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PMG Chapter 1559: New Emperor

PMG Chapter 1559: New Emperor

At that moment, a gigantic demon ape was practicing cultivation on the island with them. He was practicing a punching technique, which cause everything around him to quake incessantly and the mountains to explode.

“Little Demon Ape!” shouted someone at that moment. The Great Earth Demon Ape raised his head and looked at the person, it was a woman in red clothes.

“Sister Hu Yue!” shouted the Great Earth Demon Ape.

“Little Demon Ape, fight against Lin Feng, but don’t kill him.” said Hu Yue giggling. The Great Earth Demon Ape turned around and saw a human flying towards him.

“Just don’t kill him.” After Lin Feng heard that, he shivered. How gentle! Lin Feng was used to the way she acted by now.

The Great Earth Demon Ape looked at Lin Feng mockingly, smirking from the corner of his mouth. The girl had always annoyed him with menial tasks, but finally he was excited, he could do something he liked. However, the Great Earth Demon Ape was worried that Lin Feng was too weak!

The Great Earth Demon Ape released Earth cosmic energy towards Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng moved like the wind and disappeared from where he was a moment before. The Great Earth Demon Ape was surprised from his sudden speed. Now Lin Feng was getting closer, which caused the Great Earth Demon Ape to smile more.

“Where are you going?” asked the ape, trying to catch Lin Feng. A force multiplied by one-thousand enveloped Lin Feng. The ape wanted to see how Lin Feng intended to dodge that.

A light appeared, and several clones of Lin Feng appeared while moving with incredible speed. With that, he finally made it to the Great Earth Demon Ape and punched the air in his direction. The sky trembled as the punch crashed onto the Great Earth Demon Ape who was again surprised. He lowered his head, surprised that he felt that punch.

“What a terrifying physical body!” thought Lin Feng. His punches had done absolutely nothing to the Great Earth Demon Ape. Lin Feng understood what kind of beast he was though, he controlled both Earth and demonic energies, so his defense was bound to be astonishing.

The first time that Lin Feng met the Great Earth Demon Ape, she made them fight. How cruel!

Just like Lin Feng had thought, after training there for some time, she took him away and brought him to a floating island. But Lin Feng felt weak, he sensed a counterforce which could make him fly away.

Finally, when he couldn’t endure it anymore, he left the floating island and went back to Yao Ye Island. He continued practicing cultivation there. Hu Yue often took him to some other places to help him practice. Even though each time was difficult, Lin Feng was becoming stronger. Each time Hu Yue appeared, she asked Lin Feng whether he’d fallen in love with her or not, and each time Lin Feng shivered. He wanted to live on so he didn’t say anything which would upset her.

Time seemed to pass by fast on Yao Ye Island. A year and seven months had already passed since Emperor Shen Yu had taken him there, but Lin Feng had the impression that only a month had passed.  During this time, not only were his energies and force improving, but his physical body was improving as well. He could even take a slap from the Great Earth Demon Ape

Back in Qing Di Mountain, things were also moving along.

Qing Di Mountain was a gigantic mountain inside Qing Di City and acted as a holy cultivation ground.

At that moment, a few silhouettes were standing at the top of a mountain, looking down at everyone from above.

“More than a year and a half have passed.” whispered someone. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized Qi Yu Chen, who now looked even stronger than before.

“Lin Feng!” he said clenching his fists while condensing terrifying energies. He could picture killing Lin Feng. His force was already multiplied by one-thousand now. After kill Lin Feng, he’d practice cultivation even harder and would quickly become an emperor.

“So, you still want to kill him so bad?” said someone at that moment. Qi Yu Chen turned around and saw Zhou Tian Ruo.

“Of course.” said Qi Yu Chen in an ice-cold way.

“I’ll kill Lin Feng myself.” said Zhou Tian Ruo as he released dazzling golden holy Qi. He hated Lin Feng as well.

“We’ll see who gets to kill him first.” said Qi Yu Chen. Emperor Ni Chen had recruited twenty people only because of the agreement between him and Emperor Shen Yu. Emperor Ni Chen had then appointed emperors to teach them personally.

During the time since, they had all become terrifying. Qi Yu Chen, Zhou Tian Ruo, and so on were all extremely confident in their abilities, and they were cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer. Only one more step and they’d become emperors.

“Of course, I don’t think that Lin Feng has been wasting any time either.” said Zhou Tian Ruo indifferently. He knew how talented Lin Feng was. With the strength of the seventh Zun Qi layer, he was already terrifying. Maybe that Lin Feng had already reached the ninth Zun Qi layer now.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a terrifying strength fell from the sky. Everybody on Qing Di Mountain, including Zhou Tian Ruo, turned around and saw a beam of cosmic energy pierce the sky.

“Someone has broken through to the Huang Qi layer!” many of the young men from Qing Di Mountain recognized what that light meant.

“Cosmic strength, Wen Ao Feng must have broken through to the Huang Qi layer!” thought Zhou Tian Ruo and Qi Yu Chen.

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