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PMG Chapter 1556: Yao Ye Island

PMG Chapter 1556: Yao Ye Island

The competition between Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu’s disciples wouldn’t happen any time soon, but the controllers of the small world were already determined: The Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders, the Celestial Wen Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings. They would control the small worlds for the next ten thousand years; however, the Celestial Wen Castle had the dominant power. The Wen Clan in Ba Huang would start rising!

The Palace of Medicinal Kings would also do incredible things in Ba Huang and Jiu You in the next ten-thousand years just like the Celestial Qi Castle had.

The Celestial Palace of the Punishing Thunders had ranked third, so they would probably be in charge of protecting the passage from the great world to the small world.

However, the Celestial Wen Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings didn’t know that the Celestial Qi Castle began panicking everyone in the small worlds when they began to feel that they would lose control over the small world. Many people who had always dreamt of coming to the great world were planning on leaving or had already come out.

Concerning the nine great celestial castles, Lin Feng had nothing to do with them for the time being. He had left with Emperor Shen Yu already and they were travelling at breakneck speeds.

At that moment, under Lin Feng’s feet, there was just a vast ocean with many islands. Emperor Shen Yu slowed down, so that they could clearly see below them. Some islands looked desolate and gloomy, while others were vast and populated. The largely populated islands didn’t look like islands, instead they looked like gigantic cities resting on the sea.

“We’re now in a territory that is out of the Qing Di Mountain’s jurisdiction, but we’re not too far off. Of course, distance is relative for cultivators. For extremely strong cultivators, the world is small.” said Emperor Shen Yu. Lin Feng nodded, and Mu Yun listened carefully. It was the first time that she had traveled so far. For Lin Feng and Mu Yun, the distance between them and Celestial Qi Castle was extremely far now.

“We’re here.” said Shen Yu. Below them was a gigantic area filled with a terrifying bestial Qi. They couldn’t see any human silhouettes though.

“That island is bigger than a city, but there aren’t many people.” thought Mu Yun. Emperor Shen Yu took Lin Feng and Mu Yun to the top of a mountain.

“Master Shen Yu, where are we?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Yao Ye Island.” replied Emperor Shen Yu. “Lin Feng show me all of your abstruse energies, you seem to know several sorts.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. Emperor Shen Yu had helped him and Emperor Yu before, so he had no reason to hide anything from Emperor Shen Yu.

Lin Feng released demon abstruse energies, and a black cloud appeared above him. His first abstruse energy, demon type, was level eight.

Then, he released death abstruse energy, level eight.

Then empty space abstruse energy, wind, cursing, Earth and fire.

Lin Feng had used those before, but Emperor Shen Yu was amazed that all of them were level eight.

Mu Yun’s mouth was wide open, dumbstruck. Those were… Lin Feng’s abstruse energies?

Lin Feng wasn’t done, thunder abstruse energy descended from the sky, making it eight types.

Then, Lin Feng also released immortal abstruse energy.

“Nine!” Emperor Shen Yu was astonished. Mu Yun gasped with amazement. Nine types of abstruse energies!

Then, Lin Feng also released desolate abstruse energy, making it ten.

“Ten sorts of abstruse energies!” Emperor Shen Yu was smiling. Lin Feng probably possessed a body which allowed him to understand those ten different sorts of abstruse energies, which also meant that he would be able to learn up to three different types of cosmic energies.

“I’m not done.” said Lin Feng. He then released life abstruse energy. Emperor Shen Yu’s heart was pounding.

“That’s enough. No need to show me more.” said Emperor Shen Yu. He was very surprised. He knew that Lin Feng knew several types of abstruse energies, but he wouldn’t have thought he’d know that many.

Emperor Shen Yu was very happy. He was certain his heart could take the shock if Lin Feng showed him anymore.
Mu Yun was smiling, she wasn’t as astonished as Emperor Shen Yu because she understood cultivation less. She just understood that Lin Feng was very talented, and she was happy for him.

“Lin Feng, I will give you some time to become stronger. Increase the level of your abstruse energies, also, your force is already multiplied by eight hundred, it’ll also need to be multiplied by one-thousand. In this world where there are many strong cultivators, you’re still considered weak. You need become an emperor as soon as possible.” said Emperor Shen Yu.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. He knew that he was a bit weak in the great world, but Lin Feng hadn’t seen much yet.

But it was too early to think about those things. He first had to deal with the Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings.

“What powers do you use?” asked Emperor Shen Yu to Mu Yun. Mu Yun released some celestial Qi. Emperor Shen Yu nodded and said, “I will help you find a teacher in Yao Ye Island.”

“Thank you, Master.” said Mu Yun bowing. She was touched.

“Bzzz!” At that moment, a red light appeared to be moving towards Mu Yun. Emperor Shen Yu was surprised, grabbed her, and made her move away. However, the red light grabbed Lin Feng instead.

“Stop!” shouted Emperor Shen Yu. He turned into a black beam of light and chased the previous light.

“Slash…” as he grabbed the red light, he tore a piece of robe off. The person suddenly stopped and smiled at Emperor Shen Yu, “You’re so serious!”

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