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PMG Chapter 1581: Deployment Spell

PMG Chapter 1581: Deployment Spell
That Taoist monk was Yan Di, of course. Lin Feng found it difficult to find the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace, but Yan Di was already there and had probably been there for a while now.
Even though they hadn’t seen each other for two years, they were still close.
“You bastard, long time no see, you’re still not a medium-level emperor?” asked Lin Feng. Yan Di rolled his eyes and said, “Do you think cultivating imperial levels are similar to the Xuan or Tian Qi layers? The Continent of the Nine Clouds is extremely vast, breaking through to the Huang Qi layer is already difficult. Some people need hundreds or even thousands of years to break through to the Huang Qi layer.” said Yan Di.
Lin Feng smiled, he was just joking with Yan Di.
Even in places like Ba Huang and Jiu You, where there were billions of people, there were very, very few emperors. And in the great world, the reason why there were so many emperors was because there were trillions and trillions of people. Nobody knew exactly how many people there were because nobody had ever tried to count.
“How long have you been here and what did you find in those buildings?” Lin Feng asked.
“I’ve been here for a year already, concerning what you can find in those buildings, you can go and enjoy it for yourself. There are only good things.” said Yan Di. Then, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. He looked surprised as he said, “Don’t waste time, study, maybe the same thing that happened to me also happened to him.”
Lin Feng nodded, he understood what Yan Di meant. Maybe that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor was going to come back to life after all his godly awareness were brought back to him.
“Go!” said Yan Di to Lin Feng. He didn’t want to waste time talking about the past with Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng was alive and had come himself, he had to enjoy the benefits that place offered. Yan Di then went to another building.
Lin Feng listened to his advice and went to the building from which Yan Di had just come out of. Suddenly, a curtain of light appeared and closed the room off. Some strange marks appeared in front of Lin Feng, seemingly creating a seal.
The room wasn’t big, just large enough to practice cultivation.
Lin Feng turned around and touched the curtain of light which had closed the room and found that it was quite thick. It seemed like he was stuck inside now.
Lin Feng attacked the curtain with energies, but it felt like he was striking diamonds.
Lin Feng condensed strength in his fist, creating a strong wind.
“Great Earth Destruction!” Lin Feng attacked the wall. He had even amazed the Great Earth Demon Ape with that attack, but this curtain of light didn’t budge. On top of that, a terrifying strength counterattacked and bombarded him. He was propelled backwards and violently crashed against the wall behind him.
“That bastard didn’t tell me about that!” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t continue trying. The counterattack was too terrifying. Even Yan Di was probably unable to break that curtain of light.
Lin Feng walked to the marks and sat down cross-legged. Once he did, the marks around him started flashing even faster. Lin Feng was surprised, but he closed his eyes. Since Yan Di had managed to come out, it probably had something to do with those marks.
The lights revolved around Lin Feng’s head causing the atmosphere in the cave to change. It became dazzling, leaving Lin Feng the impression that he was in a large space. The numerous marks and words floated around him before penetrating his head. Those marks and words became a part of his memories.
“Deployment!” A gigantic word appeared in front of Lin Feng appeared: “DEPLOYMENT!” Lin Feng relaxed and let the memories and the marks fill his head.
After what seemed to be a long time and countless memories, Lin Feng realized that he had received one of the three-thousand great deployment spells.
“Deployment spells use the strength of the Earth and the sky!” whispered Lin Feng.
Although people’s strength was limited, the strength of the Earth and sky was unlimited.
Weaker cultivators borrowed external strength to cast deployment spells, just as Yan Di had in the past when he used abstruse crystals or weapons. But those in the memories didn’t need to borrow external strength, they could use their own strength to attract the strength from the Earth and sky to carve holy marks and cast terrifying deployment spells. Of course, the more powerful the deployment spell was, the more time they needed.

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