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PMG Chapter 1587: Shopping

PMG Chapter 1587: Shopping

Muyi’s speed was terrifying. They flew over countless mountain ranges, but they didn’t stop once. If they did, them those people from the Everlasting palace might catch up with them.

“Lin Feng, you haven’t leveled up yet. We can find a place for you to rest and level up if you want. I don’t have any ideas, so you can simply tell me where you want to go and I’ll follow you.” said Muyi as he smiled at Lin Feng.

“I want to go to Qing Di Mountain, where the nine great celestial castles are. You must know about that place, right Master Muyi?” asked Lin Feng. The nine great celestial castles were very far, so it wouldn’t surprise Lin Feng if Muyi didn’t know where they were.

“I do. You can access the small worlds from there. The place is alright, but there are so many people trying to rule over the small worlds there. The nine great celestial castles have existed for a long time and are quite influential. I’ve never been there, but I know about it.” said Muyi laughing. “I’d be happy to go there. It’s probably a good place to exchange views on deployment spells.”

“I think so too.” said Lin Feng smiling happily.

The reason why he didn’t ask to go back to Yao Ye Island was because most of the people from there had left to look for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. If he practiced deployment spells there, then they’d know he had received the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s transmissions. Lin Feng still didn’t know who the leaders of Yao Ye Island were, so he didn’t want to risk it.

Muyi and Lin Feng eventually arrived in the territory of the nine great celestial castles. Lin Feng had already changed his face to one that nobody in the great world had ever seen. He hadn’t been to the nine great celestial castles for three years now, so he didn’t expect to find too much trouble. His new identity was: Mu En from the Everlasting Palace.

The Everlasting Palace was in Si Xiang City, which is extremely far from the nine great celestial castles, so nobody in the nine great celestial castles should know about all their cultivators.

Of course, Lin Feng had already told Muyi about all this, so Muyi was now also from the Everlasting Palace. Muyi was Mu En’s uncle and they were traveling to become stronger.

Lin Feng and Muyi didn’t go to any of the castles, they stayed inside the buffer zone instead.

Lin Feng and Muyi had found a courtyard and were seated on some stone chairs. They were chatting about the deployment spells they’d learned. Muyi had obtained the illusion deployment spell in his cave. Using illusion cosmic energy to carve its deployment marks was the most powerful way to cast the illusion deployment spell. Lin Feng didn’t hide the fact that he had studied the shattering deployment spell. He had actually received all the deployment spells, but he hadn’t told Muyi about that. They exchanged views about their respective deployment spells and even exchanged them. Lin Feng didn’t mind giving his shattering deployment spell to Muyi.

“The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s deployment spells constitute an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. After three years, I still have this feeling that I know very little about them. You’re even more talented than me, Lin Feng.” said Muyi sighing. Then he smiled and said, “I wonder who he transmitted his knowledge to in the end when he released his godly awareness to everyone.”

“Maybe he didn’t give anything to anyone, trying to lure away the great emperor who was attacking him.” said Lin Feng.

“No, in my opinion, he must have chosen two people. He couldn’t risk letting his deployment spells disappear. Besides, he probably chose the most talented people, that way, when those people become strong and mastered his deployment spells, they’d attract the attention of the Everlasting Palace. His descendent will then fight against his disciple, avenging him.”

Muyi explained all this while smiling cheerfully. Lin Feng hadn’t thought about it that much. When they left the forbidden area, strong cultivators were already waiting for them. That meant that the descendants of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, who had received his transmissions, were already enemies of the great emperor in the cyan clothes. The great emperor wasn’t going to let the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s descendants off. All the descendants could do now was to remain discreet as they continued to grow stronger.

“The Everlasting Celestial Emperor is cruel then, leaving his descendants in such danger!” said Lin Feng laughing and shaking his head.

“If anyone had the choice, they’d still choose to receive his transmissions though.” said Muyi smiling. He didn’t know that Lin Feng had come out of a cave on his own, otherwise, he would have thought that Lin Feng had received the emperor’s transmissions.

Lin Feng had also thought about that. He was wondering what the great emperor in cyan clothes thought when he saw him outside the cultivation caves. Did he know that it meant that Lin Feng had come out on his own?

“Master Muyi, you’re right, nobody could refuse the emperor’s transmissions.” said Lin Feng smiling. “In the cave, apart from learning the shattering deployment spell, I also received some instructions concerning deployment spells. I need to study those memories some, and when I’m done, I’ll show you too. That way we can progress together.”

“Alright, practice well. I’m going to try practicing the illusion deployment spell while you’re busy.” said Muyi happily. Lin Feng nodded and went to his room. In the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s transmissions, there were methods to creating deployment weapons, which was different from creating regular weapons. To create these weapons, cultivators needed to carve holy marks in their deployment spells, they also needed some materials, soul strength, and fire.

Lin Feng went back to his room and started studying the transmissions. Back in Tian Chi, one of the leaders had given him a talisman in which he had carved holy marks into. Crushing that talisman had increased Lin Feng’s speed by incredible amounts. If he could carve holy marks with wind and empty space strength, and then put them in a talisman, his speed would increase by a lot! It could be life-saving tool in the great world.

Lin Feng practiced for a month before he left his room and went to the market. There, he got some animal furs which he could use to carve holy marks into, creating talismans. Then, he went back to his room and spent even more time in there: two months.

When Lin Feng came out the next time, he found that the courtyard was enveloped by mist. Lin Feng released his godly awareness but found that something was blocking him.

“How is that illusion deployment spell Lin Feng?” asked Muyi smiling.

“Not bad at all! I really could get stuck inside!” said Lin Feng laughing.

“It’s not that powerful, but it’s okay. I’ve been practicing for a while now, but that’s the best I can do. Illusion deployment spells are really difficult to understand.” said Muyi smiling.

Cosmic energy was better than abstruse energy to carve deployment marks with, and deployment marks carved using illusion cosmic energy were more powerful than other types of marks when casting illusion deployment spells. That was the reason why the spells was that powerful even though Muyi hadn’t understood much.

“Master Muyi, you’re doing great already.” said Lin Feng encouragingly. Muyi looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Do you want to go out again?”

“Yes, I need more materials to create a talisman, and to cast more powerful deployment spells with.” replied Lin Feng. Muyi nodded and said, “Alright, you can go.”

Muyi waved and the illusion faded. A small path appeared and Lin Feng walked through it to go to the market in the buffer zone.

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