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PMG Chapter 1540: Control

PMG Chapter 1540: Control

In a small forest, there was a great celestial Qi which made people feel extremely comfortable.

Master Mi was sitting there when someone wearing purple clothes arrived. Master Mi was startled by them, although they looked at that Master Mi respectfully, they actually despised him.

After a long time, Master Mi opened his eyes again, but he still couldn’t see properly.

“Is it good now?” asked Master Mi.

“It’s good now. I also asked the great master to go and check.” said the person in purple clothes respectfully.

“Alright.” said Master Mi nodding. He glanced at Lin Feng who was lying next to him. Lin Feng opened his eyes, he had been awake for a while, but he could sense that Master Mi was looking at him.

He stood up and bowed before Master Mi and that person in purple clothes. Then, he shouted respectfully, “Master!”

Master Mi looked at Lin Feng expressionlessly. Controlling a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer was easy for him, so he didn’t feel proud. He had practiced that technique for a thousand years already, and he had never failed. He could even control low-level emperors.

“Alright!” Master Mi finally stood up and said to Lin Feng, “Follow me.”

“Roger, Master.” said Lin Feng respectfully. The strong cultivator in purple clothes glanced at Lin Feng and followed them.

But the cultivator in purple clothes waited for Lin Feng to walk next to him and whispered, “This is the Master’s small world, I know you still have your old memories, but here you must listen to your Master and honor the Celestial Qi Castle.”

“I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding, and then he didn’t say anything else.

After a short time, they left the forest and some people appeared in their field of vision. Lin Feng calmly glanced at them.

He recognized some of the people he knew.

Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan. They were captured before him.

Apart from them, there was also Yuan Fei and Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings.

Mu Chen had used his transformation spell to help people escape, but he couldn’t help them all. Strength was one thing, luck was another.

But it seemed that more people had escaped than he had first guessed.  

Those people also saw Lin Feng. Although they were surprised, especially Yuan Fei and Tiantai’s disciples, it was only a strange feeling. For them, the Celestial Qi Castle was everything to them now. They were just surprised to see Lin Feng, so they nodded at him.

Lin Feng was furious. He wanted to kill Master Mi, but he had to control himself. Nobody seemed to know that he wasn’t being controlled. He was safe in the Celestial Qi Castle for now. Later, he would have opportunities to escape.

“Come!” said Master Mi to one of the people. It was a person from Ba Huang. He was tall and looked aggressive.

“Kill him.” said Master Mi pointing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled, Master Mi wanted to check his strength.

“Argh!” That person shouted and ran towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed the oppressive energies, but Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He couldn’t have Master Mi doubting him.

A gigantic hand got closer, but Lin Feng raised his hands and released demonic Qi in return. The two fists collided, and the ground beneath Lin Feng’s feet exploded.

“Argh…” that cultivator raised his head and suddenly he became gigantic, he had turned into an ape.

His voice made stones explode, it also made Lin Feng’s brain shake violently. He was stronger than Yuan Fei, he already had the strength of the very top of the Zun Qi layer.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released force and threw it ahead.

The sky shook as the gigantic ape shouted again. Lin Feng’s godly awareness shook violently, it felt as if his head was going to explode. After all, that ape had probably been there for a hundred years. Even though he hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he was still very strong.

“If he had fate seeds, do you think he’d become an emperor?” whispered Master Mi to the person in purple clothes. If it was certain that someone was going to get stuck at the top of the Zun Qi layer, it was useless to waste fate seeds on them.

“Master, he needs a force multiplied by one-thousand first. If he can’t learn that, then we don’t need to give him any.” said the person in purple clothes. Master Mi didn’t reply and continued watching the battle. The ape was on the ground now, and Lin Feng was bombarding him furiously.

“That person can already defeat the ape. This year, people are a lot stronger than a hundred years ago. Too bad those pieces of trash only managed to capture a few of them.” said Master Mi, “Ask him his name, then take him to the purple army.”

“Roger, Master.” said the person in purple clothes. Master Mi thought Lin Feng was extremely strong. People who joined the purple army had the potential to break through to the Huang Qi layer solely relying on their own abilities.

“Alright.” said Master Mi. The ape was going insane, but Master Mi stopped the battle. The ape then calmed down.

“Pay attention to him during the first few days.” said Master Mi. Then, he left.

“What’s your name?” asked the one in purple clothes.

“Lin Feng!” replied Lin Feng calmly. Lin Feng couldn’t lie; Yuan Fei and the others were there after all. He couldn’t hide his strength either. Yuan Fei and the others were controlled by Master Mi, so they’d report anything abnormal.

“Put those clothes on.” said the person in purple, handing purple clothes to Lin Feng. Lin Feng said nothing and put them on.

“Disperse now, but you follow me.” said the one in purple clothes. Everybody dispersed and the one in purple clothes took Lin Feng to a celestial place.

Lin Feng followed without saying anything. He was safe, that was enough.

A short time after, the one in purple clothes and Lin Feng arrived in a celestial forest where there were many other people already seated. They were practicing cultivation and their eyes were closed. They were also wearing purple clothes. Lin Feng couldn’t sense their Qi, so they were probably extremely strong.

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