestial Qi Castle took control over them?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed. The nine celestial palaces can’t break the equilibrium of the small worlds, no matter who is in control, they can’t because it would have an impact on the controllers. Rules have always existed but last time I heard my teacher say that some things were going to change drastically this time.”

“No wonder the Wen Clan is so mysterious. They’re like the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan, they also control a part of the world in the form of the Watchers. Maybe the small world will be theirs in the next ten thousand years.” thought Lin Feng.

The assassins allowed the Watchers to exist because they had to respect the equilibrium of the small world. It was also because they didn’t know who the next controllers would be. Without the equilibrium, the Watchers would have been annihilated a long time ago.

“Yun, thank you so much for helping us.” said Lin Feng.

“You’re not completely healed yet, so you should rest early.” said Yun smiling before she left.

Lin Feng lied down for a long time before he went back to his cottage and told Emperor Yu what Mu Yun had told him.

The next day, the sun was high in the sky and was scorching hot. Mu Yun had changed her clothes into a skin-tight leather, showing off her perfect body.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu followed her as they traveled to the Celestial Qi Castle.

“Yun!” shouted Rong Qing in the distance. Then he ran towards her and said, “Yun, are you going to buy some things in the Celestial Qi Castle? If so, I’m coming with you.”

Rong Qing also glanced at Lin Feng.

“No. I’m a Priestess, so nothing can happen to me.” said Mu Yun. Rong Qing shook his head and said, “The Celestial Qi Castle is capturing people nowadays, so I’m worried about you. I’m coming with you and I’ll protect you.”

Rong Qing was kind of right actually, so Mu Yun nodded and said, “Alright, come then.”

After that, all of them flew away.

The six of them flew over many tribes, hundreds in fact. Each tribe looked like a city, some were even larger than Xue Yue.

Finally, they finally approached a larger city. It was the first time that Lin Feng had seen a real city since arriving in that world. The buildings were huge, lofty, and they were thousands of meters high.

“Right now there are some things going on in the small worlds, so you can’t fly in. Instead, you must go through the gate while proving that you are from a tribe.” said Mu Yun.

“You don’t need to worry about that though, I’m a Priestess and you’re with me.” said Mu Yun.

“Let’s go.” said Mu Yun as she walked towards the guards. But at that moment, the ground quaked as many people riding beasts approached, they were galloping at full speed, making the ground shake below them.

“Why are they here? They’re early!” Mu Yun frowned when she saw those riders.

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