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PMG Chapter 1578: The Appearance of the Palace

PMG Chapter 1578: The Appearance of the Palace
That first disciple was the strongest one there besides the emperor. Many people respected and admired him, but he died in such a tragic way! Just how strong was Lin Feng?
Everyone inside the Palace of Tyranny watched as Lin Feng left. Their hearts were practically pounding out of their chests, their clothes were drenched in sweat.
“That punch, the Great Earth Destruction, was so powerful!” whispered one of the cultivators.
Lin Feng didn’t care about what those people had to say, he got what he wanted and now he was out of there!
The Great Emperor of the Universe was the strongest cultivator in that small world… Was it too coincidental?
Seven days later, Lin Feng was travelling on sword above the City of the Universe. He had finally arrived.
His robe was fluttering in the wind majestically, Xi Yao couldn’t help but look at Lin Feng with admiration.
All in all, Xi Yao couldn’t understand Lin Feng. She didn’t even know that her world was only a small part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. It was just a small world which had existed for millions of years. She also didn’t know that the real Continent of the Nine Clouds was actually beyond their world.
Not only was Lin Feng mysterious but he was also insensitive in her eyes. She had tried to seduce him many times, but it never worked.
Lin Feng glanced around and noticed that the people there seemed stronger than where had been so far. Cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were normal there, there were even some emperors. However, Lin Feng didn’t care about them. He had come for the Great Emperor of the Universe. He wanted to see whether it was the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.
“Let’s go to the great imperial palace!” said Lin Feng. Then they began descending from the sky. As they descended, a Zun cultivator approached him and said, “Your Excellency!”
That cultivator had inspected Lin Feng, figuring that he was probably a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, he had decided to act respectful.
“Could you please tell me where the Palace of the Universe is?” asked Lin Feng.
“The Palace of the Universe again!” that cultivator was surprised. He looked at Lin Feng in a strange way and asked, “Why did you word it like that?”
“Master, many people have come here for the Palace of the Universe, but I don’t know why.” said that person in a low voice. He pointed in the direction of the Palace of the Universe.
Lin Feng rose up in the air again, he had many thoughts running through his mind. He wasn’t the first one to make it here.
The Palace of the Universe wasn’t located in the central part of the City of the Universe, but rather on the periphery. It looked like a normal castle except that it looked endless. It was incomparably vast and tall. It was probably the largest building in that small world.
Lin Feng arrived in front of the Palace of the Universe and sighed. “Everlasting” was written in golden letters at the entrance.
“The Great Imperial Everlasting Palace!” that was the exact same palace he had seen when using the five Everlasting Bronze plates, but the illusion made it look much smaller.
“Everlasting!” Xi Yao looked at the word and remembered that Lin Feng was looking for the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.
Was the Everlasting Celestial Emperor Lin Feng was talking about the Great Emperor of the Universe?
“I found it.” whispered Lin Feng. How many people got there before him though?
Lin Feng was suddenly illuminated by lights. He glanced around and saw that many people were staring at him.
Lin Feng even recognized some them from the gigantic elephant. But even though they had already arrived, they were still standing outside, not daring to go inside.
The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s deployment spells were terrifying. His deployment spells had killed many, many people. Therefore, they didn’t consider going inside. They were waiting for an opportunity, just like the elephant.
“It’s him!” two people had recognized Lin Feng. Lin Feng turned around and saw Lu Yao and one of the young men with whom Lu Yao had come with. They thought that they were fast, but Lin Feng surprised them by arriving even faster.
“I want to get into the palace. You should wait for me here, but if you don’t want to, you can just leave.” said Lin Feng to Xi Yao. She looked at him and said, “Lin Feng, you’re insane. It’s the Great Emperor of the Universe’s palace, people scared shitless to go in and yet, you don’t even think twice about it!”
No matter what she thought, Lin Feng had already started walking towards the palace. He had the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s godly awareness, so he had to give it a try. Since the Great Emperor of the Universe was probably the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, why not try?

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