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PMG Chapter 1560: The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s News

PMG Chapter 1560: The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s News

There was a pitch-black area on Yao Ye Island which never changed. At that moment, a silhouette had arrived in that pitch-black area and asked, “What’s going on?” It was impossible to know who had talked, it was too dark.

“There is news from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.” said a silhouette.

“What news?” asked a voice.

The silhouette then proceeded to tell him about the fall of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.

“How did the other groups react?” asked the voice of darkness indifferently. When the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fell, his palace disappeared and finally, it has reappeared.”

“The Celestial Qingling Palace has already sent their disciples. The Palace of the Gods won’t waste any time either. Qing Di Mountain won’t miss their chance, but they didn’t send any imperial forces, they only sent disciples who hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer first to inspect the area.”

“Tell Shen Yu to deal with that and inform me of the progress.” said the voice in the darkness.

“I will, Your Highness the Beast of the Night.” said that person nodding. Then, he left.

Yao Ye Island wasn’t far from Qing Di Mountain’s territory. Apart from Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island, there were two other great imperial forces, of whom possessed many emperors. They were called the Palace of the Gods and the Celestial Qingling Palace.

Apart from the four great emperors, many strong cultivators would continuously fight between them, some rose, some fell. The great world was ever-changing as few of them were immortal.

After the news spread, many people went insane and started looking for the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace. He used to be an incredible fighter who had amazed the world. When the Everlasting Celestial Emperor was still a cultivation emperor, he had killed fifty-six emperors in the same battle. Eighty of them were the same level as him. (TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: we’ll have to see what he really meant because it is definitely a mistake the author made)

After the fall of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, there were also many who mourned for him.

After having received news from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, Qing Di Mountain reacted immediately, but the other forces also learnt about it just as quickly.

At that moment, Lin Feng was still in a dream. Even though the animals of Yao Ye Island were nice to him, Meng Qing was also an animal and her status was incredible. After he had met her mother, he knew he had to keep Meng Qing inside the Jade Emperor’s palace. But there, they could still dream together.

“Lin Feng!” said Emperor Shen Yu. He had also practiced cultivation diligently for over a year now. The woman had taken care of Lin Feng had told Emperor Shen Yu about his progress, so he knew that Lin Feng hadn’t wasted any time.

Lin Feng woke up and opened his eyes. He saw Emperor Shen Yu and smiled, “Master!”

“Lin Feng, I came to tell you something. You must go back to the nine great celestial castles.” said Emperor Shen Yu. Lin Feng was nodded, “What for?”

“There is news from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Go there and try to find some clues.” said Emperor Shen Yu. “Of course, this time, you’re not going as an individual, you will represent Yao Ye Island. Take this Yao Ye Amulet so that nobody thinks of harming you.”

Emperor Shen Yu threw the Yao Ye Amulet at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at it, and saw the word, “Yao Ye” written on it.

“Alright!” said Lin Feng. After preparing for a short time, he left again. He wouldn’t have thought that the first time he’d leave Yao Ye Island, that he would be going back to the nine great celestial castles. Besides, what a coincidence, it had something to do with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Lin Feng remembered his bronze plate and how it had activated inside his demonic territory. Did it really come from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace?

“I’ll take you to the periphery of the Qing Di Mountain, otherwise, it’ll take you too long to get there!” said Emperor Shen Yu. His silhouette flickered as he grabbed Lin Feng and then they were off.

Lin Feng arrived in the Qing Di Mountain, and Emperor Shen Yu left as soon as he dropped him off. Now, Lin Feng was alone on his sword flying.

There were many gigantic cities in the Qing Di Mountain. However, none of them were as powerful as the nine great celestial castles’ cities. Even if there were some who were close, they couldn’t have as much power because of their geographical location.

“I can see the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.” thought Lin Feng as he gazed into the distance. Emperor Shen Yu had given Lin Feng a map, therefore, Lin Feng could recognize the surroundings. However, Lin Feng’s target destination was inside the buffer zone.

“I see Buzhou Mountain.” Lin Feng could see a mountain which reached into the sky. It was Buzhou Mountain, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness’ main peak.

Lin Feng continued moving forwards, ignoring the mountain. There were two silhouettes at the top of Buzhou Mountain. One of them was wearing a purple and golden dragon robe, he looked like deity. He had broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer.

The other one was an extraordinary-looking young man who was wearing a Taoist robe. He looked like an ordinary young man, but the one with the dragon robe was looking at him in a respectful way.

“Yao Ye Island is way too slow.” said the one who wore the purple golden robe.

“Don’t worry. They’ve still managed to make it in time.” said the one in the Taoist robe indifferently.

“I just wanted to see who they sent.” said the one who was wearing the purple golden robe.

“Maybe he ignored us. Let’s go.” said the one in the Taoist robe. But his interlocutor shook his head, “Animals aren’t like beasts, you don’t understand their temperament. If he sees us, he’ll probably come and kill us.”

The one in the purple golden robe then rose up in the air, he wanted to see what beast Yao Ye Island had sent after waiting for so long.

“Those people are from Celestial Qingling Palace and the Palace of the Gods.” thought Lin Feng. Emperor Shen Yu had told him about them. Lin Feng hadn’t thought they’d wait for him on Buzhou Mountain though. Of course, they didn’t know that this time, Yao Ye Island hadn’t sent a beast but a human being!

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