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PMG Chapter 1594: Modest Gift

PMG Chapter 1594: Modest Gift

Even though the courtyard wasn’t that small, it was already packed with people from all the nine great celestial castles, except the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Lin Feng had underestimated himself, he hadn’t thought that so many people would be interested in a deployment spell caster from the Everlasting Palace.

Those people from the nine great celestial castles all hoped they could become friends with Lin Feng, and thus become friends with the Everlasting Palace. There was one strong cultivator from Celestial Qi Castle who studied deployment spells and had joined the Everlasting Palace. In Celestial Qi Castle, he was strong, but in the Everlasting Palace, he was rather weak. Therefore, his position was too low for them to work with. Lin Feng was different though, with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, he had managed to kill an emperor, and a medium-level emperor was protecting him. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, he’d become someone important without a doubt.

“Thank you everybody for inviting me, but now I am facing a dilemma. I don’t know where I should go.” said Lin Feng.

“We invited you first, so if you want to come to our Celestial Qi Castle, we’ll organize something great for you.” said Qi Yun Xiao politely.

“Our Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders arrived at almost the same time. Master, we have some thunder deployment spells which we could exchange for your views on deployment cultivation.” said the strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders in a polite way. What he meant by “exchanging views on cultivation” was “we’re going to offer you a thunder deployment spell if you come”.

The others were not happy, but they still tried to convince Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled thinly and said, “Everybody, you’re so nice to me. I really don’t know what to do. I wish I could come but I am so busy here and I want to fabricate some talismans. The problem is I need some materials, so if everybody could…”

Lin Feng was smiling in a deep and meaningful way.

Muyi also smiled. Lin Feng was too sly!

“We have materials, you should come to our palace and we’ll gift you some.”

“No, no…” Lin Feng couldn’t miss all other opportunities because of a single group. He smiled and said, “Ah no, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m going to find some materials and then after that I’ll decide where I’m going.”

“How could we let you find your own materials. We’re going to pick some up in our palace and we’ll bring them back to you.” said a strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punishing Thunders, though he was already gone.

“I’m going to pick some up for you too then!” Everybody started leaving, they were afraid to act too slowly.

Muyi couldn’t hold it anymore, he burst into laughter. Shaking his head while whispering, “Those people are trying to be friends with you and they’re trying so hard! I don’t even know if there are any tensions between you and them.”

Lin Feng smiled and said nothing. He was very pleased with how things were moving.

Those people were fast. What Lin Feng didn’t know was that something had happened in the buffer zone just a moment before. The seven groups of influence had fought each other in the marketplace over materials which were useful for deployment spell casters.

Lin Feng took some rings while remaining indifferent, but on the inside, he was overjoyed. He didn’t need to worry about talismans for a long time now!

“Master!” said the last one, it was someone from Celestial Qi Castle. They were the last ones to make it back.

Qi Yun Xiao walked to Lin Feng and said, “Master, here are some modest presents we gathered for you. You shouldn’t have a problem creating talismans with them. Have a look.”

“Eh?” When Lin Feng saw how confident Qi Yun Xiao looked, he got even more excited! Had Qi Yun Xiao prepared priceless presents for him?

Lin Feng inspected the ring with his godly awareness.

“Cosmic energy movements!” Lin Feng was amazed. He raised his head and looked at Qi Yun Xiao.

“What’s this?” asked Lin Feng to Qi Yun Xiao. Qi Yun Xiao obviously knew what Lin Feng was referring to.

“Master, it absorbs cosmic energy and processes cosmic energy automatically. You can use the cosmic energy from that ring to carve deployment marks.” said Qi Yun Xiao who was smiling confidently. He could use cosmic energy to create talismans?

“You are so kind to me, even though I’m just a little boy. It would be impolite of me to decline.” said Lin Feng giggling. How could he refuse such a great gift?

When Qi Yun Xiao heard Lin Feng call himself a little boy, he smiled triumphantly. The Everlasting Palace would be friends with Celestial Qi Castle in the future now that he had offered him such a great gift.

The others looked furious. They wouldn’t have thought that Qi Yun Xiao would find such a great gift.

“It’s only a small gift. If you like it, I’m very happy. Alright, I shouldn’t disturb you but I think it’d be a pity if you didn’t come to the Celestial Qi Castle. You should come over sometime and we’ll have drinks and food prepared. We have even more materials for you to fabricate talismans with.

Qi Yun Xiao really wanted to become friends with Lin Feng, so he invited him again.

“Hehe.” Lin Feng smiled and said to everybody, “Everybody is so nice to me, so I can’t refuse your invitations. First I’ll go to Celestial Qi Castle for a few days and after that, if anyone is willing to invite me, I’ll happily come.”

Qi Yun Xiao looked very happy after he heard Lin Feng. He didn’t intend to let Lin Feng go after he came though.

“Master, let’s go to the headquarters of Celestial Qi Castle altogether.”

“Alright.” said Qi Yun Xiao, “Master, please.”

“Master Mu En, you can come to Celestial Wen Castle whenever you want.” said a strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle, smiling at Lin Feng politely. Even if Lin Feng had accepted Celestial Qi Castle’s invitation first, there are still other opportunities.

Lin Feng and Muyi walked through the territories of Celestial Qi Castle, noting how many interesting places for cultivation there were.

“Master, this is Jia Yun Peak, and that wooden bridge leads to the Yao Yun Peak. Where would you prefer to go?” asked Qi Yun Xiao. They were in the depths of Celestial Qi Castle’s territories.

“I like Yao Yun Peak, but you don’t need to stay with me all the time.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Alright, there’s a quiet pavilion there. I’ll send some beautiful women to you, and if you like them, you can do whatever you want with them.” said Qi Yun Xiao smiling.

“You’re too polite!” said Lin Feng. There were many pavilions there and the landscapes were magnificent. Now, Lin Feng was Celestial Qi Castle’s guest of honor!

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