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PMG Chapter 1562: Each Person Has Their Own Malicious Intentions

PMG Chapter 1562: Each Person Has Their Own Malicious Intentions
“Do you regret?” asked Lin Feng. Nobody knew if he was talking to the Palace of Medicinal King or to Celestial Qi Castle.
For the old man, it meant: do you regret having humiliated my teacher back then? If you had helped him once, what would have happened?
For Celestial Qi Castle, it meant: do you regret having controlled me? Of course, for Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi, it meant something different for the hatred between them was too deep.
Then for Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo, it meant something else.
And there was still the Celestial Si Kong Castle!
Lin Feng laughed deeply. He would get his revenge someday. But he had to rely on Yao Ye Island for now.
“He will definitely die!” thought the old man from the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Of course, they couldn’t kill him in the open. Lin Feng had the Yao Ye Amulet, if the Palace of Medicinal King killed Lin Feng directly, Yao Ye Island would kill them.
“I wouldn’t have thought that Yao Ye Island would send a human being this time.” said Qin Zheng smiling. Besides this shocking news, it seemed like there were tensions between that human being and the nine great celestial castles.
“Lin Feng!” shouted someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw Zhou Tian Ruo releasing golden holy Qi. He had become a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, and he still wanted to kill Lin Feng.
“What’s up?” asked Lin Feng. He had humiliated him three times already. Did he want to be humiliated a fourth time? Lin Feng’s target wasn’t even Zhou Tian Ruo anymore, it was Zhou Tian Xiao.
“Let’s fight!” said Zhou Tian Ruo.
Lin Feng looked at him in a disdainful way and said calmly, “The loser will die, and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness can’t prevent me from killing you. If you dare, come here.”
“The loser will die!” Zhou Tian Ruo’s heart was pounding. That kind of bet was too dangerous, and Zhou Tian Ruo didn’t want to gamble it all right now.
He felt humiliated because he didn’t dare to fight. He clenched his fists, Lin Feng had destroyed his determination once again.
“You’ve always been a crappy cultivator in my eyes, so don’t try and fight against me anymore. You’re just way too weak.” said Lin Feng, now sounding like a demon. Lin Feng’s demonic voice was trying to influence Zhou Tian Ruo’s determination.
“You’ve always been a crappy cultivator in my eyes, you’re just way too weak.” those words resonated in Zhou Tian Ruo’s brain. He would never forget that, he was shaking with anger.
“Zhou Tian Ruo!” shouted Zhou Tian Xiao extremely loudly. He then said, “Don’t let anyone influence your determination!”
Zhou Tian Ruo’s brain felt like it was going to explode. Two voices resonated in his brain. He gradually calmed down. He looked at Lin Feng in a cold way, but he knew that he couldn’t do much. Lin Feng’s powers could even influence his determination.
Lin Feng smiled at Zhou Tian Ruo mockingly.
“You’re so weak!” said Lin Feng in a low voice. His voice didn’t contain any demon-cursing strength this time, but it still hurt.
“Pfew…” Zhou Tian Ruo closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried to cheer himself up by telling himself that he couldn’t let Lin Feng influence him no matter what. Lin Feng had just broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer, even though he was terrifyingly strong, he would also become an emperor soon.
“Lin Feng, come and have a seat.” said a strong cultivator on the side of Celestial Wen Castle.
Lin Feng nodded, he didn’t look at Zhou Tian Ruo again.
“Lin Feng, long time no see!” said Wen Ao Xue and Wen Tian Ge smiling. What a surprise, they had met again, and Lin Feng was a member of Yao Ye Island.
“Long time no see!” said Lin Feng smiling. Even though his friends had now gone to the Celestial Wen Castle, Lin Feng didn’t need to feel uncomfortable.
But the relation between Lin Feng and the Celestial Wen Castle was under some strain because Wen Ao Feng was Emperor Ni Chen’s disciple. Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu had agreed that they’d have a competition at some point, so maybe Lin Feng and Wen Ao Feng would have to fight then.
Wen Ao Feng nodded at Lin Feng. He looked calm, so Lin Feng also greeted him.
“Since the representative of Yao Ye Island arrived, we can get back to our topic which is the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s castle. Many of you say they know nothing, but that’s obviously a lie.” said a strong cultivator at that moment. If nobody said anything, how would they find any clues?
“If we don’t know anything, what could we tell you! The Qing Di Mountain and the others are here already, so if they ask us, Celestial Qi Castle, they’ll also tell you that we know nothing.” said Qi Yun Sheng aggressively.
“What do you think?” asked that strong cultivator to Lin Feng and the others.
“Since they don’t know anything, what can we do?” said Wen Ao Feng smiling indifferently.
The crowd was furious. Wen Ao Feng was from Qing Di Mountain and from Celestial Wen Castle, so he only thought of his personal interests.
The crowd looked at Qin Zheng, his eyes were twinkling as he asked Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you’re the last one to arrive. Do you have any ideas?”
“People could disperse and search for clues under the territory of the nine great celestial castles, and if anybody finds something, they can yell it.” said Lin Feng.
“I agree with Lin Feng. Everybody can choose a palace and search. Does everybody else agree?” asked Qin Zheng smiling. Lin Feng’s idea wasn’t bad. Clues about the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s Palace were bound to be found inside the buffer zone.
“Qi Yun Sheng, what do you think?” asked someone.
“You’re welcome to Celestial Qi Castle!” said Qi Yun Sheng indifferently. The other castles weren’t happy about allowing others in, but they couldn’t refuse.
“Do you want to rest in our castles for a few days?” asked Wen Ao Feng to Lin Feng, Qin Zheng, and Xuan Chen.
Qin Zheng and Xuan Chen nodded, but Lin Feng said, “I like Celestial Qi Castle, and I’m sure that Celestial Qi Castle will protect me because they’re strong.”
“Bastard!” thought some people from Celestial Qi Castle. Not only couldn’t they kill Lin Feng, but they also had to protect him.

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