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PMG Chapter 1554: Refusal

PMG Chapter 1554: Refusal

Lin Feng released empty space and wind energies, which surrounded his body. At the same time, silver wings appeared from his back.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng jumped forwards with incredible speed.

“Slash…” a light streaked across the sky.

Ye Sheng released a vine king, and a robust branch moved to defend against Lin Feng’s sword. The sky shook as they clashed, but the vines exploded afterwards. Ye Sheng released more wind abstruse energies to try and match Lin Feng’s speed. His wind abstruse energies were level nine, but Lin Feng used several types of abstruse energies, so they were practically even.

Apart from speed, Lin Feng’s sword technique was also terrifyingly strong.

Another sword streaked across the sky. Lin Feng used Wind-Thunder Laceration, Desolate Ksana, and Nirvana Sunya Destruction sword attacks. The vines kept breaking apart from his constant assault, forcing Ye Sheng into a bad spot.

Dazzling silver lights filled the sky as countless swords condensed to form a web.

Ye Sheng didn’t dare take that move head-on, so he started to retreat.

Ye Sheng continued moving backwards until he reached the stairs which connected his group’s bleachers to the battle stage. The three others from his group were there too.

Ye Sheng suddenly stopped retreating and released even more vine energies.
Lin Feng was too fast as he made a final push forward.

The source of the nine netherworlds appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes, and he started chanting the nine netherworlds song as he closed in.

“Boom boom!” the vine spirit broke. Ye Sheng had just missed his chance to kill Lin Feng. Now Lin Feng was attacking his soul, causing some blood to drip from his eyes.

“Be careful!” shouted someone to Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng sensed the terrifying sword energies descending from the sky, so he enveloped himself in a cocoon of vines. Then he turned into a trunk just as the sword crashed onto him. Even against all these preparations, he was still sent flying. A large hole had appeared in the trunk, and Lin Feng’s sword was stuck inside. Ye Sheng was propelled away and crashed against the wall of the bleachers behind his three fellow disciples.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, he continued moving forwards, his feet propelled using a force which had been multiplied by eight-hundred.

“Boom!” the three other cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings released force. They were getting ready to fight, especially the strongest one.

“Retreat!” shouted the old man to the cultivators.

A strong emperor from the Palace of Medicinal Kings was asking his disciples to run away. He must have known how strong Lin Feng was now, and he didn’t want to lose any of his disciples.

“Let’s go!” said the strong cultivator in the middle as he threw out a punch.

Lin Feng’s sword didn’t kill anyone, instead it crashed onto the battle stage, creating a gigantic fissure.

Lin Feng didn’t want to go too far for there was a limit to how far Emperor Shu could protect him. So, he didn’t chase them any further.

Everybody was looking at the two. Just what did Lin Feng want from the old man?
Lin Feng looked at the old man and declared, “Someday, I’ll come to the Palace of Medicinal Kings and I’ll make you regret all of this.”
How could he act so arrogantly before the Palace of Medicinal Kings’s people?

“Let’s wait and see if you’re still alive at that time.” said the old man calmly. He didn’t really care about younger people.

Lin Feng gave him one last glare before he turned around and looked at Emperor Ni Chen.

“Master, how strong am I compared to them?” asked Lin Feng calmly. He didn’t look arrogant and proud anymore, but he did sound confident.

The crowd figured that Lin Feng was just trying to be accepted by Qing Di Mountain, but Lin Feng didn’t care about that. He was convinced that Emperor Shen Yu had other plans for him. Lin Feng wouldn’t refuse if Emperor Shen Yu wanted to take him anywhere. Actually, Lin Feng was asking Emperor Ni Chen that question because of Yuan Fei and the others.

The Qing Di Mountain was the ruler of the region. Emperor Ni Chen could change Yuan Fei and the others’ fates.

Everybody looked at Emperor Ni Chen.

Ni Chen looked at Lin Feng and smiled in a gentle way, “You’re quite talented, but you’re young and arrogant.”

“Kacha!” on the side of Celestial Qi Castle, Qi Yun Sheng clenched his fists and smiled coldly. Just like he had thought, Qing Di Mountain had refused Lin Feng!

The old-bearded man of the Palace of Medicinal Kings laughed, thinking, “Lin Feng is doomed!”

“Lin Feng is doomed, isn’t he?” thought many people. Yun’s face turned deathly pale, worried that they would reject Lin Feng, and thus her.

“Hehe.” at that moment, a person in black clothes smiled thinly and stood up. Then he said indifferently, “Are you blind? If you don’t want him, I do.”

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