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PMG Chapter 1563: A Trap

PMG Chapter 1563: A Trap
The members from Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal King hated Lin Feng, they even wanted to plot against him to kill him, but in just one sentence, Lin Feng had destroyed all their plans.
There were countless islands filled with terrifying beasts, and they listened to the Yao Ye Amulet. If it rang, a terrifying army of beasts would intervene. Even if the nine great celestial castles joined hands, Yao Ye Island was still stronger than them. Even Qing Di Mountain didn’t dare offend them.
But the Palace of Medicinal King thought differently. When they heard that Lin Feng wanted to stay there, the white-bearded old man’s eyes twinkled. If they managed to kill Lin Feng while he stayed inside Celestial Qi Castle’s territory, then they couldn’t be blamed! Of course, it was easier said than done.
Qi Yun Sheng noticed that the Palace of Medicinal King was looking at them, so he looked at them in a cold way too.
“Do as you wish, you can go anywhere you want.” Lin Feng stood up and smiled. Then he appeared in front of the people from Celestial Qi Castle. He glanced at the people he knew, especially Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi who had come back.
“Please!” said Qi Yun Sheng smiling at Lin Feng.
“Dear friends, I trust that you have been doing well since we last met.” said Lin Feng to the two emperors. Apart from Lin Feng, many other people chose to go to Celestial Qi Castle and followed.
Lin Feng was back in Celestial Qi Castle, this time, with another social status. Last time, he was controlled, but this time he was from an imperial force and he didn’t need to hide.
When they arrived in Celestial Qi Castle, Jin Chen Jun oversaw protecting Lin Feng. He brought Lin Feng to a courtyard and said, “Lin Feng, you stay here, and if anything happens, call me. I’ll be outside guarding.”
“Thank you, Jin Chen Jun!” said Lin Feng smiling. They were both very hypocritical at that moment as if they were friends. Jin Chen Jun couldn’t wait to kick Lin Feng out of Celestial Qi Castle’s territory. It was too difficult to protect Lin Feng and be polite to him.
Lin Feng didn’t offend him though. After entering the courtyard, he started sleeping and practicing cultivation in his dream. Apart from having understood force and abstruse energies, Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer.
But cultivation level wasn’t the most important thing, abstruse energies and force were. He had to improve his abstruse energies to the fullest and then it would be a good idea to break through to the ninth Zun Qi layer. Finally, he’d understand cosmic energies and have them fuse together with his body.
Learning how to control cosmic energies and making them fuse together with one’s body was a very complex process. It was different from understanding cosmic energies. Understanding cosmic energies didn’t mean a cultivator was going to break through to the Huang Qi layer.
Therefore, force was much more important than cosmic energies because if a cultivator’s force wasn’t multiplied by one thousand, they couldn’t make their cosmic energies fuse together with their body, and then they couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer.
As long as the two requirements were met, and the proper cultivation level was reached, a cultivator could break through to the Huang Qi layer. Of course, it was rare to have a force multiplied by one-thousand. Most people first broke through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and then fulfilled the two requirements.
However, Lin Feng was an exception, cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer already feared him, a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. Even Zhou Tian Ruo didn’t dare fight against him.
It became dark outside, but Celestial Qi Castle was quite agitated because of their guests they were guarding.
Sometime that night, a certain place inside Celestial Qi Castle suddenly twinkled, and dazzling lights appeared. The sky was condensing there as it turned into a celestial palace. It looked like a castle from the sky. A gigantic word also appeared on the palace: Everlasting!
People from Celestial Qi Castle were astonished, the Everlasting Emperor’s Palace!
“Boom boom boom!” a terrifying Qi invaded the sky above Celestial Qi Castle’s territory. Some houses broke apart as several people threw themselves at the castle.
“What’s going on?” thought Qi Yun Sheng, rising in the air. People burst into an uproar, and the atmosphere was chaotic. Qi Yun Sheng didn’t understand what was going on. Why had the Everlasting Emperor’s Palace appeared there? Who had broken the restricted strength on the bronze plate while on top of Celestial Qi Castle’s territory?
Jin Chen Jun observed the palace and watched as people were rushing over. He frowned, what was going on? Why was everybody rushing over to Celestial Qi Castle? Why had the palace appeared there? It was as if it had been planned.
“The situation is out of control!” thought Jin Chen Jun. People were already fighting everywhere, buildings were collapsing, one after the other.
“Oh no!” Jin Chen Jun suddenly turned around and rose up in the air. The golden lights were going to seal those buildings.
However, at the same time, terrifying cosmic energies invaded the sky. It was as if a gigantic hand was grabbing at the sky.
“Kaboom!” the golden lights broke apart as a dark shadow appeared and landed next to Jin Chen Jun.
In the distance, there was a great battle so many of the guards were already there, but nobody knew about the battle which had started on Jin Chen Jun’s side.
A gigantic hand descended and moved towards Jin Chen Jun. Even though it couldn’t kill Jin Chen Jun, it was enough to make him fly away.
“Someone wants to kill Lin Feng!” shouted Jin Chen Jun. He turned into a golden light and flew ahead but was assaulted by the gigantic hand again. This time his golden armor broke apart as he was sent flying.
“Someone wants to kill Lin Feng!” Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Xiao heard Jin Chen Jun, but they were rather far away.

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