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PMG Chapter 1564: Watch your words

PMG Chapter 1564: Watch your words
Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Xiao started running like mad men. He also used empty space cosmic energy to move even faster.
But with that time, even if they were fast, a medium-level emperor could easily kill a Zun cultivator.
At that moment, many buildings were already ruined. The dark silhouette glanced around but didn’t see Lin Feng. However, he smiled coldly, was it useful to hide underground?
“Bzzz!” a gigantic hand descended from the sky and crashed the ground. Lin Feng was hit by that attack, causing him to shake violently.
But then, Lin Feng disappeared again. The strong cultivator was surprised: a holy weapon. Lin Feng had an empty space holy weapon which allowed him to reappear a few hundreds of meters away.
To that cultivator, such a distance was nothing, but the problem was he didn’t have any more time with Qi Yun Xiao quickly arriving.
“Piss off!” a beam of light caused the sky to shake. Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Xiao had attacked at the same time. The enemy released force which quickly surrounded Lin Feng, and then he ran towards him.
“Try if you dare!” shouted Qi Yun Xiao furiously. He punched the air in that direction, causing the sky to shake even more.
The enemy landed in front of Lin Feng, Lin Feng couldn’t move because of the force. Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Xiao’s faces turned deathly pale. Even though they hoped that Lin Feng would die at some point, they didn’t hope he’d die there.
“Die!” said that dark silhouette releasing sharp sword energies towards Lin Feng. He was already smiling.
“Wind Chant!” a strong wind started blowing, enveloping Lin Feng, and blowing him away. The enemy was discountenanced, his smile was rigid. He was gone? How was that possible?
He raised his head and he saw Lin Feng near Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yun Xiao. With his force, which was multiplied by one-thousand, Lin Feng still possessed such terrifying speed. It meant that Lin Feng’s force was probably already multiplied by one thousand.
“Why didn’t you use your real strength?” asked Qi Yun Xiao in a cold way. That person hadn’t used real skills or techniques, just pure cosmic energies. They probably didn’t want to be recognized.
Many people rushed over, all of them were strong cultivators from Celestial Qi Castle. However, they had a strange smile which made Qi Yun Xiao and the others feel uncomfortable.
Cosmic strength condensed into a sword, as before, it was pure cosmic energy. That cultivator used no skills or techniques.
“Protect Lin Feng!” shouted Qi Yun Xiao. An emperor instantly protected Lin Feng, and Lin Feng ran back. The person who wanted to kill him was a medium-level emperor, so Lin Feng had to gain as much distance as he could.
“Bzzz!” A terrifying strength suddenly surrounded Lin Feng, drenching him in a cold sweat.
“Be careful!” shouted someone at Lin Feng. A cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer had released sword energies behind Lin Feng, which were now moving towards him. It was a cultivator from Celestial Qi Castle, but he wanted to kill him.
“You must want to die!” shouted Jin Chen Jun while releasing his own force. That person suddenly couldn’t move anymore.
Then, his body exploded as he tried to break free. Why were people from Celestial Qi Castle attacking Lin Feng? They were committing suicide by attacking Lin Feng!
At the same time, more lights condensed as the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace appeared again.
The crowd was going insane. There were battles everywhere, and even more people were coming to Celestial Qi Castle. Celestial Qi Castle couldn’t stop them either, they were all emperors.
“Celestial Qi Castle, you said you knew nothing and now, two Everlasting Bronze Plates have appeared inside Celestial Qi Castle! You lied!”
“Celestial Qi Castle’s people know everything!” said someone else.
“Indeed, especially Qi Yun Sheng, he’s a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain. He despises people, so we should capture and interrogate him!”
Many strong cultivators gathered together, causing the faces of Celestial Qi Castle’s people pale.
“Kill them! Or capture them and force the truth out of them!” said people unceasingly. Celestial Qi Castle had lost control.
Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi were watching the battles, speechlessly.
Lin Feng glanced around, looking at all the battles. People weren’t just attacking him, they were also attacking Celestial Qi Castle as well. Killing him while he was on Celestial Qi Castle’s territory was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
“Protect Lin Feng!” shouted Qi Yun Xiao. At that moment, he looked furious. It was impossible to create a complete massacre on their territory because their cultivators were strong, but Lin Feng was too weak and too easy to target.
When he said that, more sword energies moved towards Lin Feng. Someone was attacking him again.
Lin Feng suddenly turned around and a force multiplied by one-thousand surrounded his enemy’s body. In a flash, that person had the sensation that they were trapped in mud.
Lin Feng moved like the wind and punched his opponent. There were a few cracking sounds before their organs imploded.
“Come to the middle!” said Jin Chen Jun to Lin Feng. They surrounded Lin Feng, limiting the angles that enemies could approach from. One of their people arrived near Lin Feng faster than everybody else.
“Kaboom!” Lin Feng condensed demonic Qi in his fist and punched the enemy’s head, causing it to explode.
“You…” Jin Chen Jun looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.
Lin Feng glanced at him and said, “I don’t trust people from Celestial Qi Castle. If anyone gets too close, I’ll kill them!”
Some people from Celestial Qi Castle had already attacked him, so how could he feel safe? They could still protect him but from far away.
“You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad, you should die!” said Emperor Qi in a cold way.
Lin Feng glanced at Emperor Qi while jumping towards him. Suddenly, sword lights appeared.
Emperor Qi’s facial expression suddenly changed, Cosmic energies condensed in front of him, but the sword energies continued moving towards him. He raised his hand to block the sword with his flesh which contained cosmic energies.
However, Lin Feng moved too quickly. Emperor Qi was surprised and moved back, at the same time, force surrounded Lin Feng’s body. But even then, he continued moving like the wind while threatening Emperor Qi’s life.
Emperor Qi joined his hands and explosion sounded. The cosmic energies broke apart and blood dripped from his hand.
“Last time, I warned the people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and now I’m warning you. When you talk to me in the future, you’d better watch your words!” yelled Lin Feng. Emperor Qi was speechless!

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    Ok good, they skipped to the part where he can now threaten emperors

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    What the heck. He’s merely a zun cultivator at the top and can injure an emperor. That makes no sense. The author really makes the Mc way too op

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      The Demon Emperor from the past was able to do the same. It’s because he can control force up to 1 thousand and can fuse over 10 abstruse energies to equal cosmic energy. Emperor Yu explained that only Lin Feng had the potential to injure emperors at the Zun Qi layer.

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