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PMG Chapter 1541: Dream Creation

PMG Chapter 1541: Dream Creation

“Many people here are your masters. You can ask them for advice concerning cultivation at anytime, including me.” said the one in purple clothes while walking with Lin Feng.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. Master Mi seemed like he wanted to raise Lin Feng. The Celestial Qi Castle had captured those people and their goal was to make them stronger for their own interests. Against all expectations, Lin Feng was getting excited because of that.

“All the people here must be from Ba Huang, but now they’re being controlled by the Celestial Qi Castle. How sad.” thought Lin Feng.

But apart from people who could break free, the number of people captured by the Imperial Assassin Union was already terrifying. The number of geniuses the Imperial Assassin Union had captured was terrifying.

“From now on, this place is where you can practice cultivation. You can come and find me anytime if you need some advice. They know the rules, and they won’t kill you, however, some people don’t like being disturbed. Even though they won’t kill you, they might humiliate you.” said the one in purple clothes laughing. He then walked faster and disappeared.

Lin Feng glanced at those people who were seated cross-legged. Then, his silhouette flickered as he went to the top of the waterfall. He glanced down and saw someone in the waterfall. That person was using punching attacks, but their fists had turned into ice-cubes.
“Master Mi must be a strong medium-level emperor. He must be one of the strongest cultivators of Celestial Qi Castle. Besides, this is his small world and it’s a great place to practice all sorts of cultivation.” thought Lin Feng. Then, he moved again.

Lin Feng found a place and sat down cross-legged to start practicing cultivation. He released his spirit and his celestial book spirit appeared. It was the demonic territory. Then, in his hands, a bronze tablet appeared. It was the tablet he had bought in the buffer zone.

Lin Feng put the tablet in the territory, and in a flash, lights dazzled, and the bronze tablet turned into a light which formed a gigantic building.

Lin Feng was stupefied. His spirit allowed the tablet to transform into its real form.

“Everlasting!” thought Lin Feng. Indeed, the old man had told him that item came from the Everlasting Cave of the Immortals, but that place wasn’t the Everlasting Cave of the Immortals, it was an Everlasting Celestial Palace.

“There’s nothing interesting about the palace though, it doesn’t seem useful.” thought Lin Feng shaking his head. He then put it away, the lights disappeared, and Lin Feng stopped thinking about it.

Lin Feng took out some ancient scriptures and placed them in the territory.

A long time passed in the outside world before Lin Feng opened his eyes again.

“The Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures, a dream is made for the awareness and the awareness just wanders in a dream for a thousand years.” whispered Lin Feng. He took out a fate seed, a dream fate seed. Of course, he didn’t want to use it to break through to the Huang Qi layer, he just held it in his hand and studied its great dream strength. It gave him a feeling, like he wanted to practice the Dream of Life Ancient Scriptures.

The Dream of Life Ancient Scriptures and the Three lives scriptures were both similar in that they were ancient scriptures.

Lin Feng liked demonic cultivation and knew other types of energies. This time, he was studying the Dream of Life Ancient Scriptures, but he had the impression that he had never studied anything similar so far. Usually, people in large and powerful groups studied skills and techniques which allowed them to carry out powerful attacks, but the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures acted more as an assistance to cultivators.

The reason why Lin Feng was studying the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures was to prepare himself for the Three lives scriptures.

Gradually, Lin Feng fell into a deep meditative state. Even though studying ancient scriptures wasn’t something that could be done in the blink of an eye, at Lin Feng’s level, learning ancient scriptures didn’t take Lin Feng that long. After half a day, he could already start dreaming and studying in that dream.

The advantage of studying in a dream was that he could focus. In a dream, everything was an illusion, but on the other hand, he really was practicing cultivation and becoming stronger.

Three days later, Lin Feng stopped practicing cultivation and went to the waterfall. The one who was there before saw Lin Feng approaching, so he raised his head. Suddenly, a gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng.

“That’s cosmic strength, how scary!” thought Lin Feng. He condensed force and jumped forwards while releasing demonic Qi. Then the punches collided.

With some crackling sounds, each of the fists broke apart. Even though cosmic energies were strong, the enemy had attacked without thinking too much, so Lin Feng broke the energies.

“You’re a demonic cultivator, I can’t teach you anything.” said the cultivator to Lin Feng. Lin Feng walked forwards and said, “Master, I need you to help me. Please oppress me with a force that is multiplied by seven hundred, then eight hundred, then nine hundred and then a thousand.”

“Are you sure?” asked his interlocutor.

“I am, thank you, Master.” Lin Feng sat down cross-legged in the waterfall before the emperor released force. Although it was very painful, he observed the force calmly and serenely.

“Interesting!” said the river emperor smiling. He was surprised, so he increased the intensity of his force.

Lin Feng groaned, but was still seated, he remained calm as if it wasn’t painful.

Force multiplied by eight-hundred, nine-hundred and then one-thousand crashed onto his body. Lin Feng felt like he was going to suffocate. But he remained motionless like a mountain.

“Should I continue?” asked the river emperor. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t learn much in such a short time. The reason why people learnt force quickly in the Celestial Walls Manor was because there were eight walls with varying forces. That way, any cultivator could move from wall to wall to change the pressure at their own will. With the help of someone else, it was more difficult because they couldn’t know when they had to change the intensity.

“It’s alright, thank you, Master.” Lin Feng opened his eyes and left.

He went back to the place where he had been practicing cultivation and released more dream strength. Lin Feng lied down, then he started breathing slowly, and fell asleep.

Lin Feng started dreaming that the river emperor was oppressing him with force, bombarding his body continuously.

If the river emperor knew what Lin Feng was doing, he would be extremely surprised. He thought that Lin Feng didn’t gain much from his help, but actually Lin Feng needed his help creating a dream to continuously practice in!

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