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PMG Chapter 1542: Competing

PMG Chapter 1542: Competing

Studying force in a dream was less difficult than doing it in the outside world. Lin Feng felt relaxed as he studied it in his dream.

A few days later, a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t see that person because he was still dreaming.

The one in purple clothes frowned.

At that moment, Lin Feng was breathing slowly, he looked calm and peaceful. He had no Qi around him and the outside world didn’t affect him at all. He couldn’t be practicing cultivation, he was sleeping. He was sleeping too peacefully. The one in purple clothes looked unhappy about that.

“Lin Feng!” shouted the one in purple clothes. Lin Feng woke up suddenly. With his strength, he could only create low-level dreams which could easily be broken.

“Master!” said Lin Feng standing up. While practicing cultivation in a dream, he wasn’t aware of what was happening outside. That would be a problem.

The one in purple clothes looked at Lin Feng unhappily and said, “Come with me.”

Lin Feng followed the one in purple clothes. He didn’t care about what the one in purple clothes thought about him. He needed to become stronger. He could become stronger in his dreams and nobody would know about it. That was the best way to hide the fact that he was becoming stronger. He could gain even more time that way.

The one in purple clothes brought Lin Feng to the celestial forest where they were last time. The others were gathered there too.

“This time, we’re going to the buffer zone because we have things to do.” said the one in purple clothes to Lin Feng. The others already knew about that because Lin Feng was the last one to arrive.

“Let’s go.” the group then started flying and left the forest. After a short time, the one in purple clothes went into a tree and disappeared.

“That tree is the exit of our small world.”

Back then, the small world in which Yan Di had created had a tree as an exit, and then there was that tree in the Lovesickness Forest.

Lin Feng and the others went into the tree and appeared in the outside world. There was a tree behind them, it appeared so normal that it was hard to imagine that it led to a small world.

Qi Yu Chen was there too. He walked to Lin Feng and looked at him mockingly.

He looked amused because Mu Yun had betrayed him and afterwards, Lin Feng had become one of their slaves.

“Do you like Mu Yun?” asked Qi Yu Chen to Lin Feng indifferently.

“Be honest, you must listen to his orders.” said the one in purple clothes. Lin Feng nodded and then replied to Qi Yu Chen, “Indeed.”

Qi Yu Chen was convinced that Lin Feng liked Mu Yun, so Lin Feng had to say what Qi Yu Chen thought.

“You must look at my eyes when replying, and you should call me “Master.”” said Qi Yu Chen.

“Master, I like Mu Yun, indeed.” said Lin Feng bowing to Qi Yu Chen. When his head was lowered, Lin Feng looked extremely pissed off. Of course, it was just during the time that he lowered his head, when he raised his head again, he looked indifferent again.

Qi Yu Chen looked at Lin Feng and smiled happily. He really enjoyed seeing Lin Feng submit to him like that.

“I’ll let you enjoy her beauty sometime then.” said Qi Yu Chen laughing. Then, he turned around and talked to himself, “Even though he’s in purple clothes, he’s only one of the Celestial Qi Castle’s slaves. Mu Yun, you’ll definitely regret your choices.”

“Let’s go.” said the leader of the group. Lin Feng had already seen him in the small world. It was a medium-level emperor.

The group rose up in the air and flew towards the buffer zone. Soon, the nine great celestial castles would start competing to gain control over the small worlds. The place where they were going to compete was at the buffer zone. The other castles were coming too.

When they arrived, Lin Feng noticed that there were even more people than the first time he had been there.

“Master, how are we going to compete to gain control over the small worlds?” asked Lin Feng to the one in purple. At the same time, they landed in a magnificent palace.

“A competition between the young people who are less than fifty years old. The three groups whose young people are the strongest gain control over the small worlds.” replied the emperor in purple clothes. Everybody knew that already. They couldn’t make the leaders fight because they didn’t want a great and tragic war. They didn’t want their leaders to lose face either. That’s why the rule had been determined a long time before. The Qing Di Mountain managed the event.

Lin Feng glanced at Qi Yu Chen and the people next to him. Those people seemed to be the core disciples of the Celestial Qi Castle. Those people didn’t seem like they were going to fight. It seemed like they were there to ensure that everything would happen without any problems.

“Lin Feng, you don’t need to worry about what Qi Yu Chen does, Master Mi thinks highly of you. Practice cultivation and become an emperor, then follow Master Mi, and in the future, you’ll have a higher social status than Qi Yu Chen in the Celestial Qi Castle.” said the one in the purple clothes.

“Thank you very much, Master!” said Lin Feng politely. On the inside, he wasn’t happy though. If he had really been controlled, even if he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, it would have been useless. He didn’t need to tell him he had to practice cultivation, Lin Feng already knew that. But his goal after becoming an emperor wasn’t to serve Master Mi though, it was to kill him!

A short time after, someone welcomed the crowd. It was an emperor from the Celestial Qi Castle: Jin Chen Jun!

Jin Chen Jun walked to them, he glanced at Lin Feng and smiled at the emperor in purple clothes, “The person I brought to Master Mi isn’t bad, right?”

“Thank you, Jin Chen Jun.” said the one in purple clothes while smiling politely.

“Don’t thank me, as long as Master Mi is satisfied, then I’m happy.” said Jin Chen Jun smiling. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that you’d get purple clothes that quickly.”

“Thank you, Jin Chen Jun!” said Lin Feng.

“Alright, everybody gather in front of me. First, you need to rest for a day.” said Jin Chen Jun smiling. He then brought everybody to a hall where Lin Feng saw many beautiful women waiting.

“Lin Feng, those beautiful women are Priestesses, and they’re all virgins. Each ten thousand years, when we compete to gain control over the small worlds, the Priestesses act as hostesses. Find a girl you like, and she’ll be your escort.” said the emperor in purple clothes. Lin Feng wasn’t excited. He was furious.

He finally understood why Mu Yun was scared when she had seen the knights at the gate. Priestesses had no freedom; their lives were in those people’s hands. Usually, their lives weren’t that sad but sometimes, they had to act as escorts.

“Is Mu Yun there or not?” thought Lin Feng glancing at the crowd, but he he didn’t see her.

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