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PMG Chapter 1582: Action

PMG Chapter 1582: Action
Deployment spells were created from the use of many ancient words. Lin Feng had studied holy marks before, but he knew that his holy marks were rudimentary at best. Each stroke was incredible and mysterious, and he had never really understood the connections between marks, holy marks and deployment marks.
To carve authentic holy marks and use holy marks special powers, cultivators had to understand all sorts of marks. They had to understand which kind of strength was appropriate. Even the slightest mistake in the type of strength could weaken a deployment spell by a lot.
Of course, authentic deployment spell casters’ knowledge couldn’t be restrained to three-thousand great deployment spells and 108,000 small deployment spells, that was only an expression. Authentic deployment spell casters could cast an infinite number of deployment spells. What the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had implied with his expression “three thousand and 108,000 deployment spells” was that if a cultivator could manage to cast them all, then they’d be able to cast any deployment spell in the world. (Translator’s note: some knowledge of Buddhism is required to understand that part: values have a symbolic meaning, for example when a monk chants a mantra 108 times, why 108 and not 50 or 200? Because it’s a symbol).
Lin Feng familiarized himself with the memories he just received. From this ocean of memories, he needed to select drops of it at a time to understand them, one by one. In the end, he had to think of all these drops as a whole and create waves with them.
Besides, deployment spells were different from one person and another because they depended on the type of cosmic energies a cultivator understood. Depending on the type of strength used, deployment spells could have entirely different results. For example, if a cultivator wanted to create a cage using the arts of deployment spells, the best energy to use was Earth energy. To make people feel drowsy, the best energy to use was illusion energy. And so on.
“It seems like casting powerful deployment spells requires a cultivator to control several types of abstruse energies or cosmic energies. I wonder how many types of energies the Everlasting Celestial Emperor controlled?” thought Lin Feng.
“To get out of here, I must cast a “shattering” deployment spell!” Lin Feng suddenly realized. A “shattering” deployment spell was used to break through things. It was one of the three thousand great deployment spells and was most effectively used with Earth abstruse or cosmic energy.
Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. He had to understand and control a deployment spells to get out? Were all the rooms like that? How many people would be stuck in those rooms?
Lin Feng shivered. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor was a bit cruel. Understanding and casting a deployment spell was easier said than done. People who slow to learn would be stuck for dozens or even hundreds of years in there!
Of course, that was a test and people had to be determined if they wanted to reap the benefits.
“One of the three thousand great deployment spells, I’m going to be stuck inside for a while I think…” thought Lin Feng smiling wryly. He was worried that if it took him too long to understand the deployment spell, his cultivation wouldn’t improve as fast as he’d like. But deployment spells were powerful too, even if he hadn’t been stuck inside, would he have considered giving up this treasure?
A shattering deployment spell could break through countless things. It might even be stronger than all of his current attacks.
Besides, he could use deployment spells for anything: to practice cultivation, to fabricate weapons, and to concoct pills.
Back then, Yan Di had cast holy marks deployment spell in Tian Chi’s snowy mountains using abstruse energies from the Qi of the Earth and sky. Now, Tian Chi’s snowy peaks had become a holy cultivation place.
Lin Feng remained in the room, studying the varying words and marks. Even though his eyes were closed, his hands were moving silently in the air. he was carving words in the air, causing a mysterious strength to form. Lin Feng used immortal abstruse energy to carve those words, which allowed them to remain longer than they normally would.
A month later, Lin Feng was still carving marks with his fingers. His marks were connecting and could condense into holy mark strength. His power to learn was monstrous, but he didn’t stop. Holy marks constituted the base for the three thousand great deployment spells and the 108,000 small deployment spells, but it was too much to take in with a short time. Yan Di had practiced using marks for a long time before, it wouldn’t surprise Lin Feng if he had practiced using them for over a hundred years.
Six months passed, but Lin Feng was as determined as ever. All he thought about were deployment spells and nothing else could distract him. There was a small deployment spell in front of Lin Feng already. If other people knew his progress, they would probably vomit from anger!
A strong deployment spell caster had been where Lin Feng was now and had learnt one of the three-thousand great deployment spells from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. He had practiced and studied diligently for ten years and in the end, he had only managed to understand ten percent of it.
One year passed before Lin Feng finally let his hands rest at his side. He sighed before he opened his eyes, looking disappointed.
“It’s been one year already!” whispered Lin Feng. In one year, he hadn’t done anything but study deployment spells. That shattering deployment spell was so hard to cast! How long would he need? He was still stuck carving tiny deployment spells.
Actually, Lin Feng was doing great. In another cave, Lu Yao had already given up. He didn’t continue practicing deployment spells but had decided to practice cultivation instead. He was worried that it would take ten years to practice deployment spells to a point where he could leave. He lost all his self-confidence and had decided to become an emperor with that time. Maybe he could break that curtain of light after becoming an emperor.

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