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PMG Chapter 1535: Bronze Plate

PMG Chapter 1535: Bronze Plate

“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng.

“Those knights are people from the Celestial Qi Castle, but they usually don’t leave the city. They usually only go out when people compete to control the small worlds. They usually go to all the tribes and inform people, and at the same time, they also recall all the Priestesses of the tribes.” said Mu Yun. The knights continued galloping, passing in front of Lin Feng and the others.

Very quickly, the knight rode away and disappeared into the desert.

“Only one force could have made that happen.” whispered Mu Yun: “Qing Di Mountain!”

Lin Feng and the others then walked to the gate. The guards were strict as they checked everybody.

“Master, I’m from a tribe, and we want to enter the Celestial Qi Castle.” said Mu Yun to a guard. He looked at her and smiled, he seemed to know her as he said familiarly, “Miss Mu Yun! You’re always welcome!”

Then, Mu Yun and the others went in. Even though Priestesses were from tribes, they were members of the celestial castles. Therefore, she was confident that Lin Feng and Emperor Yu could go in with her.

After they entered, she explained to them, “That’s the Celestial Qi Castle. Even though it seems very near, it’s actually very far away.” whispered Mu Yun. Lin Feng looked at the gigantic, and ancient castle in awe. Destroying such a castle would definitely be a spectacular show!

“The nine celestial castles represent a tripartite balance of power, with a buffer zone in the middle. We’re going to that buffer zone now. They have the best market there. You can surely find anything there.” said Mu Yun. Lin Feng nodded.

“I’ve heard that many years ago, the nine castles used to be one, and that strong cultivators gradually emerged and divided the city. Of course, that was a very, very long time ago, so we can’t know if that’s true or not. If you cross the buffer zone, you’ll leave the nine great celestial castles and arrive in another one of the cities of the Qing Di Mountain.”

Mu Yun was talking a lot, she was pretending to be a guide, but she was actually telling Lin Feng how to leave if he needed.

“Yun, why would we go so far? We can find a market in the Celestial Qi Castle, that’d be enough.” said Rong Qing behind her. She kept talking to Lin Feng so Rong Qing was getting jealous. Besides, The Celestial Qi City was a gigantic place, going to the buffer zone would take a long time.

“I’ve never been there, so I really want to see it.” said Mu Yun. Rong Qing was speechless, so he just glanced at Lin Feng angrily. Why was Mu Yun being so nice to him? Had they fallen in love after living together for two months? Luckily, that foreigner was going to leave soon, he couldn’t take Mu Yun away after all.

“You’ve never been to the buffer zone?” said Lin Feng surprised.

“Is it strange? Many people from the tribes are like me, most people from the Celestial Qi City never leave this place either.”

“Aren’t there powerful alchemists or healers in that place?” asked Lin Feng. He was still worried about Emperor Yu.

“I was going to tell you about that. In the nine great celestial castles, there’s a powerful group called the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and they have some very powerful healers. However, it’s difficult to get seen by them.” said Mu Yun.

They walked and talked at the same time. Mu Yun told Lin Feng many things about the great world, including the locations of the nine great celestial castles. She also told him about the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and their strong cultivators who mastered golden holy Qi skills. After she told him that, Lin Feng immediately thought about two people: Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo.

Even though the Celestial Qi City was just a city on the edge of the great world, Lin Feng found the buildings astonishing and even terrifying. It took them an entire day to cross the city to the buffer zone. They even had to run during part of the day.

Finally, Lin Feng arrived in the buffer zone. It was even larger than Celestial Qi City and there were even more people. Even though Mu Yun had never been there, she had heard about it, especially the market. The buildings were resplendent and magnificent. Lin Feng had seen many priceless holy weapons in the small world, but there, they were numerous. There were even high-level holy weapons which left Lin Feng speechless.

“Mister, what’s that broken piece of bronze?” asked Mu Yun to a vendor.

“Broken piece of bronze? Miss, I got it from the Everlasting Cave of the Immortals, don’t you know it? It’s the everlasting celestial emperor’s cave. Everyone admired him a long time ago.” said the old man who was scratching his long beard.

“How much does it cost?” asked Mu Yun.

“A hundred abstruse energy tablets.” said the old man.

“Yun, it’s a rip off. Let’s go.” said Rong Qing rolling his eyes. Did the old man think he was dumb? That was just a broken piece of bronze.

“Little boy, don’t talk nonsense. Do you know who the everlasting celestial emperor is? He controlled three thousand great protection spells, a 108,000 small protection spells, he can even use the sky to create protective areas.” said the old man. Rong Qing rolled his eyes, what did the emperor have to do with that piece of bronze though?

Mu Yun shook her head and walked away. That was too expensive anyways.

“Let’s go.” said Mu Yun to Lin Feng. “I just had the sensation that item was different, but when I touched it, nothing happened.”

Lin Feng shrugged. The price was way too high.

“Hey, wait!” said the old man to Lin Feng, “Your girlfriend likes it, so won’t you buy it for her? Even ten abstruse energy tablets will be fine. I guarantee you that it’s one of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s items, look at the two words carved on it.”

Lin Feng frowned but looked anyways, and he did see two words.

“Eh?” Lin Feng shivered. That thing made his spirit shake. His eyes suddenly became pitch-black as he inspected it.

Lin Feng’s reaction made Mu Yun and the others stop. Rong Qing still looked unhappy, surprisingly, the old man thought Mu Yun was Lin Feng’s girlfriend.

“How about five abstruse tablets?” asked Lin Feng.

The old man’s eyes twinkled, “Eight, that’s my final price.”

“Alright, forget about it then.” said Lin Feng throwing the bronze plate at the old man. “Alright, five, that’s a deal!” said the old man desperately.

Lin Feng took the bronze plate back and gave the old man five abstruse tablets.

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    I love how his first thought on seeing the Qi castle was “that would look amazing as I blew it up!”

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