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PMG Chapter 1551: Aggressive

PMG Chapter 1551: Aggressive

When Zhou Tian Xiao heard Lin Feng, but he remained silent. Emperor Ni Chen was there, so he couldn’t act recklessly. But someday, he’d definitely kill Lin Feng.

Zhou Tian Ruo had already been humiliated three times by Lin Feng: twice in the small world and once in the great world, in front of all the members of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, the members from the other celestial castles, and the members from Qing Di Mountain. Because of Lin Feng, Zhou Tian Ruo would never have the opportunity to join the Qing Di Mountain again. Plus, Lin Feng had injured him. In other words, he had destroyed his will from that moment on. Zhou Tian Ruo would hardly ever be happy again.

Apart from Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo, nobody from Celestial Qi Castle was happy to see Lin Feng acting this way. The emperor in purple clothes was glaring at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. Lin Feng had already gotten out of control, but he didn’t understand why. Had something happened to him while he was away?

However, even if Lin Feng had broken free from Master Mi’s control, he still came back. Was he trying to draw Qing Di Mountain’s attention? Was he putting his life at stake to impress them?

Emperor Ni Chen laughed after he saw that Lin Feng had easily defeated Zhou Tian Ruo. Then he asked, “Brother Shen Yu, what do you think of that boy?”

“Outstanding!” replied Emperor Shen Yu smiling. He didn’t even need to see how strong Lin Feng was. Because of that boy, his teacher, an emperor, had knelt before the people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings and begged them to save his life. Could he be a bad cultivator given such devotion?

Emperor Ni Chen looked at Emperor Shen Yu in a strange way. That guy had just said “outstanding”? Lin Feng was talented and not weak, but he hadn’t shown how strong he really was. Why had Emperor Shen Yu said that? Emperor Ni Chen didn’t know that Emperor Shen Yu knew more about Lin Feng already.

“There are so many outstanding disciples in the nine castles and yet, you don’t think highly of any of them. Now you’re attaching such importance to a disciple from Celestial Qi Castle’s small world?” asked Emperor Ni Chen.

“Amongst those who come from the small worlds, some of them are incredible and will amaze the great world.” said Emperor Shen Yu smiling. Emperor Ni Chen was surprised and then laughed again.

“Such people are very rare.” said Emperor Ni Chen. Then, he looked at the battle stage again.

Lin Feng looked at the other strong cultivators, Qiao Chi Feng in particular. Then, he said, “I’ve already defeated that one. Those people from Celestial Qi Castle really can’t represent Celestial Qi Castle.”

Qiao Chi Feng was furious. Although Lin Feng had defeated him before, he was ready to get his revenge now. However, Lin Feng didn’t want to fight against him. He looked at the other cultivators, in particular the other cultivators from Celestial Qi Castle.

Only two people had ranked in the top eighteen amongst those young people from Celestial Qi Castle. Qi Yu Chen had ranked fifth and another one had ranked thirteenth. In the end, the Celestial Qi Castle had lost to the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders, thus losing their control over the small world from which Lin Feng was.

“Master, your eyes are really bad. There are so many strong cultivators in Celestial Qi Castle and surprisingly you only sent people who would make Celestial Qi Castle lose face.” said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes while smiling. The emperor in purple clothes was furious. By saying that, he was finally proving that he wasn’t being controlled anymore.

“Master Ni Chen, my disciple is having some issues. He’s disrespecting you, so I’m sorry about that. I’ll stop him and punish him later for this.” said the emperor in purple clothes to Emperor Ni Chen. He had to remove Lin Feng from the battle stage before Qing Di Mountain attached any more importance to him.

Emperor Ni Chen was surprised, but Emperor Shen Yu smiled and said in a low voice, “Brother Ni Chen, I want to continue watching him.”

“Alright.” said Emperor Ni Chen. He looked at the emperor in purple clothes and said, “No problem, stop interfering for now.”

The emperor in purple clothes was surprised. Nobody could contradict Emperor Ni Chen. Even the leaders from the nine great celestial castles couldn’t. By saying that, Emperor Ni Chen was saying that nobody could disturb Lin Feng as he continued to start fights.

Lin Feng smiled. Emperor Shen Yu had taken him back so of course he had to make use of this opportunity.

“Master, I was just trying to regain your prestige, yet you’re saying that I am disrespecting these incredible people? I will show you just how bad your eyes are.” said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes. He looked at Qi Yu Chen and the other one and said, “You two, come fight me together.”

Qi Yu Chen looked furious as he immediately released Qi.

Last time, Lin Feng had suddenly attacked him with death Qi and force, but Qi Yu Chen thought that in a fair fight that he was stronger than Lin Feng.

Energies rushed out and surrounded Qi Yu Chen. In a flash, Qi Yu Chen was surrounded by a golden picture spirit.

“Boom!” Qi Yu Chen jumped forwards and threw himself at Lin Feng. He had ranked fifth, so he was feeling confident in himself.

Demonic Qi rolled in waves as Lin Feng released his demonic territory. The aggressive energies blocked his territory’s strength. Qi Yu Chen continued running forwards and pushed the demonic territory back. Lin Feng’s skills were stronger than Qi Yu Chen’s skills, but Lin Feng’s cultivation level was too low. Qi Yu Chen was a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer, which was a large difference.

A demon appeared behind Lin Feng’s back who looked very aggressive. With its appearance, Lin Feng’s territory suddenly became stronger, so much so that the empty spaces couldn’t oppress Lin Feng’s strength anymore.

After that, a gigantic golden axe appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. It was Xuan Yuan’s spirit. Lin Feng looked aggressive and brutal as he held it over his shoulder.

“Seventh Zun Qi layer and his Qi is already so powerful.” thought the crowd, shivering.

Qi Yu Chen shook his hands and terrifying empty space lights shot out towards Lin Feng.

“Dong!” Lin Feng jumped forwards as he released force which was multiplied by six-hundred, surrounding the sharp empty space energies like a cage.

Qi Yu Chen also released force multiplied by six-hundred, breaking the cage.

“Seven-hundred!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and released force multiplied by seven-hundred this time.

Qi Yu Chen’s heard was pounding as he noticed that Lin Feng’s force was increasing.

“Dong!” the ground shook and his golden energies exploded. This time, it was multiplied by eight-hundred!

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