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PMG Chapter 1553: Give It Back!

PMG Chapter 1553: Give It Back!

The emperor in purple clothes quickly came back with Mu Yun.

They landed on the edge of the bleachers. Mu Yun figured out what was going on after she noticed that Lin Feng had imprisoned Qi Yu Chen on the stage.

“Yun, go to the Celestial Wen Castle’s bleachers, Master will take care of you.” said Lin Feng to Mu Yun. Everybody thought that Lin Feng was talking about Emperor Ni Chen. Of course, with him there, nobody would dare harm her.

“Alright!” said Mu Yun without asking anything. She immediately went to the bleachers of the Celestial Wen Castle and calmly observed what was going on.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng smacked Qi Yu Chen and sent him flying back to Celestial Qi Castle’s bleachers.

The emperor in purple clothes caught Qi Yu Chen with some relief. It would have been difficult to explain why a strong and talented young man from the Celestial Qi Clan had been killed by Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng had broken free from Master Mi’s control. Even then, it was still Qi Yu Chen’s fault, because he had sent someone to kill him, this all happened.

But what happened to Lin Feng after he was taken from Celestial Qi Castle?

Lin Feng glanced around, silencing the crowd out of fear.

This time, Lin Feng looked at the young cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Then they frowned, wondering why he was acting so aggressive towards them.

However, they quickly realized that he wasn’t looking at them. He was actually looking at an old man in their bleachers: a medium-level emperor.

The old man’s hair was fluttering in the wind as he glanced at Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng pointed at him and said, “Take the item out!”

“Eh?” everybody was astonished, what was he talking about?

Lin Feng wanted the ring that Emperor Yu had offered him.

The old man looked at Lin Feng indifferently. Surprisingly, Lin Feng, a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer, dared ask for the ring back. Lin Feng was too brave.

But could a medium-level emperor take out a ring because a Zun cultivator was asking him to?

It didn’t matter whether the ring was precious or not, it was all about face. What would people think if he did what Lin Feng was demanding of him?

“Take back what you said!” said the old man calmly.

Lin Feng’s demonic Qi was still rolling in waves. He walked towards the eighteen strong cultivators while threatening some of them with his energies.

Amongst the strong young cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings, four of them had ranked in the top eighteen, but they still didn’t have the most points.

Having said that, amongst the four strong cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings, one of them ranked second. Meaning he had only lost once to Wen Ao Feng.

Ye Sheng was the one who had ranked second. Lin Feng walked towards them while he released a force which was multiplied by eight-hundred. Ye Sheng didn’t back down though; he walked towards Lin Feng with a force which was multiplied by seven-hundred.

The crowd noticed Ye Sheng’s eyes gradually become green and bestial.

“Ye Sheng is extremely strong, even Wen Ao Feng needed to use a lot of strength to defeat him. Even though Lin Feng is strong, he still can’t defeat Ye Sheng. If Lin Feng attacks Ye Sheng, he’ll die.” thought the crowd.

Ye Sheng was the one who had complimented Jun Mo Xi in the small world.

Green lights shined bright and began attacking Lin Feng’s godly awareness. Lin Feng’s eyes became even darker as terrifying amounts of demonic and cursing strength collided with the green lights.

“What strong demonic intent. Even my eyes’ energies can’t destroy it.” thought Ye Sheng. Vines slowly surrounded his body as he turned into a tree with eyes glaring out from its trunk.

Vines moved in all directions, including Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng released a Deadly Demon Punch which he had condensed force into. The vines broke apart, but some seeds jumped towards Lin Feng.

“Wind!” said Ye Sheng. Those seeds moved along with the wind towards Lin Feng, moving even faster than before.

“Fire!” Lin Feng released demon-fire. The seeds reached him, trying to invade his body and explode out. However, Lin Feng’s demon-fire was also extremely aggressive. Many of the seeds burnt and turned to ashes.

“Demon-fire, Lin Feng already knows several types of abstruse energies.” thought the crowd. Empty space, demon, fire, cursing, death, immortal…

“I need to finish this fight quickly.” thought Lin Feng. Ye Sheng was dangerous, and after contending against those seeds, Lin Feng would not underestimate him.

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