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PMG Chapter 1592: The Fox Borrows the Tiger’s Fierceness By Staying With Him

PMG Chapter 1592: The Fox Borrows the Tiger’s Fierceness By Staying With Him

The young men from the Palace of Medicinal Kings hadn’t thought that things would go down that way. If they had come to Lin Feng’s sect or clan, they would have been polite, but they were in a random courtyard, so they didn’t need to be polite. They should be able to come and greet him with ease.
Lin Feng looked furious. He took a step forwards and the destructive energies became more intense. The young men from the Palace of Medicinal Kings sucked up their pride, knelt down, and clenched their fists. He was humiliating them, but why?

“Piss off now! And if you ever do that again, I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng. They stood up and the leader of the group bowed before Lin Feng, “We didn’t mean to disturb you. Your Excellency, I’ll remember this next time.”

Then they left. Lin Feng had humiliated them, and they probably wouldn’t forgive him for it.

That guy was a great deployment spell caster who could even kill emperors, which allowed him to have such a bad temper. If he had done what they did to him, coming without notice and looking down upon them, then the cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings would have gotten angry too.

Of course, they couldn’t know that Lin Feng had lost his temper because the Palace of Medicinal Kings had humiliated his teacher back when he was trying to save him. Lin Feng had warned them, someday, he’d avenge his teacher and he’d crush them in their own territory. Things were just getting warmed up.

This news all spread around. The deployment spell caster was becoming famous! Other young men from the nine great celestial castles didn’t dare seek him out anymore, not after what happened to the young men from the Palace of Medicinal Kings.

Qi Yun Xiao was facing a group of people in Celestial Qi Castle.

“Jin Chen Jun, what you mean to say is that we should remain calm?” asked Qi Yun Xiao.

“Master, I went and talked to him, but he’s a strange guy and he’s not easy going. He considers everybody and everything beneath his notice, no matter where they’re from. A few days ago, he humiliated a group of people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings. He also offended the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.” Jin Chen Jun explained.

Qi Yun Xiao and the other members from the Celestial Qi Castle thought highly of Mu En. Even though he was only a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, he could kill emperors using deployment spells. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, he’d become a priceless asset.

Qi Yun Xiao calmly listened as Jin Chen Jun continued, “Master, that guy is a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer and he can already kill emperors, on top of that, he despises everybody from the nine great celestial castles. All of this tells me he’s not a simple deployment spell caster. Where did he learn his deployment spells? Who transmitted them to him? He can’t possibly have learnt them on his own.”

“You’re right. I also thought about that. I believe that there must be a powerful cultivator supporting him. We can just wait and see how things play out. He offended the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, he even killed one of their emperors. They won’t let him off.”

“Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi, you two go and observe what happens. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness will definitely do something, and we need you two to watch.” said Qi Yun Xiao. Even though they were both direct descendants of the Qi Clan, Qi Yun Xiao didn’t even know their names, he didn’t even know if they were younger or older than him. He just knew that people who were sent to the small world were weak. People who used fate seeds to break through to the Huang Qi layer had limited abilities.

“Roger!” said Emperor Dong. Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi knew where they stood in the great world. Many people had a higher status than them in Celestial Qi Castle, even some of the younger people.


Sometime later, a terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng’s house again.

Outside the illusion, there were twenty people wearing golden robes.

“Destroy the illusion deployment spell.” said one of them. In a flash, an emperor released energies to attack the illusion.

“Break!” shouted that emperor. Lights condensed and turned into a beam which moved towards the illusion.

“How audacious!” shouted a loud voice, making the crowd shiver. A terrifying strength emerged from inside the golden lights. Then the golden lights suddenly broke apart and a gigantic hand descended from the sky, moving towards the emperor.

The emperor’s facial expression changed. His golden holy Qi turned into a sharp sword, however, the gigantic hand still managed to grab him. The mist started surrounding him before he disappeared with the hand.

“Oh no!” The group who was attacking Lin Feng looked petrified, especially the leader who jumped forwards. He released golden holy Qi which was a lot scarier than the previous emperor’s Qi. The Earth and sky shook, and the mist gradually disappeared.

After the mist dispersed, everybody was aghast for the emperor who was dragged into the illusion was lying on the ground. Cosmic strength was emerging from his body and rising to the skies, indicating that he was dead.

There were two people standing in front of him, one was Lin Feng and the other one was Muyi. Nobody had paid attention to Muyi before, but now they were!

The gigantic hand which had appeared a moment before couldn’t have been Lin Feng’s, which meant that it belonged to his friend: Muyi.

“A medium-level emperor!” The strong cultivators from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness looked concerned.

“Your Excellency, who are you?” asked the medium-level emperor from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness in a rude way. Things were more complicated than he had expected.

“Muyi from the Everlasting Palace.” said Muyi. Everybody was speechless, those people were from the Everlasting Palace!

The Everlasting Palace was known for being extremely powerful. They could easily destroy the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness or even Qing Di Mountain. Nobody here could afford to offend the Everlasting Palace.

Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air and smiled evilly, “You’re from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness? How majestic! I’m here, so come and kill me already!”

The members from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness all pulled a long face. Kill people from the Everlasting Palace? And a very talented cultivator at that? They didn’t dare.

Besides, he was probably very well positioned within the Everlasting Palace! Everything was making sense now.

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