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PMG Chapter 1548: Humiliation

PMG Chapter 1548: Humiliation

“Lin Feng!” shouted Emperor Yu. However, Lin Feng didn’t react. Emperor Yu frowned and shook Lin Feng but it was useless.

Emperor Yu was concerned now. Lin Feng was breathing normally, and he wasn’t injured, but he was sleeping. What could be going on?
Emperor Yu didn’t know that a shadow was following him as he flew away. That shadow was completely invisible, and even though Emperor Yu was a strong emperor, he still couldn’t sense that person’s presence at all.

It gradually became clear outside. Then the second day battles continued. The battles were extremely intense as the cultivators were fighting even stronger than they had the first day.

The emperor in purple clothes thought that Lin Feng’s disappearance had something to do with Qi Yu Chen. However, he couldn’t accuse him right now. After all, Qi Yu Chen had the blood of the Qi Clan. He would just inform Master Mi of the situation.

Lin Feng was still asleep, and Emperor Yu was really in a rush to find a healer. They were between the nine great celestial castles, there had to be a solution: The Palace of Medicinal Kings.

The battles of the second day ended and people left again. A silhouette came to the people of the Palace of Medicinal Kings carrying someone on his back. It was Lin Feng.

“Master, I need to see the elders of the Palace of Medicinal Kings.” said Emperor Yu.

One of them frowned and said to Emperor Yu coldly, “Who are you? And what do you want from us?”

“I need to see an elder to save someone.” said Emperor Yu calmly. That young man looked at him in a cold way and said indifferently, “We don’t heal strangers. Leave now.”

Emperor Yu didn’t flinch, he continued walking towards them.

The people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings looked at him in a cold way and said, “Piss off now! Didn’t you hear!”

Emperor Yu didn’t stop, he continued moving forwards, even faster. After they watched him run ahead, ignoring their threat, those people started chasing him.

Emperor Yu arrived outside of a door and released his godly awareness to inspect the area. He found a very strong cultivator inside.

“Master, please help me save someone.” said Emperor Yu bowing at the entrance of the room. He knew that it was impolite, but he had no choice. He would do anything to save Lin Feng.

Someone opened the door, it was an old man with white beard. His eyes were twinkling with cold lights.

“You’re audacious!” said the old man in a cold way, glancing at Emperor Yu and Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that person had dared inspect his room.

“Kneel down!” Emperor Yu pulled a long face but still knelt down, “Master, please forgive me, I really need you to heal someone.”

Emperor Yu took out a ring and gave it to the old man.

The old man inspected the ring and said to Emperor Yu harshly, “You’re insolent and impolite, I’ll keep that ring to punish you! Piss off now!”

Emperor Yu suddenly raised his head and shouted, “Master!”

“Piss off!” shouted the old man, now releasing terrifyingly oppressive energies.

“Good bye!” The ground shook under Emperor Yu’s knees, exploding and throwing Emperor Yu and Lin Feng away. Emperor Yu was even further depressed. How could he solve Lin Feng’s problem? If the cultivators at the Palace of Medicinal Kings wouldn’t help, who would?

Emperor Yu left.

At that moment, the shadow continued following him and sighed, “He really attaches a lot of importance to that person. I wonder who he is to him.”

The shadow landed in front of Emperor Yu as the they were leaving.

Emperor Yu suddenly saw a person in black clothes arrive in front of him. He was shocked because he hadn’t sensed that person’s presence before he approached.

“Hand him over to me.” said the person in black clothes to Emperor Yu indifferently. Would Emperor Yu do such a thing though?

“There’s a pill here, it can heal you.” said the person in black clothes, giving Emperor Yu a pill.

Emperor Yu was skeptical but accepted the pill. Without hesitating, he put it into his mouth. He knew that person was very strong, so if they wanted to kill him, they wouldn’t have to resort to poison.

Emperor Yu turned red after taking that pill and his body started changing. He was pleasantly surprised.

“Now, hand him over.” said that person who was now smiling at Emperor Yu.

“I hope you can save him.” Emperor Yu looked touched and didn’t hesitate any longer. He quickly handed Lin Feng over to him.

“Don’t worry.” said that person to Emperor Yu before he disappeared.

Emperor Yu was dumbstruck. What could he do now?

“I wonder who that person is?” whispered Emperor Yu.

In the following days, the battles continued at the main square.

People were surprised because Emperor Shen Yu hadn’t appeared for a few days now.

Somewhere inside the buffer zone, in a small room, Lin Feng opened his eyes and stood up. There was a person in black clothes standing in front of him.

“Emperor Shen Yu!” Lin Feng was incredulous. Why was he with Emperor Shen Yu?

“Look what happened these days.” said Emperor Shen Yu as he smiled at Lin Feng. He released his godly awareness and merged it into Lin Feng’s third eye. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw everything that had happened. He examined the memories and saw that someone had plotted against him.

“Boom!” Terrifying lights appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes as well as Qi. Someone had humiliated his teacher. That old man had made him kneel and had stolen a treasure from him before telling him to piss off!

Lin Feng recalled his Qi and bowed before Emperor Shen Yu, “Thank you very much, Master, for having saved my teacher!

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