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PMG Chapter 1568: Si Xiang City

PMG Chapter 1568: Si Xiang City

Emperor Ni Chen was dumbstruck, he didn’t release any Qi but Lin Feng still felt oppressed.

However, he remained calm and serene and said nothing.

“You think that I can’t look at the map?” asked Emperor Ni Chen calmly.

“I never said that. Some things have changed, so I’d prefer to wait for all the strong cultivators from Yao Ye Island and so on to come first.” said Lin Feng.

Emperor Ni Chen remained silent and smiled at Lin Feng indifferently, “Very good, let’s wait for Emperor Shen Yu.” What he was really thinking though was, “His disciple is too stubborn.”

“Thank you very much, Master.” said Lin Feng to Emperor Ni Chen. Emperor Ni Chen was wondering what Lin Feng meant by “things have changed”? What changed?

“Lin Feng, you said we were waiting for Emperor Shen Yu, but in the meantime will you tell him to tell us the location? You won’t forget it, right?” asked the emperor, he wasn’t relaxed at all.

“Don’t worry. A promise is a promise.” said Lin Feng. The crowd was relieved and waited patiently with Lin Feng.

Four hours later, finally, a sonic boom was heard as a strong cultivator arrived. He was wearing the same robe as Qin Zheng, but even though their robes were similar, the newcomer’s robe were shinier. It was a strong cultivator from Celestial Qinling Palace.

“Teacher!” said Qin Zheng. The strong cultivator looked at Qin Zheng and asked, “Where’s the map?”

Qin Zheng looked at Lin Feng. Then Emperor Ni Chen stood up and said, “The map is with him. His name is Lin Feng and he’s Shen Yu’s disciple. He says he wants to wait for everyone before showing us the map.”

“Is that so?” asked that person to Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng. His eyes twinkled, as he nodded and said, “Alright, I’m waiting then.”

The strong cultivator from the Palace of the Gods met Emperor Shen Yu on the way, so they came together.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Emperor Shen Yu when he saw Lin Feng.

“Brother Shen Yu, finally, you’re here!” said Emperor Ni Chen to Emperor Shen Yu. “Your disciple is a good boy!”

Emperor Shen Yu’s eyes twinkled, and he said, “I just brought Lin Feng to Yao Ye Island, so he’s not my disciple. I can’t teach him anything either.”

Emperor Shen Yu was very modest. His help had been precious for Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood too many kinds of abstruse energies, so it was funny to hear him say that he couldn’t help him.

“Is that so?” asked Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. “Brother Shen Yu, remember what we agreed almost two years ago.”

“Ao Feng, come here.” said Emperor Ni Chen to Wen Ao Feng, who nodded and jumped forwards. Emperor Shen Yu glanced at Wen Ao Feng and immediately understood. Wen Ao Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

“My disciple has already become an emperor. Maybe that the battle isn’t so necessary anymore.” said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. That’s what Shen Yu had told him back then, that he was blind and that a battle wasn’t necessary. He had humiliated him because he had refused Lin Feng.

“Ni Chen, I wouldn’t have thought that you were so short-sighted.” said Shen Yu indifferently glancing at Ni Chen. “One year ago, on the battle stage, Wen Ao Feng was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. I don’t know if he hid his force or not, but it was at least multiplied by seven-hundred, and his abstruse energies were all at the top already. He was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. When I took Lin Feng away, his force was multiplied by eight hundred, he had broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer only, and his abstruse energies weren’t even level nine. Wen Ao Feng has broken through to the Huang Qi layer, yes so what? There’s nothing dazzling about that. You didn’t only bring Wen Ao Feng back to the Qing Di Mountain, what about the others?”

The strong cultivators from Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the Gods didn’t interrupt them, they weren’t in any hurry to see the map. Rather, they were interested in their conversation.

“You, come and show Shen Yu.” said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. Four-five people came out, including Ye Sheng, Qi Yu Chen, and Zhou Tian Ruo, against whom Lin Feng had already fought.

“Ni Chen, you like competitions. Choose three of them and make them fight against Lin Feng, a battle to death, three against one. If Lin Feng dies, I’ll apologize.” said Emperor Shen Yu indifferently.

“Three people, together?” the crowd was surprised by his confidence. He was so confident that Lin Feng was that strong? After all, people raised by Emperor Ni Chen couldn’t be that weak!

“Interesting!” thought the strong cultivator from Celestial Qinling Palace with his hands crossed on his chest. He looked amused. Emperor Ni Chen was speechless.

But Lin Feng’s strength was difficult to evaluate. After all, when he had the strength of the seventh Zun Qi layer, he could already easily defeat Zhou Tian Ruo.

“Stop your bickering, let’s see the map instead.” said the strong cultivator from the Palace of the Gods.

“It’s not over. We’ll see when that guy breaks through to the Huang Qi layer.” said Emperor Ni Chen in a cold way. He didn’t count Qi Yu Chen and the others because he only considered Wen Ao Feng his real disciple.

“We’re all here now, so just show us already.” said Emperor Ni Chen to Lin Feng in a cold way.

“The bronze plates are useless now.” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, the atmosphere became eerily silent and ice-cold. The Everlasting Bronze Plates had become useless? Was Lin Feng provoking all those strong cultivators?

“But after the Everlasting Bronze Plates became useless, the map penetrated my memory. After you see that, you will understand.” said Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and four threads of godly awareness moved into the four emperors’ third eyes.

Lin Feng had the maps in his memories, of course, he wasn’t going to show them the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s silhouette. He knew that if he didn’t show them the map, they wouldn’t let him off so easily.

They saw the map but had no way to get into the palace still.

The four emperors’ eyes twinkled. The crowd hadn’t seen anything. What had Lin Feng done?

“Alright, I’m satisfied.” said the strong cultivator from the Celestial Qinling Palace. Ni Chen glanced at Lin Feng, surprisingly, he had the fifth Everlasting Bronze Plates and had fooled everyone to get the four others.

Of course, Emperor Ni Chen wasn’t going to say that, otherwise, Lin Feng would have to tell everyone.

“Lin Feng, don’t forget what you said.” said someone hastily. What had Lin Feng seen?

“Don’t worry, Uncle Yu, I don’t know where that place is, so can you tell them?” said Lin Feng to Emperor Shen Yu.

Shen Yu nodded and said to the crowd: “The map points to Si Xiang City!”

“Si Xiang City!” the crowd was stupefied. “How? Why would the palace be in Si Xiang City? After the Everlasting Celestial Emperor died, his people looked for his palace everywhere, so Si Xiang City was completely upside down. How could it still be there?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask them.” said Emperor Shen Yu, pointing at Ni Chen and the other emperors. Then they all nodded back.

“Indeed, it’s in Si Xiang City. We should leave as soon as possible. Si Xiang City is gigantic, so it will take some time to search it.” said the white-bearded old man from the Palace of Medicinal Kings indifferently, but he glanced at Lin Feng. How could they find the actual palace in Si Xiang City? He had the feeling that Lin Feng had hidden something from them.

“I did what I promised. If you want the bronze plates, have them.” said Lin Feng throwing the plates. Then, he said to Emperor Shen Yu, “Uncle Yu, let’s go!”

“Alright.” said Emperor Shen Yu nodding. Then, Emperor Shen Yu and Lin Feng left quickly. If Emperor Shen Yu hadn’t come, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to leave. Nobody could prevent them from leaving, but the crowd wasn’t happy.

Now they had to go to Si Xiang City, and the three other emperors wouldn’t tell them much.

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