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PMG Chapter 1585: Everlasting Transmission

PMG Chapter 1585: Everlasting Transmission

“Why couldn’t it be possible? Don’t forget that I’m your teacher, and I’m the one who transmitted those deployment spells to you.” said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor calmly.

“Hmph! Everybody thinks that you are an extremely talented deployment spell caster, but what people don’t know is that you stole the Holy Emperor’s deployment spells! That’s how you became the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Don’t think that I don’t know about that. If you transmitted all your knowledge to me, with my natural abilities, I should be stronger than you.” said the great emperor in the cyan clothes.

The gigantic elephant had returned and landed next to the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. It was looking at the great emperor in the cyan clothes in a cold way.

The Everlasting Celestial Great Emperor raised his hand, causing marks to appear. All the caves suddenly opened, and their prisoners came out. However, they were shocked to see the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fighting someone!

“Do you regret having ever called me teacher? As a teacher, maybe I could forgive you and transmit you my final knowledge.” said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor calmly. Surprisingly, the great emperor in cyan clothes looked at him in a disdainful way and said, “You are not even complete, do you actually believe that you can defeat me?”

“Since it’s that way, just forget it!” said the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Then he released his godly awareness which turned into a million beams of light. They moved towards the third eyes of everyone who had just appeared. The great emperor in cyan clothes frowned after he witnessed this. He then asked, “What are you doing?”

“Maybe some of these people will receive everything I know, maybe it will only be one person, maybe two… Of course, maybe none of them have received anything. Will you chase them or myself?” asked the Everlasting Celestial Emperor smiling. Suddenly, from under his feet, a terrifying light mark appeared. Buzzing sounds vibrated before the Everlasting Celestial Emperor suddenly disappeared.

“What a schemer!” the great emperor in cyan clothes looked furious. He quickly raised his hand and grabbed the two people closest to him. He released his godly awareness and dived into their memories.

“Nothing!” He shook his hand and their bodies exploded. He then threw the rest of their flesh and bones away. After that, he ran towards the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Although he wanted to inspect everybody’s memories, he figured that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor hadn’t actually sent anything to anyone. Therefore, he could only attack the Everlasting Celestial Emperor.

“Come here!” said the gigantic elephant. The crowd was startled to see that incredible elephant talking to them, but they all jumped onto the elephant’s back. The elephant wanted to take them back now.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, and he jumped onto the elephant, but he was frowning. Ruo Xie had also come to that small world and now that elephant was leaving. How could Ruo Xie make it back without the elephant?

The Earth and sky shook as the gigantic elephant then rose up in the air.

“Emperor!” Lin Feng saw Yan Di’s silhouette flicker before he disappeared. Surprisingly, he wasn’t going back with the elephant.

“I have things to do. Take care of yourself!” said Yan Di loudly. Then, he disappeared. Those who were outside of the palace had watched as the elephant rose up in the air, still trying to comprehend everything that had happened. A moment before, someone had attacked the Great Emperor of the Universe’s palace and now the elephant was leaving with so many people on its back. When had so many people entered the palace?

“Master Elephant, can you wait a second?” shouted Lin Feng. He finally saw Ruo Xie, who was currently releasing acceleration abstruse energy to madly catch up, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t catch up with the elephant.

The gigantic elephant suddenly moved back down, and the remaining people from the outside world jumped onto the elephant’s back, including Ruo Xie and the girl.

Xi Yao saw Lin Feng on the elephant’s back. Lin Feng had been looking for the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace for a long time, but was it really the Great Emperor of the Universe’s palace? Just where was Lin Feng from?

She had to hide for the past three years because those people from the Palace of Tyranny had chased her. They were looking for her and Lin Feng to get their revenge. She had come back just a year before and had waited there for Lin Feng. And now he was leaving on this elephant’s back?

“Xi Yao!” said Lin Feng, throwing a ring at her from the elephant’s back.

“He’s leaving.” Xi Yao caught the ring as he disappeared. The elephant pierced through the sky, but just where was that gigantic elephant going?

“Is there something in the sky?” thought Xi Yao. She was starting to have doubts about her own world.

Even though Lin Feng had pierced through the sky, the situation was still dangerous. Back in Si Xiang, they were brought back to the forbidden area, an area filled with destructive energies. The gigantic elephant rose up in the air, but the destructive energies continuously assaulted the protective layer around it. Many holes started to form, and many people died from the energies which snuck through.

But the elephant used its full strength to get through the most dangerous part. Even though the worst was over, the remaining crowd on the elephant’s back were still scared shitless.

“Lin Feng, did you go into the palace?” asked Ruo Xie to Lin Feng using telepathy. If Lin Feng hadn’t told the elephant to wait, it would have left without him. Even though it wasn’t a great effort for the elephant, for those on the ground, it was a life-saving feat.
“I did. It really was the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s palace. There were eighty-one traps inside and many people died. After those eighty-one tests, I got to the center of the palace where there were three-thousand caves from which you could learn the three-thousand great deployment spells of the emperor.”

“The Everlasting Celestial Emperor, and his three-thousand great deployment spells…” Ruo Xie’s eyes twinkled as he thought about it.

“If you obtained any deployment spells, then that’s great! I didn’t get any.” said Ruo Xie laughing. He didn’t mind, he couldn’t have gotten in anyways.

Ruo Xie didn’t know that so many people had regretted entering those caves because they had been stuck inside for such a long time.

“It’s good for those who survived. During those three years, you’ve already reached the very top of the Zun Qi layer, you’ll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer! Look at me, I’m still stuck at the same level as when I entered this small world.” said Lin Feng, still using telepathy. He didn’t mind though, he was excited rather. Not only had he obtained a deployment spell, but in the thread of godly awareness that the great emperor and sent everyone, he had also obtained three thousand great deployment spells!

Lin Feng had already practiced for three years, but that was nothing, especially after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. But the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s skills were priceless!

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