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PMG Chapter 1574: Gigantic Elephant

PMG Chapter 1574: Gigantic Elephant

“Lin Feng, why do you keep exploring the forbidden area?” asked Ruo Xie. He didn’t understand. Since Lin Feng knew what was inside, why did he need to keep observing it? Was there any hidden secret inside?

“Since the disciples of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor explored the whole city and found nothing, there must be something in the forbidden area.” said Lin Feng.

Ruo Xie and the girl’s eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was smart, and after they thought about it some more, they also thought that it was highly likely. Otherwise, how come the disciples of the emperor hadn’t found anything anywhere in Si Xiang City?

“Of course, that’s only a guess, but we can’t put it aside.” said Lin Feng after he saw that the two looked pensive.

“Indeed, that’s possible, but even if the Everlasting Celestial Emperor could get inside, we definitely can’t. If the Everlasting Celestial Emperor wanted to hide his palace, why do people say he was looking for a descendant?” asked Ruo Xie. There were still some things they didn’t understand.

“If the rumors are true, then there must be a way to get into the forbidden area.” said Lin Feng. “Therefore, I intend to wait here for the situation to change. Ruo Xie, what do you want to do?”

“I just came to gather experience, so I don’t have anything specific in mind. Since you want to wait here, I’ll stay here with you for a while.” replied Ruo Xie. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie were under different situations. Lin Feng had received the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s godly awareness, therefore, he knew those things about the palace were true. Besides, he had communicated with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor which meant that he had chances to get into the palace, and de facto into the forbidden area.

A few days later, Lin Feng was still waiting outside. At that moment, the Tian Ji Sword penetrated the forbidden area again, but the scenery was the same: there were destructive star lights which forced him to pull back his sword immediately.

Lin Feng recalled his sword and decided not to use it to find clues anymore. Instead, he went to a mountain range not far from the forbidden area to practice cultivation while dreaming.

Time passed and apart from Lin Feng, many people were waiting. Maybe they were like Lin Feng in that they had obtained five Everlasting Bronze Plates and were sure that the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace was in the forbidden area.

Around twenty days passed and suddenly, a sound emerged from the forbidden area. It sounded like an elephant.

“An elephant sound again!” Suddenly, many people opened their eyes. These elephant sounds were a regular occurrence that lots of people knew about.

Lin Feng who was practicing cultivation in a dream suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. He looked at the forbidden area with curiosity.

“I’m going to go see what that was!” Lin Feng was convinced that something inside had changed.

He unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword which streaked across the sky.

As Lin Feng got closer, different kinds of strength surrounded his Tian Ji Sword before it pierced through the mist and entered the forbidden area again.

Inside, there were the same dazzling destructive lights, but there was also a rain of shooting stars.

The Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air and suddenly, Lin Feng, who was outside frowned. He saw a gigantic golden elephant which seemed capable of shaking the entire world.

“That elephant is even larger than the stone ape!” thought Lin Feng. That elephant was floating in the mid-air. People only had to stand outside the forbidden area, even at the periphery, they could still see it.

The most interesting part was that the elephant didn’t seem like it wanted to leave, it seemed to be waiting for something.

“Maybe the Everlasting Celestial Emperor sent that elephant?” thought Lin Feng. The golden destructive lights were emanating from the elephant’s nostrils. Maybe, if a cultivator managed to get on the elephant’s back, then they wouldn’t be assaulted by the destructive energies.

“Bzzz!” The Tian Ji Sword shook violently and dodged a light. It had to leave again. It was on its way back as Lin Feng was thinking of what to do.

Suddenly, Lin Feng frowned again as he saw a human being outside, who jumped into the forbidden area with incredible speed, landing on the elephant’s back. The cultivator looked rather small compared to the elephant.

A strong destructive wind kept blowing, and the Tian Ji Sword kept dodging the energies. Lin Feng left it inside because he wanted to see what would happen with that cultivators. That elephant was probably a high-level imperial beast, maybe even stronger, maybe it was a great imperial beast.

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted to see if the elephant was going to attack the cultivator on its back or do something unexpected.

The elephant seemed calm and it didn’t seem surprised to have a strong cultivator on its back.

“Slash, slash…” the Tian Ji Sword dashed out of the forbidden area.

“Should I try to get on his back too?” thought Lin Feng. Sharp sword lights appeared in his eyes as he thought, “If he didn’t get in, he’d regret.”

“Lin Feng!” said Ruo Xie. He was wondering what Lin Feng was thinking.

“Ruo Xie, there’s a gigantic elephant inside. It’s at least a high-level imperial beast, and it is attracting a lot of attention. Should we go inside together?” Lin Feng asked.

Ruo Xie looked dumbstruck. A gigantic elephant, a high-level imperial beast, attracting people? He was as excited and as scared as Lin Feng.

“What do you want to do?” asked Ruo Xie.

“I’m going in.” said Lin Feng without hesitating.

“Alright, I’m coming with you.” said Ruo Xie solemnly. He looked at the girl and asked, “What about you?”

The girl’s eyes twinkled as she thought about the difficult choice. She looked at Ruo Xie in a meaningful way and said, “I’m coming.”

“Alright, let’s go then!” It was their own choice. They all rose up in the air and flew towards the elephant’s location, piercing through the mist. Then, Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword again.

“Ruo Xie, use your speed abstruse energy on my sword!” said Lin Feng as he jumped onto his Tian Ji Sword. Ruo Xie and the girl followed him. They were all on the Tian Ji Sword, surrounded by speed abstruse energies. Many people frowned as they watched them dive in.

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