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PMG Chapter 1572: The Forbidden Area of Si Xiang

PMG Chapter 1572: The Forbidden Area of Si Xiang

“Lu Yao, people from Sword Mountain came to Si Xiang City too.” said someone in the distance, looking at Ruo Xie and the others. Lu Yao was precisely the young man who kept provoking Lin Feng and Ruo Xie.

“They’re here too!” Lu Yao was surprised.

“Sword Mountain didn’t send any emperors?” asked that person glancing at Lu Yao and Ruo Xie. Apart from Lin Feng, Lu Yao and the others were cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer, without any emperors to protect them.

“We came alone, so we don’t know whether Sword Mountain has sent any emperors yet.” said Lu Yao honestly.

“You’re just like us, Lu Yao. We should stick together in case any of the emperors here attack us. What do you think?” asked that person to the team from Sword Mountain. Their team was the same as the team from Sword Mountain: three people, two men and a woman. They had also all broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer.

“What do you think, sister? Should we stay together? Ruo Xie, what do you think?” asked Lu Yao to the girl and Ruo Xie, but he ignored Lin Feng.

“The two of us are enough.” said Ruo Xie, he wasn’t interested in joining those people. Lu Yao groaned coldly.

“Sister, they don’t care about you, so let’s just go.” said Lu Yao to the girl. Ruo Xie was obviously talking about him and Lin Feng. But he was amused because those two came from a small world and couldn’t be that strong, if they stayed alone, they’d probably be in danger.

“Do you mind if I stay with you?” asked the girl to Ruo Xie and Lin Feng with a cute face. As Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had said, those people had high cultivation levels but weren’t mature at all, she was acting like a kid.

“She can.” said Lin Feng to Ruo Xie smiling. That girl was hot, maybe she could become Ruo Xie’s girlfriend in the future.

Ruo Xie remained silent but finally nodded, “Alright.”

The girl smiled at Lin Feng, “Your sword is very beautiful, what kind of sword is it?”

“Its name is Tian Ji!” replied Lin Feng. Lu Yao looked back at them in a cold way and groaned. He was already with the other group.

“Lin Feng, where are we going to find clues?” asked Ruo Xie. Since they had come all the way to Si Xiang City, they had to try their luck in finding the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.

“I’ve heard about a restricted area. Ruo Xie, I think we should go there.” said Lin Feng with a glint in his eye. He didn’t say that the palace was there, and he didn’t even know how to get into the forbidden area anyways. Ruo Xie didn’t know either, therefore, they would need to do some reconnaissance.

“I’ve also heard about a forbidden area. It’s very dangerous, even great emperor don’t dare go there. It is said that nobody ever comes back once they enter.” said the girl nodding. She was also very curious about it.

Ruo Xie didn’t mind, he had left Sword Mountain to gain experience.

The three of them all had a map of Si Xiang City, so they knew where to go. When Lu Yao and the others saw the others leave, they were intrigued. Lu Yao said, “We have no clues either, so let’s go to the forbidden area too.”

The forbidden area wasn’t far from the former site of the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. The entrance was gigantic, but it was misty, so people could only guess what was inside. It was said that great emperors could make a few steps in and then come back safe, however, as they went further in, even great emperors wouldn’t make it out.

Lin Feng and the others stood outside as they looked at the misty entrance. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He had gathered some information about the forbidden area, but everything was the same and nothing was useful. People just said that it was very dangerous and that even great emperors never came back out alive. It was difficult to imagine that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had chosen that place to establish his palace.

Lin Feng noticed many people around them, but most of them looked dispirited. They didn’t look interested after they looked at the mysterious mist. Lin Feng understood that those people were like him, that they had learnt something about the forbidden area from the godly awareness left by the emperor. They were just guarding the gate to see if anyone would come out with anything.

“Get in!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his Tian Ji Sword whistled and pierced through the mist, suddenly entering the forbidden area.

“Bzzz!” Many people saw him and rushed over. They glanced at him, but quickly lost interest. He was only a boy of the eighth Zun Qi layer. Even some great emperors had used weapons, to which their godly awareness was connected, to inspect the forbidden area but they had found nothing.

Inside the forbidden area, Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword saw darkness, space-like darkness. At some point, the sword stopped and shook. It released wind and empty space energies, ready to escape just in case.

“Slash…” a terrifying wind swallowed the Tian Ji Sword. Suddenly, it flew away. In the darkness, terrifying destructive energies attacked the Tian Ji Sword, seemingly capable of consuming the sword in one strike.

“Come out!” shouted Lin Feng. The Tian Ji Sword immediately flew towards the exit and then reappeared next to Lin Feng.

It was buzzing, looking extremely scared.

“What a powerful sword!” said the young woman next to Ruo Xie.

They didn’t know how dumbstruck Lin Feng was at that moment. While the Tian Ji Sword was in the forbidden area, Lin Feng had had the sensation that the connection between him and his sword was going to be broken. Luckily, he had reacted in time and saved it.

“What did you see inside, Lin Feng?” asked the girl.

“It’s just darkness and there’s a terrifying destructive wind. There are some lights too, they look like some-type of counterforce. I can only imagine how destructive they were.” said Lin Feng.

“According to legends, the forbidden area existed before Si Xiang City. Nobody knows what that place is though. Some people say that in the past, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor used terrifying spells to travel inside, but, nobody really knows whether it’s true or not.” said the girl.

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