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PMG Chapter 1567: Everlasting Celestial Emperor

PMG Chapter 1567: Everlasting Celestial Emperor

Lin Feng went to his room and closed his eyes. He already had the four bronze plates, so he didn’t care about the other people anymore. He had called Emperor Shen Yu so that nobody would touch him anymore.

Outside, the atmosphere became calm. Lin Feng unconsciously released his celestial book spirit and put the five bronze plates in his demonic territory. Then, he recalled his celestial book spirit. His spirit was the best ring he ever had. Nobody could find anything once it was in his spirit.

At that moment, his godly awareness appeared inside his demonic territory. He looked at the five bronze plates as they condensed into a palace. Under the palace, there was a map, and it was a complete map.

“What a strange map. I don’t know what that place is.” thought Lin Feng. He had only been to a few places so far in the great world. He couldn’t know the place on the map, but he had the impression that it was a special place. There were four distinct parts which, at the same time, looked like one. Apart from that, there was a dazzling place on the map which was still blurry.

Lin Feng used his godly awareness to memorize the map. He didn’t know what that place was, but Uncle Yu probably did. Lin Feng just had to wait patiently.

“Boom!” at that moment, the palace disappeared, and a seventy-year old man’s silhouette appeared.

Lin Feng was surprised. That silhouette had appeared inside his memories, so was it a silhouette created from the connection of the five Everlasting Bronze Plates?

That old man looked at Lin Feng.

“Are you the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, Master?” asked Lin Feng. That was a thread of godly awareness which still existed inside the bronze plates.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he nodded and said, “And what is your name?”

“Lin Feng!” said Lin Feng bowing. He hadn’t thought he’d see the old man’s godly awareness.

“Those who enter my palace will die if they’re not lucky, so let me ask you something, would you go knowing that or not?” asked the Everlasting Celestial Emperor indifferently.

Lin Feng frowned.

“Master, what is the probability?” asked Lin Feng.

“One person in a hundred will survive.” said the old man calmly.

“I give up. Choose someone else.” said Lin Feng. He wasn’t going to gamble his life at this stage.

“Those who enter will inherit my everything, including all my teachings. Are you sure you wouldn’t go?” asked the old man again.

“I’m not going.” said Lin Feng refusing. Even without the Everlasting Great Emperor’s palace, he’d have many other great opportunities to become a peerless cultivator. It wasn’t worth it.

“Alright, you’ve passed my test. Good luck.” said the old man indifferently. Then, he turned into a light and penetrated Lin Feng’s brain.

Lin Feng shook as memories swamped his brain. Suddenly, Lin Feng smiled wryly. What a mysterious person.

“Before dying, the great emperor put his godly awareness in many bronze plates which each broke into five pieces, when you connect the five pieces, you find a map and the emperor’s godly awareness condenses, making him reappear. The bronze plates don’t just exist in the nine great celestial castles!” whispered Lin Feng.

In that great continent, there were many places like the nine great celestial castles. If they found the five bronze plates and assemble them, they could also find the map and see the emperor’s godly awareness. His godly awareness was one of the keys.

Was that part of the process of which the emperor sought his descendants after his death? If it was, many people had the chance to become descendants and Lin Feng was one of them. Those people could already find the place where the palace was. Of course, in those other places, maybe those people hadn’t found the bronze plates yet.

Anything was possible.

“Bronze plates!” Lin Feng frowned and smiled wryly. The five bronze plates were on the ground, but nothing happened. There were just five bronze plates which looked rather ordinary. The map wouldn’t even appear anymore.

“How can I explain that?” thought Lin Feng smiling and shaking his head. People would think he destroyed the bronze plates on purpose.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much about it before he fell back to sleep. He practiced cultivation in his dream. Since he had received the emperor’s godly awareness, he’d have to go and see the palace, otherwise, this would have been a waste. He had to get stronger before he left though.

In his dream, he spent a night, on the second day, Emperor Ni Chen arrived and called him to wake him up.

That was the Qing Di Mountain’s territory so of course Emperor Ni Chen was the first one to arrive. Since he was there, he wanted to see the map for himself.

Many people were gathered in a courtyard inside Celestial Qi Castle as they hadn’t left. First, they had talked of the palace, and then they had heard that Emperor Ni Chen would come, so they had waited for him.

Lin Feng slowly walked through the courtyard. It was the second time he saw Emperor Ni Chen and he looked just as strong as the year and a half before.

“Master, Emperor Ni Chen!” said Lin Feng calmly and politely while bowing.

Back then, he had thought Emperor Ni Chen would help him free his controlled friends, but Emperor Ni Chen had refused him, so he had lost all hope. Then, Emperor Ni Chen and Uncle Yu had agreed to organize a competition, so Lin Feng only had to be polite now.

“You have the Everlasting Bronze Plates, right?” said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently.

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng nodding.

“Alright, show me them.” said Emperor Ni Chen. It sounded normal for him. Lin Feng had the plates, so he had to show them to him.

“I think we should wait for Yao Ye Island, the Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the Gods.” replied Lin Feng. He wouldn’t be able to explain why nothing happened if he took them out now.

Emperor Ni Chen frowned and said: “What are you saying?”

“I think we should wait for Yao Ye Island, the Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the Gods as well.” repeated Lin Feng. Suddenly, Emperor Ni Chen’s facial expression changed drastically. How audacious. People from the nine great celestial castles never contradicted him and Lin Feng dared! He was an extremely strong cultivator from Qing Di Mountain!

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