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PMG Chapter 1557: Many Changes

PMG Chapter 1557: Many Changes

“Let him go!” demanded Emperor Shen Yu.

That woman looked at Lin Feng and caressed his cheeks. Lin Feng thought she smelt good. Then she smiled and said, “Little boy, you’re so handsome, you should stay with me. If you do, I’ll show you the pleasures of life.”

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. What was this place? That woman was terrifyingly strong, but how could he refuse having sex with an astonishingly beautiful woman. He was speechless.

Her third eye was red, which was a cute touch.

“I don’t deserve you, Master.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. That woman was, without a doubt, extremely strong. She looked so young, but many strong cultivators looked young.

“Do you think I’m old? Just consider me as your older sister!” said the woman giggling, still ignoring Emperor Shen Yu.

Lin Feng was speechless and looked at Emperor Shen Yu for help. Emperor Shen Yu said, “If you don’t let him off, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“You have a bad temper, I don’t feel like playing with you anymore.” said the woman before she disappeared.

“Her name is Hu Yue and call her “sister” if you see her again. She doesn’t like being called Master.” said Shen Yu. Lin Feng was still speechless but nodded.

“Let’s go. I’m taking you somewhere else.” said Shen Yu. After a short time, they arrived in the sky above the mountain range.

“That guy is sleeping.” whispered Shen Yu. Lin Feng and Mu Yun gazed into the distance and saw a strange mountain with hands and feet. It looked like a human, or maybe an ape.

“Wake up, wake up…” shouted Shen Yu furiously. His voice made many stones explode.

“Kacha!” A loud sound reverberated, causing Lin Feng’s head to shake.

That gigantic ape was a few hundreds of meters tall and he started moving after Shen Yu yelled. The ape’s eyes were the size of Lin Feng’s upper body, causing him to feel oppressed.

The gigantic ape took a step forward. Although they were at the top of a mountain and the ape was standing at the foot of the mountain, his head was eye-level with Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at that gigantic hand, but Emperor Shen Yu pulled him away. The Earth and sky shook, and then the mountain they were standing on exploded.

“How strong…” Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes. If Yuan Fei had been there, he would have been so happy to see this monstrous ape.

“You woke me up again, moron!” said a voice furiously.

“You moron!” yelled the beast again.

“Argh!” It was overwhelming. Lin Feng had the sensation that his soul was going to leave his body. Their voices carried soundwave strength. The ape moved his gigantic hand towards the sky, as if he was trying to capture the sky.

But he didn’t reach anything, Lin Feng just saw a light. The other beast was a hundred meters long but Lin Feng couldn’t see anything when it moved. The ape simply continued yelling, “Moron!”

The ape looked furious but knew that his opponent was too fast.

“Apart from escaping, what else can you do?” said the ape aggressively.

“Stop it now.” said Emperor Shen Yu to the two beasts. “Why are you two arguing? I brought a little boy here who knows many sorts of abstruse energies. Can you teach him about Earth and wind abstruse energies? I want to see which one he can master first.”

“Hmph, Shen Yu, do you think I’m like that moron? A cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer, a human being on top of that! If his abstruse energy doesn’t level up quickly, I’ll have to stay with him for years.” said the beast in the sky.

“Lin Feng, release your ten different sorts of abstruse energies and show them.” said Emperor Shen Yu. Lin Feng nodded and then released his ten sorts of abstruse energies.

“So many different types of abstruse energies!” the beast in the sky incredulous.

“I have to go and find some other people, so tell me if you agree or not. If you don’t, I’ll have to take him with me.” said Emperor Shen Yu indifferently. The beast in the sky asked, “But he’s a human being!”

“How can you be so stupid? When the Yao Ye Island was in trouble, who helped us? Human beings or animals?” asked Emperor Shen Yu. “So, are you doing it or not?”

“Bzzz!” the beast in the sky turned into a light, enveloping Lin Feng in a gale of winds.

“Bastard!” shouted the ape furiously. Then the ground trembled as the ape moved again.

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