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PMG Chapter 1566: All The Everlasting Bronze Plates!

PMG Chapter 1566: All The Everlasting Bronze Plates!
“What’s going on?” thought the crowd as they stared at the map. They looked at it, but they didn’t recognize it at all. It wasn’t in Qing Di Mountain’s territory.
The medium-level emperors from the nine great celestial castles recognized that place, but they didn’t look happy at all. It was that place, they couldn’t go there, there were too many strong cultivators there. People from the nine great celestial castles all remained silent, even the members from Qing Di Mountain remained silent.
“Maybe that there is one more bronze plate, maybe it’s still not complete!” thought the crowd, but they already knew that it wasn’t possible. Since the palace was so far away though, why had the five bronze plates showed that place? Had the Everlasting Celestial Emperor died there?
“Everybody, who has the fifth bronze plate?” asked a strong cultivator from the Palace of Medicinal Kings glancing around. “If you have the fifth Everlasting Bronze Plate, we’ll have the complete map and we’ll be able to find the palace.”
Everyone remained silent. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling because he had the fifth one, but he didn’t know what to do.
“If you don’t have it, the nine great celestial castles can take the plates back and when the fifth one appears, we can meet again.” said the white-bearded old man. He wanted to get all the bronze plates for himself.
“I don’t agree. If you take take them and the fifth bronze plate appears, we won’t know about it.” said someone in a cold way.
“Indeed, but maybe you have the fifth one!”
“I think that the nine great celestial castles should control the Everlasting Bronze Plates, that’s the best solution. Otherwise, they could get lost, and who’d be responsible if that happened?” asked a strong cultivator from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. The nine great celestial castles were finally joining hands.
“I don’t agree.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Many people looked at him. Even though he wasn’t an emperor yet, he had the Yao Ye Amulet, so he represented Yao Ye Island.
Lin Feng looked at everybody in a calm and serene way as he said, “I’m the one who should manage them.”
“He?!” the crowd was flabbergasted!
“Lin Feng, give us one single reason to let you manage the bronze plates.” said someone.
“After I take the bronze plates, I’ll stay inside Celestial Qi Castle, and I won’t leave at all. Everyone can observe me, and with my strength, if the last one appears, I won’t be able to run away or leave with all of them. Therefore, it’d be the safest choice.” explained Lin Feng indifferently.
Indeed, if the nine great celestial castles took the bronze plates, nobody would be able to control them, but if Lin Feng had them and the last one appeared, he wouldn’t be able to escape with them.
“Besides, my social status is special, if I manage the bronze plates, the nine great celestial castles will have to protect me and ensure that I’m safe at all times. If anyone attacks me at night like tonight, the nine great celestial castles will all be held responsible. Later, if someone has the fifth bronze plate, they’ll come, and we’ll do everything together. Isn’t the plan perfect?”
Everybody seemed pensive. His idea wasn’t bad.
“If the nine great celestial castles don’t agree, it’s only because they want to keep the map for themselves.” said Lin Feng, coldly glancing at the white-bearded old man and smiling coldly. He then looked at Qin Zheng and Xuan Chen and said, “I promise in front of the strong cultivators from Celestial Qinling Palace, the Palace of the Gods, Qing Di Mountain, and Yao Ye Island that I will take care of the bronze plates and that when the fifth one appears, I’ll ask my Masters from Yao Ye Island to tell everyone about it!”
“Why you? Why not Wen Ao Feng from the Qing Di Mountain? Or Qin Zheng? Or Xuan Chen?” said someone in a cold way.
“Oh, I don’t mind either, we can all switch every two hours and the four of us can manage the bronze plates.” said Lin Feng as he smiled in a cold way.
“No need. Brother Lin, you’re right, let Brother Lin manage the plates. I will inform the teachers.” said Wen Ao Feng. He thought that it would be the same if he took it, or Lin Feng, or if any of them took it.
“I don’t mind either.” said Qin Zheng and Xuan Chen. Lin Feng wasn’t going to escape no matter what.
“Thank you for your help, Brother Lin!” everybody then started leaving. Even though many people weren’t happy about it, they had no choice.
Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and smiled at the people from the nine great celestial castles. Then he said indifferently, “A medium-level emperor tried to kill me before. Some of you might still think that since I’m in Celestial Qi Castle, you can easily kill me and have them take the fall. However, I have to warn everybody, I now have four bronze plates, if anyone tries to hurt or kill me, Celestial Qi Castle won’t be the only group held responsible! All the nine great celestial castles will be held responsible.”
“I hope that it won’t happen again, therefore, I want the nine great celestial castles to send some extra strong cultivators to protect Lin Feng.” said Qi Yun Xiao in a cold way.
“We can talk about that together.” said Lin Feng, taking the bronze plates. None of those people knew that Lin Feng had bought the last plate over a year ago.
Lin Feng now had the fifth bronze plates, so he could see the complete map if he wanted to.
Lin Feng took out a talisman, and a silhouette appeared, it was Emperor Shen Yu.
“Lin Feng!” shouted Emperor Shen Yu after he saw Lin Feng.
“Uncle Shen, the palace appeared, but some medium-level emperors tried to kill me. If I stay here any longer, they’ll continue to try and take my life.” explained Lin Feng.
Emperor Shen Yu’s eyes flashed, and he nodded, “Wait for me. If anything happens to you, remind them that all the animal emperors from Yao Ye Island will come and kill them all.”
“Say hi to all the beasts for me!” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, Emperor Shen Yu’s silhouette disappeared, leaving the crowd furious. They wouldn’t have thought that he was so cruel. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng had so much support, he even called Emperor Shen Yu “Uncle”. They couldn’t offend Lin Feng any more.
“Jin Chen Jun, bring me to another place.” said Lin Feng to Jin Chen Jun.
Jin Chen Jun looked at Qi Yun Xiao who nodded. Qi Yun Xiao nodded at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, come with me.”
After Qi Yun Xiao left with Lin Feng, he glanced at several strong cultivators, asking them to follow. Lin Feng felt like a guest of honor!

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    Getting exciting!

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    Wow, so fast it has been a year?
    From the market to getting caught by Celestial Qi to meeting with Qing Di mountain reps to training at Yao Ye Island… it just felt like a few chapters ago and a year has went past by!?

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      It was but a few chapters ago
      The time jump abstruse energy is powerful in these chapters

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    Este capítulo, la actitud de Lin Feng, se me hizo similar a Lord Bai?

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