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PMG Chapter 1586: Going Back To The Great World

PMG Chapter 1586: Going Back To The Great World

At that moment, Lu Yao arrived next to Lin Feng and Ruo Xie. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, “Lin Feng, after three years you’re still a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer! You must have made great progress in terms of deployment spells, I suppose?”

Lin Feng glanced at Lu Yao and smiled coldly, “I’m alright.”

“I’m alright?” thought Lu Yao groaning coldly. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s great deployment spells were incredible, and yet Lin Feng dared say “I’m alright”? That must have meant that he had wasted the last three years trying to understand them, even though it was impossible to understand them in such a short time! Lin Feng was ridiculous.

Lu Yao had spent half a year trying to understand deployment spells before he realized that it was too difficult. At that time, he stopped and decided to practice cultivation, he wasn’t far from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer anymore. He was confident that with his level of sword cultivation, he could now easily kill the person he used to be three years before. On the other hand, Lin Feng hadn’t progressed at all, he just wasted time trying to understand deployment spells which were impossible to understand in such a short time.

For Lu Yao, those deployment spell memories were priceless treasures which had nothing to do with cultivation.

Lu Yao sat down next to Lin Feng as if they were friends. Seemingly forgetting that they had wanted to fight in the past.

“Lin Feng, your sword cultivation is incredible. Back then, you could have easily defeated me, but now you’ve wasted so much time trying to understand deployment spells. It’s a pity because most emperors can’t necessarily understand deployment spells, let alone us Zun level cultivators.” said Lu Yao calmly.

Lin Feng looked amuse. He smiled at Lu Yao and said, “Are you done talking?”

Lu Yao was angry on the inside, but he didn’t show it on the outside. How could Lin Feng remain so calm, and even make fun of him? There’s no way he’d progressed these last three years.

“Yes, I am.” said Lu Yao nodding.

“Alright, if you’re done talking shit, piss off! Get away from me!” said Lin Feng.

Lu Yao stood up and groaned coldly, “When we go back to the great world, we’ll have to exchange views on sword cultivation, Brother Lin.”

After Lu Yao said that he walked away. Lin Feng didn’t even glance at him as he left. Lin Feng didn’t care about him at all.

The girl next to Ruo Xie, Lu Yao’s fellow disciple, looked at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes, amazed.

“Little friend!” said an emperor coming to Lin Feng at that moment. That was the emperor he had met in the palace where they were going through all the traps. Lin Feng remembered that guy was rather nice, unlike the emperor in green clothes whom Lin Feng had killed.

“Master!” said Lin Feng nodding. The emperor smiled and said, “Little friend, don’t call me Master, it makes it sound like we didn’t know each other. Call me Muyi.”

“I must show respect because you’re older than me. I’ll call you Master Muyi then.” said Lin Feng smiling politely.

“Alright. Little friend, you haven’t leveled up during the last three years, so you must have been studying deployment spells?” Muyi asked Lin Feng. Unlike Lu Yao, he knew that Lin Feng was smart. He even watched him kill an emperor with his sword. Because he knew that Lin Feng was smart, he knew that Lin Feng couldn’t have possibly wasted his time in the palace. This led him to believe that Lin Feng had dedicated the whole time to deployment spells.

“The results were insignificant, but I now have a deeper appreciation of deployment spells.” said Lin Feng modestly. The results hadn’t been insignificant at all, apart from Yan Di, he was the only one who had managed to learn one full deployment spell. That was why the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had transmitted all the deployment spells to him.

“What a show off!” thought Lu Yao after he heard Lin Feng. He must have learnt something while he was there. Muyi was pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng had understood one of the thousand great deployment spells, that by itself was amazing and could qualify him as a real genius.

“Little friend, I also learnt some things. When we get out, can we exchange views on deployment spells? We can even spend some time together. What do you think?” asked Muyi while smiling at Lin Feng. He thought Lin Feng was extraordinary, so befriending him before he became stronger could only benefit him.

Lin Feng noticed that Muyi’s eyes were twinkling. It was always good to have an emperor as a friend, but Lin Feng didn’t know what that guy had in mind. Even though Lin Feng thought Muyi was respectful and nice so far, traveling with him might be a risk. If Muyi became aggressive, Lin Feng wouldn’t stand a chance. Besides, Lin Feng didn’t know how strong Muyi really was, just that he was interested in deployment spells.

“Muyi doesn’t know that I received all of the deployment spells from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor. Apart from that, I know nothing which could be interesting to an emperor.” thought Lin Feng. He smiled and nodded, “That would be a pleasure, Master Muyi.”

“Haha, great, I also learnt some stuff. This way we can both learn from each other.” said Muyi. He was very happy that Lin Feng had accepted.
Lu Yao grew even more upset after he heard Lin Feng and Muyi talking. He wanted to fight Lin Feng when they got back, but now an emperor might interfere.

While this was happening, everyone was still surrounded by destructive energies. The elephant was inhaling and exhaling them as they neared the entrance to the forbidden zone.

After a while, they arrived at the periphery of the forbidden area and the gigantic elephant stopped.

“Let’s go, after you get out, leave Si Xiang City as fast as possible!” said the gigantic elephant. Then, people’s silhouettes flickered out.

A lot of people were eyeballing Lin Feng and the others after they left the forbidden area. During those three years, many more people had heard about the forbidden area, and they came, but because they hadn’t heard about the elephant, they were at a loss as to what to do.

“They came out!” thought the crowd! Surprisingly, people had made it out alive from the forbidden area. On top of that, there wasn’t just a few of them, but a crowd.

“Fwoosh!” people moved like the wind and landed in front of those who had just come out of the forbidden area. Some emperors in the sky looked down at them and asked indifferently, “Where did you go? Did you find the emperor’s palace?”

“The emperor’s palace is in the forbidden area, but it’s been destroyed. A great emperor came and destroyed it.” said Muyi calmly.

“The palace was destroyed?” the crowd was shocked.

“Lu Yao, Ruo Xie, Lin Xue!” said an emperor at that moment. He was probably a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain because he had an ancient-looking sword resting on his back. Then he said to them, “Come with me.”

“Alright.” Lu Yao said while nodding. Then, he followed. He was safe with that elder, which was important right now because some people wanted to know more about the emperor’s palace, so everyone who just escaped were probably in danger.

Ruo Xie nodded at Lin Feng and then left with Lin Xue. Sword Mountain had some powerful emperors, so nobody tried to prevent them from leaving.

“Let’s go as well.” said Muyi to Lin Feng. He was strong enough as well, so nobody would try to stop them. The crowd glanced over the remaining people, especially those who were weaker or didn’t belong to a powerful group.

At that moment, in the distance, gigantic waves of Qi rolled in waves. Muyi looked surprised and frowned and accelerated.

Many people in the surroundings did the same and accelerated.

“Those who just left the forbidden area can’t leave, that’s an order from the Everlasting Palace.” said an extremely loud voice. Muyi and everybody else were startled. However, Muyi and the other emperors accelerated away, only stupid people would have stopped.

“An order from the Everlasting Palace?” asked Lin Feng. Did it have to do anything with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor?

“After the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fell, his disciple rebuilt the Everlasting Palace, but he rebuilt in another territory in Si Xiang City. The one who had attacked the palace probably informed people from the outside world, so this would be them. Unfortunately for them, they were slower than us.”

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