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PMG Chapter 1579: Life and Death Path

PMG Chapter 1579: Life and Death Path
Xi Yao wasn’t the only one concerns, the others were all astonished too. Did he have a plan?
It was said that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor controlled three-thousand great deployment spells and 108,000 small deployment spells. He could protect the ten thousand things of creation with them. If he had cast those spells inside the palace, they would easily die. They were already outside the palace though, could they wait there forever? They had been waiting for someone to get in, and now Lin Feng was going in…
“Your Excellency!” shouted someone at that moment. Lin Feng stopped and saw that it was an old man in a purple robe talking to him. He slowly walked towards him and smiled, “The Everlasting Celestial Emperor could cast terrifying deployment spells, yet you have only broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer. Aren’t you afraid to go in?”
Lin Feng looked at him in a calm and serene way but smiled. He knew that the old man was trying to learn where Lin Feng’s confidence came from.
“Master, cultivation can be dangerous sometimes, but since the Everlasting Celestial Emperor has left an unequal treasure here, I must try. Especially seeing how I’m here already.” explained Lin Feng calmly.
“Alright, I wouldn’t have thought that there were such brave young men in this world. I’ll follow you. Maybe we can help each other.” said the old man smiling. In Lin Feng’s eyes, the old man was just trying to leech.
“As you wish, Master.” said Lin Feng unperturbed. “After you.”
“You first, I’ll follow you, that way I can protect you from behind.” said the old man indifferently. Lin Feng nodded and smiled. Then, he continued walking forwards. He knew that the old man was only using him as a guinea pig, but that cultivator was an emperor, and Lin Feng didn’t know how strong he was.
“Since he knows something, let’s follow him.” said Lu Yao who was watching them. Then, the young man and he followed Lin Feng. When the others saw that, they also followed. Once again, Lin Feng had convinced everyone to follow him.
Lin Feng didn’t care about them though.
“Pfew…” Lin Feng stepped in front of the gate and a dazzling golden light illuminated his body. Then suddenly, he was in the palace.
In front of Lin Feng were four doors. On each of them, something was written: Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire.
The old man followed Lin Feng and looked at the four words as well. He smiled and said, “Little friend, which one is the door we can cross without dying?”
“Maybe all of them are safe.” said Lin Feng. The old man smiled but Lin Feng continued, “Of course, they could all be deadly as well.”
The old man didn’t quite believe him, so he smiled again and said, “The Everlasting Celestial Emperor did this to attract people, so they couldn’t possibly all be deadly. Which one is the right one, little friend?”
“Any of them!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then he crossed the first door, which happened to be the one with the word “Heaven” written above it.
“That young man is fearless, it seems like he doesn’t realize we could obtain incredible things by following him.” thought the old man. Although he was weary of Lin Feng, he still followed him.
“Let’s go.” said Lu Yao to the others following him. Almost everybody chose the “Heaven” door.
After crossing through, they were greeted with some stone steps which had two words written on them: Life, Death!
There was a strange Qi looming at the bottom of those stone steps.
“The path of death and life, assumedly one can live or die in the blink of an eye.” thought the crowd. They all looked upset for they had heard about the life and death path before. It was a very dangerous deployment spell.
“Little friend, what should we do now? You seem to understand better than me.” said the old man, smiling at Lin Feng.
“Master, I’ve never been here, so how could I know?” asked Lin Feng. The old man looked upset as he said, “Little friend, you must be joking. You brought us here, so don’t tell me you don’t know how to pass through.”
“Master, you willingly came with me, I didn’t ask you to.” Lin Feng reminded him.
“Hmph!” The old man glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way and walked to the stone steps. Suddenly, he shook his hand and lights assaulted one of the steps which had the word “life” written on it. In a flash, a destructive light surrounded the stone steps and it last for three seconds before it disappeared. Those lights could have easily killed someone.
The old man slowly turned around and smiled at Lin Feng, “Little friend, don’t you see? Lead the way please.”
Lin Feng frowned. Even though he knew how to get through it, that old man was still using him a guinea pig. If Lin Feng hadn’t received the great emperor’s godly awareness, he would have died already.
“Master, this is the great emperor’s palace. Thus, we must all collaborate instead of using one another as guinea pigs.” said Lin Feng, remaining calm.
“He’s right. Maybe we’ll encounter even more dangers, so if we only use people as guinea pigs, none of us will succeed.” reasoned another emperor.
“So what should we do, Your Excellency?” asked the old man to that person.
“I think there must be several ways to go about it. Ten deaths and no life, that is walk on the “death” stone steps only, then you could step on nine deaths and one life, etc. You just tried one, but we have yet to try the other ones.” said that emperor calmly. Then, they bombarded a death stone step and found that nothing happened.
“Ten deaths, no life.” that person reasoned. He continued attacking all the death stone steps, however, once he attacked the tenth one, destructive energies sprung up in the air.
“Nine deaths, one life. That’s the only possibility.” said the emperor slowly. He tried again and it worked.
“There must be an explanation to the deployment spell!” thought Lin Feng, glancing at the emperor.
“Little friend, you go.” said the old man in purple clothes smiling.
Lin Feng glanced at him and nodded, “Alright, I’ll go first.”
Lin Feng moved quickly, stepping on nine death stone steps and one life stone. Nobody dared to fly over. Since there were steps, it was implied that they must use them.
“We’re safe.” people’s eyes were twinkling.
“Everybody, don’t rush, otherwise you might die!” said the old man smiling. “I’m going next.”
Then, he climbed the stairs. He moved very quickly, however, Lin Feng released sword lights suddenly.
As if the old man had sensed something, his facial expression changed drastically as he screamed, “What are you doing?”
“Killing you!” With that, Lin Feng attacked a death stone step.
“Try if you dare!” shouted the emperor furiously. He stretched out his hand, however, Lin Feng’s sword energies were too fast.
“Bzzz!” terrifying destructive energies filled the space. The old man gave a horrible shriek and was enveloped by those destructive lights. He glared at Lin Feng as he died.
“Don’t think you’re too smart, otherwise you’ll die without even knowing how!” mocked Lin Feng.
Lin Feng turned around and walked towards the next door.

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