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PMG Chapter 1570: Si Xiang City

PMG Chapter 1570: Si Xiang City

In the sky above a boundless area, there was a gigantic group of people flying in the sky. There were strong winds and beasts too. They all blotted out the sky.

At that moment, there was a sharp sword travelling in the clouds, whistling and emitting blasting sounds as it flew.

It was Lin Feng. He was gazing into the distance as he appreciated just how vast the great world was. If he had been in the small world, he wouldn’t have been able to see such varying landscapes. People were sitting on clouds, each of their Qi was incredible. Some of them were even enigmatic and unfathomable cultivators.

Strong cultivators were numerous in the great world, and as Lin Feng became strong, he continued seeing people who were even stronger than him. Someday, he’d definitely stand at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds though.

The sword he was riding on was his Tian Ji Sword. It was now even faster than the gigantic sword he had received. Si Xiang City was extremely far from Yao Ye Island. So, he needed to travel as fast as he could. Many strong cultivators had already started their journey to Si Xiang City, but Lin Feng hadn’t followed them. He had decided to practice cultivation for a while instead. He had already left Yao Ye Island for a month before he finally reached the sky above Si Xiang City.

Si Xiang City was gigantic, much larger than Ba Huang in the small world. Lin Feng’s target destination was the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace, located inside the forbidden area.

Many other people were looking for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace already. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s godly awareness had told Lin Feng that he had left many bronze tablets in that world, so there were probablywould be more individuals who had a piece of the old man’s awareness. Even if they didn’t have five bronze tablets, with just three or four, they could still know that the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace was in Si Xiang City.

According to legends, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace contained the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s teachings and memories. Many incredibly strong cultivators were attracted by the dream of getting their hands on them. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s everlasting spells were unfathomable, so much so that some of his disciples had become incredible cultivators themselves. Many of them had even become great emperors!

Of course, Si Xiang City’s people didn’t fear seeing more tourists or migrants. These immigrants helped contribute to the strength of the city.

If Lin Feng hadn’t received the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s godly awareness, he wouldn’t have come to Si Xiang City at all. There were countless powerful cultivators who were looking for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. There were even many great emperors who were looking for those vestiges. However, the godly awareness had warned Lin Feng about that.

“What a great sword!” said someone at that moment. There were four people, amongst them, there was a beautiful woman who was looking at Lin Feng. She had seen Lin Feng and his Tian Ji Sword, and she was amazed. Lin Feng’s sword had great thunder and wind energies. It also had seven colors gleaming from it.

Those people all had swords on their back, making them look like sword cultivators. Therefore, the beautiful woman had noticed Lin Feng particularly.

One of the young men with her looked at Lin Feng and said, “Swords are used to kill people, those who use swords as ornaments shouldn’t be called sword cultivators, they also don’t deserve to practice sword cultivation!”

“That’s your opinion. There are many ways to achieve enlightenment and there are many ways to practice sword cultivation! Each person is different and will choose different paths in life. What you like isn’t necessary applicable to other people.” said the girl indifferently. Next to her, there was a young man dressed in black clothes, his eyes were closed as he thought about this. He had an ancient sword resting on his back, sheathed.

“What you say is not groundless, but I’ve always believed that sword cultivators are killers and not people who try to dazzle.” said that young man again. The girl wasn’t looking at him anymore though, so he was a bit annoyed. She looked at the young man in black clothes. Ever since he had joined Sword Mountain, she had been interested in him.

“How can you judge a person just by looking at their sword? They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” said the girl putting as she brushed her hair away. The one in black clothes still remained silent.

She was annoyed. He didn’t pay attention to anyone, it was no wonder that girls liked him, because of his mysteriousness.

“Ruo Xie, open your eyes and tell us what you think!” said the girl to the young man in black clothes. Ruo Xie opened his eyes and asked, “Where?”

“There, that beautiful sword!” said the girl smiling and pointing at the Tian Ji Sword. Ruo Xie turned around and saw the Tian Ji Sword. He was astonished. He looked at the young man in white clothes on the sword, then he suddenly smiled in a resplendent way.

The girl was surprised to see Ruo Xie smile in such a resplendent way. This was a guy who rarely showed any emotion!

“Quick!” said Ruo Xie accelerating and moving at full speed.

“Lin Feng!” shouted a voice. Lin Feng suddenly turned around after he heard that familiar voice.

Lin Feng saw a friend and he smiled back in a resplendent way.

“Ruo Xie!” They were happy to see each other again.

They both stretched out their hands and bumped fists.

“I’m so happy to see you again.” said Ruo Xie, sighing. They hadn’t met for two years now. They were like brothers in the small world, not knowing if the other was still alive.

Lin Feng nodded, he was also happy. Where were the other disciples from Tiantai?

“Lin Feng, how is our teacher?” asked Ruo Xie. He suddenly seemed nervous. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu had left together back then, but Emperor Yu wasn’t with him now, so he was worried.

“We haven’t met each other for one and a half years now, but when we left, he was already cured! With his strength, even in the great world, as long as he’s careful there shouldn’t be any problems.” said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie felt a bit relieved.

“Do you have any news from our fellow disciples?” asked Ruo Xie.

“Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan are being controlled by Celestial Qi Castle.” said Lin Feng.

Ruo Xie looked furious after he heard that. He had escaped from Celestial Qi Castle and had spent a lot of time in the desert. Of course, he knew about the nine great celestial castles, so when things had calmed down, he left and had joined Sword Mountain.

“Ruo Xie, what about you? Do you have any news from our brother Mu Chen?” asked Lin Feng. He was used to calling him Mu Chen.

“He controls soul cosmic energies, so he must be fine. Concerning our second brother, I saw him break free and escape. I don’t know where he went. I have no news from the others though.” said Ruo Xie. He was worried and hoped that everybody was fine.

“Someday, the eleven disciples of Tiantai will reunite!” said Lin Feng. They had to become stronger if they wanted to annihilate Celestial Qi Castle and save all their friends, including Yuan Fei. Lin Feng wanted to bring Yuan Fei to Yao Ye Island to see all the powerful animals there.

“Lin Feng, what if Tiantai rose in the great world? Then all the disciples would be reunited.” said Ruo Xie. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled.

Tiantai, in the great world… Rebuild Tiantai!

“In a hundred or a thousand years, we won’t be the only ones who would have come out of the small world. Maybe if Tiantai rises, we’ll be able to recruit some of those rising cultivators and we’ll be able to take control over the small world! That is also our teachers’ dream!” explained Ruo Xie.

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    Hey it’s him again, how nice. And they’re more friendly instead of impassive now

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      I remember when they first met, LF was awed by him crossing the Huang Sea by his own power and then scared about disturbing his cultivation on that island where he mistakenly saved that Yang cow. And now he’s all caught up in strength and calling him bro. It’s awesome.

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    really dont get it… Requirement for emperor qi layer= 1000 times strenght and having at least 1 abstruce lvl 9, lin feng has that and he cant even go 9th zun qi layer…

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      He doesn’t have that,read chapter 1569.There it mentions that he still has to raise his abstruse energies to level 9

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