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PMG Chapter 1552: Shouting Furiously

PMG Chapter 1552: Shouting Furiously

“Seventh Zun Qi layer and his force is multiplied by eight-hundred!” the crowd was awestruck. As a cultivator’s force increased, their ability to control the Earth and sky increased. That young man had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, but his force was already multiplied by eight hundred. If he broke through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and had a force multiplied by a thousand, he’d be half an emperor already!

Possess a force of one-thousand required talent. Lin Feng secretly thanked the emperor who had made him dream those previous days. Lin Feng’s force had improved a lot in that dream.

The sky shook as Lin Feng released his aggressive demonic and immortal energies. Apart from his insane-looking demon, another shadow appeared behind Lin Feng which looked like an immortal demon.

The immortal and demonic energies prevented the empty space energies from moving forwards. As his territory weakened, Lin Feng’s demonic territory condensed the empty space energies.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and released demonic energies which turned into a gigantic, pitch-black axe. That axe contained Earth, death, and immortal energies.

“Argh!” The demon shouted as Lin Feng raised his gigantic axe which then descended from the sky.

The axe cut apart everything in its path, including Qi Yu Chen’s golden lights. Qi Yu Chen joined his hands together and condensed a sword made of empty space energy.

“Boom!” The axe collided with the sword, causing lights to disperse in every direction. Qi Yu Chen’s clothes were suddenly torn apart, but Lin Feng’s clothes weren’t looking much better.

Qi Yu Chen held his composure for a moment, but then he shook violently and coughed blood.

Lin Feng had taken their previous exchange better, so he ran towards Qi Yu Chen while condensing force which was multiplied by eight-hundred.

“Slash!” Blood splashed out of Qi Yu Chen’s mouth. He had lost a lot of strength, but he didn’t feel like giving up just yet.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and released more demonic Qi, which turned into a gigantic hand. He grabbed Qi Yu Chen by his throat, draining the blood from his face. He condensed as much strength as he could but it seemed useless.

Many people from Celestial Qi Castle suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Feng in a threatening way.

However, Lin Feng looked at Qi Yu Chen mockingly and said, “Will you have Yun come here?”

“She’s in the Celestial Qi Castle, don’t even think about seeing her again.” said Qi Yu Chen.

“Boom!” Lin Feng released demonic and fire Qi which started burning Qi Yu Chen’s hand and flew throughout his arm. He couldn’t release any energy to defend himself against the those energies, so all he could do was scream in pain.

“Bring Yun here!” this time, Lin Feng wasn’t talking to Qi Yu Chen, he was demanding the people from Celestial Qi Castle to bring her to him.

The face of the emperor in purple clothes turned deathly pale. Lin Feng wasn’t being controlled anymore, and now he was now starting to exact his revenge.

Qi Yu Chen’s body was covered in sweat, and his face was deathly pale. Lin Feng was cruel, on top of that, he was mocking him in front of everybody. Lin Feng had already crushed his arm.

“I’m going to go get her now!” said the emperor in purple clothes as he disappeared. With his speed, he should come back quickly.

“You better hurry up!” said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes.

Then, Lin Feng put Qi Yu Chen in an empty space cage and turned around.

First Zhou Tian Ruo, and now Qi Yu Chen were in a cage.

“Emperor Ni Chen!” shouted Qi Yun Sheng, standing up.

“Sit down!” yelled Lin Feng suddenly. Qi Yun Sheng frowned, nobody had ever shouted at him like that!

The crowd also shivered from Lin Feng’s shout. Qi Yun Sheng was an emperor and he was one of Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators. And yet, Lin Feng still dared shout at him furiously.

Lin Feng didn’t care about those things because those people from the Celestial Qi Castle were his enemies. He didn’t need to be polite with Qi Yun Sheng any longer.

“If you don’t want him to die in front of you, you better stay quiet!” yelled Lin Feng at Qi Yun Sheng.

Qi Yun Sheng was fixedly staring at Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes, but it had no impact on him.

After a few moments of glaring at each other, he finally sat down. He wanted to do something, but Qi Yun Sheng was already severely injured. As long as he didn’t die, he’d have a chance to recover in the future. After all, Lin Feng wasn’t an emperor, and Qi Yu Chen’s injuries weren’t that severe.

After Qi Yun Sheng sat down, Lin Feng smiled coldly and glanced at Qi Yun Xiao.

“I told you that you had bad eyes. Qi Yu Chen is so weak can’t you see what a disgrace he is?! If you had let me fight, you wouldn’t have lost so much face.” said Lin Feng mockingly. Then, he looked at Yuan Fei, Ban Ruo, and Li Hen. They were his friends, but at that moment, they were looking at him in a cold way.

“You will regret that very quickly.” thought Qi Yun Sheng. Did Lin Feng place all his hopes on Qing Di Mountain? Did he think that because he was a bit talented, Emperor Ni Chen would recruit him? Lin Feng was a bit too naive.

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